My Super Bio Curcumin Review (With Details) – Miracle Or Not?

My Super Bio Curcumin Review (With Details) - Miracle Or Not?

It’s time for my Super Bio Curcumin review – a supplement that really impressed me at first, to be honest. I say that for 3 major reasons:

  • better absorption
  • high number of pills/bottle
  • pretty low price ($26/ 60 capsules)

Now, I know several products with “a better absorption” that turned out to be fake. So I don’t fully trust that.

But if this supplement really has a better absorption, it’s super affordable. I mean, for this kind of product – $26 is a very low price.

So is Super Bio Curcumin a real thing? Does it relieve the pain better than most curcumin supplements? I tried to dig deep into this supplement and here’s what I found out.

Note: This review is based on my experience with this supplement, so it’s not the typical review with general info. I’m not trying to praise/criticize the product or its company, I am simply telling my opinion about it.


So Let’s Get To The Review

Full Name: Super Bio Curcumin From Life Extension

My Super Bio Curcumin Review (With Details) - Miracle Or Not?Quantity : 60 capsules

Best Actual Price: $25.95

Where I Bought It From: Ebay but I recommend buying it from Amazon at this point, because they have a much better price

Designed For: Inflammatory pain and swollen joints. That’s what turmeric works best for. So I recommend it for auto-immune conditions, like rheumatoid or psoriatic arthritis.

If you have osteoarthritis, turmeric isn’t the best choice – you need something that rebuilds cartilages, so glucosamine products are my #1 advice in this case. 

My Rating: 7 out of 10 – It’s good enough, but it has a few chapter to improve

Worth Buying?: It depends. It does have a better absorption, so it’s a pretty good deal at this price. However, it only contains one ingredient inside – in a very low dose, in my opinion. That’s why its effect isn’t very strong (at least in my case, it wasn’t).

Besides, it has a few problems when it comes to packaging (I will explain later on). The only category who could benefit from it are people allergic to bioperine – it has a special formula that doesn’t need this ingredient. But even so, it wouldn’t be my top recommendation.

Otherwise, if you’re fine with bioperine, I wouldn’t recommend Super Bio Curcumin. It’s just too weak in most cases, if you ask me – this product works better and it contains higher doses.


What I Liked About It

  • Really has an increased absorption formula
  • Doesn’t need any bioperine
  • You only need to take 1 pill per day
  • Pretty cheap
  • One bottle is enough for 2 months


What I Didn’t Like About It

  • Pretty low doses
  • Only one ingredient (even though it’s a valuable one)
  • The bottle is very badly packages and the pills inside are a mess (some are broken and there’s powder all over the bottle)
  • Didn’t relieve my pain too significantly – only 2 numbers on the pain scale (it’s okay, but I expected more from a supplement of this value)




The Ingredients – Low Dose

As I said before, Life Extensions’s product uses a type of curcumin with an increased absorption. For this reason, bioperine isn’t necessary. 

My Super Bio Curcumin Review (With Details) - Miracle Or Not?

However, what’s pretty surprising is that there’s only one ingredient in these pills. Yes, it’s not a basic ingredient, but a pretty complex mix. However, the real problem is its dose – in my opinion, it’s pretty low:

  • BCM-95 Bio-Curcumin Turmeric 25:1 Extract (400 mg)

Yes, the title sounds a bit complicated, but it’s actually a turmeric extract with an increased absorption. That’s what BCM 95 stands for, as it’s a form of curcumin with a great absorption. 

So in my opinion, 400 mg is really little – compared to most supplements on the market. Yes, those 400 mg would be absorbed completely, that’s true.

But most supplements contain around 1000-1500 mg of turmeric per serving. Compared to that, 400 mg is very little.

Conclusion: Super Bio Curcumin does contain a very valuable ingredient – judging after its reputation, it really has a better absorption. So the claims are all true. However, 400 mg is too little, in my opinion. So I love the ingredient, but I don’t really like its dose.



What I Bought It For

If you read my About Me page, you probably know that I have a long history with arthritis. I’ve had RA for over 10 years – it was worse at the beginning, but then I managed to keep it under control with supplements (especially turmeric).

For this reason, I kept looking for the best turmeric supplement – I’m talking about effectiveness and price. I have a top list at this point, but I’m always testing out some other products, just to see if they have a better value or not.

So here are a few things about my arthritis:

  • my hands are the most affected
  • pain is usually about a 6, which is pretty bad (this only happens when I don’t take anything)
  • normally, I have flare-ups 2-3 times a week – my pain gets to a 7 sometimes
  • morning stiffness is an everyday problem (it lasts up to an hour sometimes)

That’s basically what I bought Super Bio Curcumin for. I wanted to see if it works better than other turmeric supplements. I’m pretty sure it does relieve the pain. But the question is – does it work better than the rest or just about the same?



My Experience With This Supplement

I bought the 100 capsules version, because it had a much better price than the 60 one (at that point). The pills looked like the typical turmeric capsules:

  • My Super Bio Curcumin Review (With Details) - Miracle Or Not?made of gelatin
  • about an inch long and 0.5 inches wide
  • very easy to swallow

The good news is that you only had to take one per day – which was super comfortable. 

To be honest, the pills didn’t disappoint me – they started working pretty fast, after about a week or so. The improvement wasn’t huge, but my pain decreased up to a about a 4 (from a 6). That’s pretty good, compared to other products. I took almost the whole box, but it didn’t get lower than this. 

So here’s briefly how this supplement worked for me:

  • decreased my pain from a 6 to about a 4 
  • started working after about a week
  • improved my morning stiffness – I still woke up with stiff hands, but it would go away after about 20-30 minutes
  • my energy level also increased a bit

Overall, these pills really worked – but I didn’t even expect something else. What I was curious about was – do they work better than others?

I would say they do work better than 80% of turmeric products from the market. However, they are under the other 20%, judging after how much they decreased my pain. That’s my opinion based on how they worked.




PRO #1 – One Pill Per Day

Super Bio Curcumin has a great advantage at this chapter – you only need to take one pill per day. At least that’s the recommended dose.

So why do I see this as an advantage? I have 6 major reasons:

  • really comfortable
  • small chances to forget to take it
  • you can take it at any hour (with 2 pills you would have to space them out)
  • minor chances of side effects
  • one bottle lasts a lot more
  • small chances of your liver suffering 

Most turmeric supplements I know require about 2 pills per day. That’s not very bad, but it’s still not as good as one – in terms of comfort. However, I know some product that require a lot more – one even recommends taking 6 pills per day, which is huge!

So from this point of view, I really appreciate Super Bio Curcumin’s formula. It’s not the only one that requires 1 pill per day, but it’s one of the few. So at this chapter, it has an advantage.



PRO #2 – No Bioperine Needed

As I said in the beginning, this supplement doesn’t have the classic formula – turmeric + curcumin + bioperine. I’m a big fan of this formula, because for me it works better than anything.

My Super Bio Curcumin Review (With Details) - Miracle Or Not?However, I’m not against products that come up with something different. And that’s the case of Life Extension’s supplement:

  • it doesn’t use regular turmeric powder
  • it only contains a special turmeric extract (curcumin) that has a better absorption
  • for this reason, it doesn’t need any bioperine

So is this an advantage? Are supplements without bioperine any better? 

Normally no, but there are a few people allergic to bioperine. Others aren’t allergic, but they are sensitive to it – it causes them nausea and diarrhea. Yes, they are a very small percent, but they exists. 

So for that kind of people, a supplement without bioperine is a must. But in some cases, bioperine is essential. That’s why you would need a product with a special formula that increases absorption – like this one.

Therefore, is Super Bio Curcumin better just because it’s bioperine-free? Not really, unless you’re allergic to bioperine – in this case, it’s better (but just for you). Otherwise, it doesn’t really matter.



PRO #3 – Pretty Cheap

For a supplement with an increased absorption, Super Bio Curcumin has a great price. Now, I’m the first one to criticize supplements at this chapter – about 70% of the products I tried were overpriced. 

But I have to be honest and admit that Life Extension’s product is really affordable – at least for what it offers. And I’m not only talking about its special formula – here are other reasons why $26 is really little:

  • it contains 60 capsules
  • one bottle is enough for 60 days
  • it has an increased absorption

So I don’t know many turmeric supplements with a special formula that cost so little. In fact, most of them cost over $40 – and I’m talking about the monthly supply.

On the other hand, Super Bio Curcumin costs $26 for 2 months. So it has a clear advantage when it comes to price.

However, I have to admit that it’s not as good as the other products – in terms of relieving pain (I only compare it with supplements with an increased absorption). So maybe that explains why it’s a lot more affordable than the rest.



CON #1 – Packaging Problems

Obviously, it’s not all good about Life Extension’s supplement – and one of its major problems is pretty weird. At least I haven’t seen it in most supplements.

Here’s the thing – the bottle is very badly packaged. And I’m not saying that because of the shipping or anything. It’s actually the pills and the bottle that have issues:

  • the bottle contains a cotton that is meant to protect the pills (that’s what I think)
  • the cotton is all soaked in turmeric powder
  • there’s a lot of powder inside the bottle as well, around the pills
  • some pills were stuck to that orange cotton, so I couldn’t use them

So from what I think, some of the pills broke inside the bottle – that’s where that powder is from. This means 2 things:

  • that cotton is useless – it doesn’t protect the pills
  • you actually get less pills, because some are broken so you can’t use them

The inside of the bottle looked pretty disgusting, if you ask me. Too bad I don’t have a picture, but I guess you can imagine that. The problem is that it wasn’t just me – I read many reviews and some also complained about the same issue. 

So I think the company should take this packaging issue seriously. Otherwise, they will surely lose some customers – the bottle inside doesn’t look like a health product. So it’s not something I would buy, or recommend to a friend.



CON #2 – Not Miraculous

Super Bio Curcumin does work – it decreased my pain pretty fast, so I can’t say it’s a scam or a fake product. It is a supplement with real claims, when it comes to a better absorption.

However, there’s one thing – it didn’t work amazingly, compared to other supplements with a similar formula.

It took my pain from a 6 to a 4 – that’s pretty good for a turmeric supplement. But it’s not that good for a supplement with a special formula. Do you get my point?

The pills themselves work, but not as well as they should. 

Do I know the reason? Of course – in my opinion, there are 2:

  • only one ingredient
  • pretty low dose

So it’s not among the best turmeric supplements I know. It does relieve the pain decently enough, but it’s pretty weak for a product with an enhanced absorption. At least that’s what I think, if I compare it to the others.





My Final Verdict – Is It Worth Buying?

Short answer: Hard to say. It’s not a bad product at all, because it has some major advantages:

  • My Super Bio Curcumin Review (With Details) - Miracle Or Not?it has a better absorption
  • it’s pretty cheap
  • it does relieve the pain (at least partially)

But to me, it was pretty weak in terms of relieving the pain. However, it was extremely cheap overall. So I could say that it’s worth these money, especially if you have a minor pain or inflammation.

Otherwise, I would probably choose something else – it doesn’t necessarily have to be a product with a better absorption (as long as you’re not allergic to bioperine).

So I would recommend something more classic, not a product with a special formula – because I know a classic product that works amazingly. So that’s what I would choose.

Would I buy it again?: Probably not. Maybe if they solved those packaging problems, I could give it a second chance. It’s absolutely disgusting the way it looks inside at this point.

But even so, it’s not the kind of product that would help me much – I’m saying that because of the low dose it has. I react much better to products with higher doses – even though they don’t have an increased absorption. Bioperine can help with that.

So that’s what I would recommend – but obviously, you’re free to choose what you think is best for you.

Heather Pharm.D.

Heather Tracy Foley is a Pharmacy graduate, Blogger and Author with a vast experience in health sciences. She has a particular interest in joint pain and rheumatology and spent several years studying health problems. You can find her on Pinterest or via email.

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