My Smarter Nutrition Curcumin Review – Is It A Good Choice?

My Smarter Nutrition Curcumin Review - Is It A Good Choice?

It’s time for my Smarter Nutrition Curcumin review – a turmeric supplement that is pretty different from the rest:

  • It has a special formula
  • I haven’t seen this ingredient combination

But I’m wondering –  is it really worth it? Because when it comes to price, things aren’t looking great:

  • A bottle costs exactly $40 per month
  • It’s one of the most expensive turmeric supplements

So is this product worth all the money? Or there’s only a hype around its special formula? I tested it out to see for myself.

Note: This review is based only on my experience, so it won’t necessarily agree with other reviews you find. I am not trying to praise/criticize the product or its company, I am simply telling my opinion about it.


So Let’s Get To The Review

Full Name: Smarter Curcumin by Smarter Nutrition

My Smarter Nutrition Curcumin Review - Is It A Good Choice?

Quantity : 60 softgels

Best Actual Price: $40.00

Where I Bought It From: Ebay – but I recommend buying it from Amazon. You can get a better deal overall (shipping included).

Designed For: Most problems that involve inflammation:

  • rheumatoid or psoriatic arthritis
  • chronic pain
  • swollen joints

I don’t recommend it for one joint problem, though – osteoarthritis.

There’s little inflammation – so this product works much better for cartilage damage.

My Rating: 9 out of 10

Worth Buying?: If you afford it, yes. It’s a great supplement in terms 3 things:

  • ingredients
  • formula
  • pain relieving

It reduced my RA pain considerably in about 2 months, so it’s definitely not a useless product.

However, it’s not my #1 recommendation because of its price – it’s too expensive to buy it monthly.

So I recommend something cheaper – that works exactly the same. But other than that, Smarter Nutrition’s Curcumin is a great product.


What I Liked About It

  • Great ingredients – most of them are completely new to me
  • It doesn’t need any bioperine – the ingredients have a good absorption alone (and there’s also the AstraGin, just in case – I will tell you more below)
  • Really works. It relieved my pain considerably in about 2 months
  • The pills are really easy to take and swallow
  • Though the ingredients have pretty low doses – they are really strong (judging after the effect)


What I Didn’t Like About It

  • Extremely expensive. I can’t afford buying it every month, even though it’s a great supplement





The Ingredients – A Quick Analysis

I was very surprised to see Smart Nutrition’s label. And I mean that in a very positive way. 

My Smarter Nutrition Curcumin Review - Is It A Good Choice?

It contains some pretty different ingredients, compared to regular products with turmeric. But at first sight, they really convinced me.

So let’s take them by turn:

 1. Curcumin C3 Reduct (400 mg) – here’s what I found out about it:

  • a complex with 95% tetrahydrocurcuminoides, which is a special turmeric extract
  • the THC have a better absorption than regular curcuminoides
  • it doesn’t require bioperine

I haven’t tried tetrahydrocurcuminoides before, but I have tried regular curcuminoides. And so far, they’re probably the best part about turmeric, in my opinion.

So I expect a lot from these 400 mg of Curcumin C3 Reduct.

 2. Black Cumin Seed Oil (400 mg) – is another ingredient I’m not very familiar with, at least not in turmeric supplements:

 3. Ginger Root Extract (100 mg) – finally a herb I know pretty well. Ginger is also good for swelling and inflammation, and it’s a pretty common ingredient in turmeric supplements.

100 mg is not a huge dose, but it’s enough to contribute to the anti-inflammatory effect. So I’m glad to see it in this combination.

 4. AstraGin (50 mg) – this is another brand ingredient that I see for the first time. It’s a purified extract from 2 plants:

  • Astragalus membranaceus
  • Panax notoginseng

From what I know, these 2 herbs don’t have much to do with inflammation itself. But their purified extract increases the absorption of curcumin.

So it makes a great alternative for bioperine in this supplement.

Conclusion: Very good ingredients overall. Though it’s the first time I see most of them, I was positively impressed.

So I pretty much trust this supplement, I don’t think it could do wrong.



Why I Bought It

Before I tell you how this supplement worked, let me give you a short background about my pain:

  • I had RA for a long while and the pain was really terrible at times
  • The average was somewhere between a 6.5-7, but I had very painful days when it went above 7
  • It was worst in my hands, especially in the morning
  • I had days when I could hardly move after waking up, but well, that’s another story.

So that’s what I was hoping from this supplement – to help me with this pain, or at least decrease part of it.

Turmeric was the best remedy for my joint pain and inflammation:

  • it was natural
  • it didn’t have any major side effects

I tested out lots of different brands, and Smarter Nutrition’s supplement looked really good. That’s why I bought it.



My Experience With This Supplement

My Smarter Nutrition Curcumin Review - Is It A Good Choice?

Week 2: So I took 2 softgels for about a week and then I started noticing a change:

  • My pain wasn’t constant during the day
  • It was present, but it wasn’t as sharp all the time

I had moments when it was much better, and moments when it was as bad as before.

But I saw that as an improvement, because it was only a week since I started the pills.

Week 4: At the end of a month, I was much better:

  • My pain had gotten to about a 4.5-5, which is a lot
  • I usually woke up in a decent shape (I mean that I could get up, I didn’t have to stay in bed all day long because of pain and stiffness)
  • My hands were easier to move in the morning (sometimes the stiffness would last up to an hour in the past)

Week 8: As I liked this supplement, I bought another bottle because the first one ran out after one month.

Well, after another one month, I was now even better:

  • I had gotten to about a 3.5 in terms of pain, which was great
  • I still had very painful days, but they were much more rare

So overall I was pretty satisfied, because it worked. I continued to take it, but my pain didn’t really get lower than that.

So that was pretty much the final result, but I wasn’t disappointed.

Conclusion: This supplement really works. It’s much better than a lot of products in terms of relieving pain.

It’s still not my #1 recommendation – but that’s only because it costs way too much.

I can get something much cheaper that relieves my pain as well as this one. But except that, Smart Nutrition’s Curcumin is a really good product.




PRO #1 – No Bioperine Needed

My Smarter Nutrition Curcumin Review - Is It A Good Choice?If you read some of my previous posts, you probably know that I’m a fan of curcumin + bioperine.

What happens without bioperine? – 2 things:

  • Most of the curcumin you take doesn’t get absorbed
  • Instead, it’s eliminated short after, without any effect

So that’s why I always recommend supplements that have bioperine. But guess what? I really liked Smarter Nutrition’s Curcumin, even though it doesn’t have it. 

Why? It has something else instead – a special formulation.

Because of this, the curcumin inside the pills doesn’t need any helper to get absorbed:

  • No bioperine
  • No anything

It’s specially designed to get absorbed on its own. How’s that?

1. Tetrahydrocurcuminoides – instead of the regular curcuminoides, this supplement contains a different form.

These THcurcuminoides have a much better absorption alone.

2. AstraGin – besides the special form of curcuminoides, there’s also the AstraGin:

  • it increases the absorption of curcumin
  • it’s some kind of replacement for bioperine – in case not all the THcurcuminoides get absorbed

So at the end of the day, it’s pretty sure than from those 400 mg, at least 350 will get absorbed, if not more.

That’s definitely a huge quantity, considering there’s no bioperine. So if you want a turmeric supplement without bioperine, this is probably the best one you can get. 



PRO #2 – Oil Based

Have you ever seen an oily supplement based on turmeric? I surely haven’t.

So why is this a good thing? Why did I consider this an advantage of this supplement?

  • It’s probably the only one (at least from what I know). This means it’s new and original, which will always be an advantage.
  • The oil they’re using is a great anti-inflammatory itself, so it increases the final effect.
  • It can also increase the absorption of curcuminoides, even a bit.

So compared to classic turmeric supplements, it seems like this oil-based product has a few major advantages.

Don’t imagine that oil makes it better than the rest.

I know a few regular supplements that work great, and they don’t contain any kind of oil. 

So I’m only saying that Smart Nutrition’s supplement has an advantage at this chapter – because of the oil it contains.

However, that doesn’t mean it’s better. That only depends of:

  • how it works
  • how much it costs – nothing else



PRO #3 – Easy To Take

I don’t usually have any problems with turmeric supplements.

Compared to glucosamine pills, thse ones are easier to swallow and you don’t need to take lots of pills.

My Smarter Nutrition Curcumin Review - Is It A Good Choice?

However, it was the first time I tried a turmeric softgel and I really loved it. 

What makes softgels different?

  • They feel colder and more wet
  • You can swallow them whole, without any water. Or at least I could, which was pretty surprising for me.
  • They’re really soft, compared to gelatin pills. 

According to the label, you have to take 2 softgels per day. Now, I would normally take one in the morning and one in the evening, as I do with every supplement.

But after taking a closer look, I noticed they recommend taking them both together.

That would have been hard with a regular pills, but in this case, it wasn’t:

  • I think I could even take 3-4 one after the other
  • And I wouldn’t feel no pain in my throat
  • If you take them with water, it’s even better

So when it comes to this chapter, I really have to praise Smart Nutrition. They did a great job creating these softgels, because they are extremely comfortable.

I would normally criticize a supplement that asks me to take 2 pills at once, but in this case, that was really possible. 



PRO #4 – Really Works

That’s what I basically care about when I try any supplement. It may have these 3 things:

  • great ingredients
  • low price
  • positive reviews

…But if it doesn’t work for me, I’m not going to praise it. 

Well, from this point of view, there’s nothing I can reproach to the producers of this supplement.

Smart Nutrition’s Curcumin was one of the top supplements I tried. That’s only in terms of pain. If it was cheaper, I would have liked it a lot better.

But coming back to the story, it really relieved my arthritis pain. I wrote a detailed description above, but I will try to sum it up here:

  • I started noticing an improvement after about a week – not very fast, but not too late either
  • 2 months later, my pain got to a 3.5 from a 6-7, which is a lot

That’s the best proof that this supplement really works. My pain never went any lower than that, but that was okay, considering how bad it was before.

So overall, I got one of the best relief from Smart Nutrition’s Curcumin.

That’s why I pretty much trust this supplement. It contains great stuff and that’s the reason why it has this high price.

However, it’s not my #1 recommendation because it’s way too expensive to buy it monthly. Maybe it’s just my case, but that’s how I see things.

But other than that, it’s a really good product in terms of pain.



CON #1 – Way Too Expensive

There isn’t much I can criticize about this supplement – because it’s a really good one.

But I’m pretty disappointed by its price – it costs way too much to buy it on a monthly basis. At least in my case.

My Smarter Nutrition Curcumin Review - Is It A Good Choice?

Now – judging after the ingredients, the company has enough reasons to ask for a high price.

Why? I have 2 reasons:

  • You can’t find these substances in any supplement
  • The formula is designed to ensure a better absorption

So obviously these things would cost more.

But the problem is – I couldn’t really afford paying $40 every month for one bottle.

I know it’s a great product, but I just can’t afford it. There’s nothing I can do about it, and I’m sure there are a lot of people in my situation.

Well, that’s why Smarter Nutrition’s Curcumin isn’t my top choice.

Out of turmeric supplements, I know another one that relieves my pain incredibly well and it costs half:

  • Yeah, it doesn’t have such great ingredients
  • But it relieves my pain even better

So if I consider only the effect (which I do), I would definitely recommend that one instead.

There’s only one reason – it costs almost $20 less and it did the same thing for me. 

You are free to choose whatever you want, but that’s what I would choose. There’s a lot of money involved for someone who spent thousands on supplements, like me.


My Final Verdict – Is It A Good Choice?

My Smarter Nutrition Curcumin Review - Is It A Good Choice?Short answer: Yes, it’s definitely a great product in terms of relieving pain.:

  • It has great ingredients
  • It’s one of the best products I tried

The only problem is that it’s way too expensive, but that only depends on your budget.

So if you afford it, I kind of recommend it. If not, I have a better alternative which is my personal choice. 

Would I buy it again?: On paper, yes – because it really worked.

But in reality, I’m probably not going to buy it in the nearest future. 

As I said:

  • it’s simply too expensive on a monthly basis
  • I couldn’t find it anywhere for less than $40
  • so I don’t really afford such a large amount

But I have another supplement that relieved my pain just as well, or maybe even better:

  • It doesn’t have such an impressive ingredient list or formulation
  • But it really helped me – so that’s what really matters

Besides, it costs about $23 for one month (or even less, because I buy a larger pack so it’s somewhere about $17 per month). So that’s finally something I can afford.

Overall, I recommend you Smart Nutrition’s Curcumin, it’s a really valuable product despite its high price.

In case you don’t afford it, I have a supplement that is my #1 recommendation for RA. They both work really well, there’s only the price that is different. So choose the best thing for you.

Heather Pharm.D.

Heather Tracy Foley is a Pharmacy graduate, Blogger and Author with a vast experience in health sciences. She has a particular interest in joint pain and rheumatology and spent several years studying health problems. You can find her on Pinterest or via email.

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23 Responses

  1. Matt's Mom says:

    This is really a great review for this particular Curcumin supplement.  I am curious what else I can benefit from by taking this. Will it help with some other forms of arthritis as well?  I would love to get rid of the pain in my knees.  You are right, it is expensive but may be worth it if I can get rid of the pain.  

  2. Heather says:

    Hey there, thanks for your question.

    This is basically a turmeric supplement. Now, turmeric works best for arthritis/ joint pain caused by inflammation. The best example is rheumatoid arthritis, but there’s also psoriatic arthritis or gout. 

    So for this kind of problems, turmeric works great. 

    However, if you have problems with cartilages (not with joints), it won’t help much. The best example is osteoarthritis – this is caused by cartilage damage and tear. 

    You also have some inflammation in OA, but it’s because of the cartilage damage. So it’s pretty minor.

    Therefore, I wouldn’t recommend turmeric for OA – unless in low doses. It won’t do any harm, but it’s simply not useful. Do you get my point?

    If you have osteoarthritis, I recommend something based on glucosamine and chondroitin – these are the best cartilage rebuilders. This product is my #1 recommmendation actually.

    As for Smarter Curcumin – no, I wouldn’t recommend in other form of arthritis (except inflammatory). 

    If your knee is caused by inflammation, it will help. But if it’s caused by aging or cartilage problems, it won’t. 

    But either way, here are my top 7 recommendations for knee pain – you will surely find the right thing for you on this list.

    Hope this advice helps. 

  3. Kuu says:

    Hey Heather, I agree with you that the Smarter Curcumin is quit expensive and can put people off from buying them. Personally, I have used this kind of medicine in the past before and I got to say it was very helpful. I was very lucky when I had my because I was able to get a good deal at the pharmacy. 

    Heather one question that I have about this product is, can it be used to cure illness such as arthritis? I’m really curious to hearing your answer to this question. Thanks in advance.

  4. Heather says:

    Hi, thanks for letting me know your opinion.

    Now, any of the supplements I tried didn’t manage to cure arthritis. But there’s no medicine on the market that can do that – once you have arthritis, you have to learn to live with it. 

    But I found out enough remedies that help, and curcumin is probably the best one. That’s why I recommend turmeric supplements – but 80% of the ones I tried were almost useless. 

    So it’s important to choose the right one – I have a best of list  here, in case you’re interested. 

    Regarding Smarter Curcumin – I wouldn’t recommend it. It’s really good, but it’s just way too expensive. If you want to save some money – that’s what I recommend instead. It works a bit better and it’s way cheaper (up to $16 per bottle).

  5. kuu says:

    Thanks for the answer Heather. I really appreciate it and I will check your best of list.

  6. Marah says:

    I used Smarter Curcumin and it’s really okay, helps my fibromyalgia pain. I don’t have arthritis, so I can’t tell how well it works for that. But of fibromyalgia, it really helps.

    I was just looking for a cheaper alternative. Kinda agree with you: it’s a good product but too pricey. I will take a look at your alternative Turmeric Plus. It’s not the first time I hear about it but I never gave it a try. I heard good things though. 

    Thanks for taking the time to write this review. Marah

  7. Heather says:

    Hey Marah, I really loved Smarter Curcumin – it’s a great product for sure. But yes, it’s too pricey for me as well. That’s why I’m trying to find cheaper alternatives.

    Yeah, you should really give Turmeric Plus a shot. I have many readers who told me it really helped (including fibromyalgia pain). So I have big hopes from it for your case as well.

    If you decide to buy it, let me know how it goes.

  8. Jessie Kylie says:

    Hi Heather, I was looking for a cheaper alternative for Smarter Curcumin. I like the way it looks and I’m thinking it’s good (haven’t used it before), but it’s kind of pricey for me.

    This is the first review that actually shows me any cheaper alternative, thanks a lot. So Turmeric Plus worked just as well for you? 

    I can see it doesn’t contain such expensive ingredients (that’s how they sound) but many times simplest things are the best ones. I think I’m going to try it out, it’s way more affordable than Smarter Curcumin.

    I don’t wanna spend more than $25 per bottle and I really need a good turmeric supplement. Any other options?

  9. Heather says:

    Hey Jessie, thanks for your question.

    I recommend you to take a look at this list – it’s about the best turmeric supplements I know. You will find my favorite products here.

    Now, from that list – most supplements are pretty expensive (I mean above your budget). 

    The’s only Turmeric Plus that is within your budget. 

    However, some of those supplements contain a higher quantity – so one bottle lasts for more than 1 month. You can check that out for each.

    But you’re probably not interested in that. I would actually recommend you to buy a 1 month supply of any product just to see how it works for you. 

    Unfortunately, some of those supplements only have a 2 or 3 month supply. So I say you shouldn’t buy that from the start – better go for something cheaper that lasts for 1 month.

    As I said, it’s basically only Turmeric Plus that fits your description. That’s what I would anyway recommend you, so it’s great.

    Regarding its ingredients – you’re right. It doesn’t contain such expensive stuff as Smarter Curcumin, but it works a bit better in my opinion. 

    So I think that’s the right product for you. That’s what I would choose if I were you. The fact that you can buy just one month supply is a big advantage, believe me.

    Hope this helps.

  10. tracie johnson says:

    Do you think that Curcumin C3 reduct is better than regular curcumin? I know they say it’s better, but I just wanted the opinion of someone who has more experience with curcumin products. 

    Smarter Nutrition’s Curcumin is a bit pricey, so I just want to make sure I’m not paying extra. I’ve tried some other products with curcumin, but they didn’t help much:

    I don’t know if you know New Chapter’s turmeric. I took one bottle and I wasn’t very satisfied. If that’s all that turmeric can do, it’s definitely not for me. 

    But I noticed that it doesn’t have bioperine – which you say to be an important ingredient. Do you think that’s the reason why it didn’t work?

    If Smarter Curcumin is better, I would spend the money on it. But if not, I’d rather just try another herb. Tracie

  11. Heather says:

    Hey Tracie, I actually reviewed New Chapter’s turmeric – you can see it here. I wasn’t too satisfied about it, mostly for these reasons:

    – very low doses

    – price could be lower (around $23)

    – no bioperine, just as you said

    So yeah, bioperine is essential because it increases the absorption of turmeric by up to 2000% (turmeric alone doesn’t get absorbed very well).

    That’s why I would never recommend turmeric without bioperine – that’s one of the rules I use.

    Regarding Smarter Curcumin, it doesn’t have any bioperine – but it has a different formula. It contains an oil that increases the absorption of turmeric – so there’s no need for bioperine.

    But it’s one of the few products with a special formula. 90% of the turmeric supplements from the market should use bioperine.

    Now – Smarter Curcumin is a great product, but I agree that it’s kind of pricey. That’s its biggest problem.

    So no, I wouldn’t recommend you to buy it. At least not for now – here’s what I would do instead:

    – try a supplement that contains bioperine

    – make sure it also contains turmeric (at least 1000 mg) and turmeric extract (or curcuminoides)

    I advise you to check out this list I made – it’s about the best turmeric supplements I tried. 

    These are the products I usually recommend, so you can choose the one you like best (in terms of price I mean). So check this out and let me know if you have any other questions 🙂 Heather

  12. Javier esco. says:

    Hello. I have someone in my family using Smarter Curcumin for fibromyalgia. It’s pretty good but we were looking for something cheaper because $40 every month is a little hole into our pocket we can’t afford.

    Thank you for giving out a cheaper alternative, that’s what I was actually looking into.

    One question if you don’t mind. Do regular turmeric supplements work slower than Smarter Curcumin? I know this one has a better absorption, so in my mind that also means it works faster (and better). If so, what’s the point of getting a cheaper turmeric supplement if it doesn’t work that fast? Do you recommend increasing the dose for a faster result?

    Thank you and sorry if my question sounds a bit incomprehensible

  13. Heather says:

    Hi Javier. No worries, I perfectly understand your question and I will try to give you a detailed answer.

    Smarter Nutrition’s Curcumin does have a better formula. But what exactly means “a better formula”? 

    It means that it can get absorbed easier alone.

    In other words – it doesn’t need any bioperine to increase its absorption. That’s basically the thing.

    To put it differently, Smarter Curcumin with its superior formula works pretty similar with turmeric supplements that also have bioperine.

    The only difference is that some of those supplements are much cheaper, compared to it.

    So Smarter Curcumin won’t work any faster. Its superior formula only makes it get absorbed alone, without bioperine.

    For this reason – if you choose a turmeric supplement with bioperine, there’s no need to increase the dose. It’s going to work just as fast, because it has bioperine. 

    Besides, increasing the dose is kind of dangerous – because it also increases the risk of side effects.

    Obviously, not all turmeric supplements are as good as Smarter Curcumin (in terms of effectiveness). 

    But I can guarantee for the one I recommended, Turmeric Plus. It has the right doses and works pretty fast. 

    So in my opinion, it’s a real competitor for Smarter Curcumin for a lower price. That’s why I mostly recommend it.

  14. Delilah Morris says:

    I’ve been using Smarter Nutrition’s Curcumin for 8 months now and I’m fully satisfied. I don’t have arthritis but a really bothering pain in my low back (since being pregnant with my 2nd son). 

    I have tried raw turmeric before and I was making a smoothie from the powder or sometimes an infusion. Well, that didn’t really help, my pain was still there. But after trying out these pills, I’m like the old person I used to be before giving birth. My pain is almost gone completely (only comes up in rainy days, not sure why). 

    To be honest, I have to agree about the price of this supplement, it’s surely not the lowest one ever. But I didn’t do a lot of research before buying it, I simply chose the first product with high rankings I saw on Amazon. 

    Now that I think twice, I would like to try a cheaper one. I saw there are many turmeric products under $30, it’s just that some don’t have bioperine (I discovered that from your reviews). I saw your top recommendation and it looks pretty good, I also saw it recommended on other websites, so it must be really effective.

    Thanks for all the advice, I’m going to give Turmeric Plus a try and see how it goes. If I’m not satisfied, I will probably get back to my Smarter Curcumin. 

  15. Heather says:

    Hello Delilah. 

    First of all, I’m glad you learned about the importance of bioperine. It’s actually an essential ingredient for turmeric – without it, the absorption is pretty bad.

    That’s why the raw turmeric didn’t help you too much. Most of it was eliminated immediately, so just a small part of that quantity got to your painful spot. And that was too little to decrease your pain.

    Now, Smarter Curcumin uses a special type of turmeric – with an increased absorption. That’s why it doesn’t need any bioperine. But in terms of effect, there’s no difference between this kind of supplement and one with turmeric + bioperine. At least in my case.

    The only difference is that products with increased absorption are usually more expensive. That’s the case of Smarter Curcumin as well.

    For this reason, my top recommendations are products with turmeric + curcuminoides + bioperine. They have the best prices on the market, but it depends a lot of the brand/

    My favorite supplement, Turmeric Plus is one of the cheapest I know – you can get it for about $16 per bottle. So I advise you to give it a try, because there’s nothing to lose. But if it turns out to be effective for you, you can actually save a lot of money.

    If you decide to buy it, let me know how it works.

    Ah, and one more thing. If your pain worsens when it’s a rainy or stormy day, don’t worry – it’s normal. Weather influences arthritis pain and so does humidity and air pressure. So there’s nothing to worry about.

  16. jay says:

    Will it help with some other forms of arthritis as well? I need something to get rid of the pain in my knees. You are right, it is expensive but may be worth it if I can get rid of the pain. 

    I have considered some other curcumin supplements but this one seems from another league. It’s really smarter than the rest from what I can tell.

  17. Heather says:

    Hello Jay. Smarter Nutrition’s Curcumin has a different formula from most turmeric supplements – that’s why it seems from another league.

    Basically – because of this formula, it doesn’t need any bioperine. That’s the whole thing. Its ingredients are made to be absorbed easier, that’s why bioperine is useless here. 

    Regarding your question – this supplement can surely help your knee pain.

    But only if your pain is caused by inflammation. 

    How can you tell? Usually:

    – if it came up suddenly

    – your joints are swollen or red

    – they also feel warm sometimes

    On the other hand, if you have osteoarthritis or if you had an accident/injury recently, it’s probably not inflammation behind your pain but osteoarthritis. So these supplements could help more.

    But if it’s not osteoarthritis – Smarter Curcumin or any other turmeric supplement should help. 

    Anyway, I think this best of list will help you more – because it’s focused on knee pain.

    Hope this helps.

  18. Marshall Green says:

    Hi, just a quick question. My wife is 7 months pregnant and she has terrible joint pain all over her body. Doctor says it’s normal and prescribed some herbal drops and tea, but they don’t seem very helpful. 

    I don’t know how normal it is, since this is our 2nd baby and my wife was fine during the first pregnancy. Other than a constant back pain in the last months (she’s very skinny), she wasn’t in any kind of pain. Now it’s only the 7th month and she feels terrible every day, sitting in bed all day long. 

    Heard about Smarter Nutrition Curcumin, that it works like an anti-inflammatory. Doctor told my wife to avoid NSAIDs or any kind of drugs because they can harm the baby. So since this one is a herb, could turmeric/curcumin be safe in pregnancy? More precisely, this supplement?

  19. Heather Pharm.D. says:

    Hi Marshall – joint pain is a normal thing in pregnancy, especially in the last trimester. However, it appears to less than 50% of women (and not in every pregnancy).

    So let me explain:

    – In the last months, the woman’s body prepares for birth – so it produces certain hormones.

    – One of these hormones is called relaxin – because it’s meant to relax the muscles and loosen up the joints (for the birth process).

    – This hormone isn’t harmful at all, but sometimes it’s produced in higher quantities long before the birth takes place.

    – That’s why joint pain appears – the joints become very loose so they hurt with every small movement.

    The good news is that even a very high quantity of relaxin doesn’t hurt the body in any way. After its level decreases, the joints are just as before – so it doesn’t have any consequence.

    Unfortunately, there’s nothing you can do to decrease the level of relaxin in late pregnancy. Also, you can’t really take pain killing medication – because it’s dangerous, especially in this period.

    Now – Smarter Curcumin is indeed a herbal supplement, but it’s not recommended in pregnancy or breastfeeding (according to the label). So I would advise you to ask a doctor first – but never let your wife take anything without asking for professional advice, it’s very dangerous.

    Sorry I can’t help more, but your baby’s health is the most important thing. 

    So don’t buy Smarter Curcumin or any other turmeric supplement before you consult your doctor and get this consent. 

  20. Desiree' says:

    Hello Heather, thank you for reviewing Smarter Curcumin. It’s the supplement my mom is using for her arthritic hands and it’s very helpful, she’s in little pain since she’s using it. But whenever she skips a pill, she can feel the difference the next day, as her hands start getting stiff and achy. 

    I was wondering if there are other turmeric supplements that work similarly? This one is kind of pricey and we’re not going to afford buying it for long. Any suggestions are more than welcome, thanks. 

  21. Heather Pharm.D. says:

    Hi Desiree. Smarter Curcumin is on my list of top recommended turmeric supplements, but that’s because of its effect. I do agree it’s quite expensive, which is why it’s not my top recommendation. 

    Maybe this list of best turmeric supplements would help you – as I said, Smarter Curcumin is also on this list, but there are many other supplements. Some of them are way cheaper, so maybe they’re more suitable to your budget,

    I really hope this helps you and thanks for letting me know how Smarter Curcumin works for your mom. 

  22. Fitoru says:

    Will curcumin help me with my inflammation I found a lot of article regarding this review.

  23. Heather Pharm.D. says:

    Hi there. Yes, curcumin/turmeric is the best natural anti-inflammatory so it will definitely help with inflammation and swelling.

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