My Australian Dream Cream Review – Good Enough For Arthritis?

My Australian Dream Cream Review - Good Enough For Arthritis?


It’s time for my Australian Dream Cream review – because it’s a product with so many positive reviews. 

In fact, that’s the main reason why I bought it. Plus – it’s pretty different from most pain relieving creams:

  • it’s not based on menthol or camphor 
  • uses a form of histamine

But as I said – it’s the positive reviews that convinced me to give it a try.

So is Australian Dream good enough – even for arthritis pain? I’ve used it myself, so I can speak from experience.

Note: This review is based on my experience with Australian Dream, not on general info about it. I’m not trying to praise/criticize the product or its company – I am simply telling my opinion about it.


So Let’s Get To The Review

Full Name: Pain Relief Cream from Australian Dream

My Australian Dream Cream Review - Good Enough For Arthritis?Forms: There are 2 – one for arthritis and one for back pain. 

But I recommend the second one for any kind of pain (I will explain later on why). 

Best Actual Price: $23.65 for the 2 oz version

Where I Bought It From: Ebay, but Amazon has the lowest price right now. 

Designed For: According to the label – it’s a temporary relief for:

  • minor joint and muscle pain
  • simple backache

My Rating: 8 out of 10 

Worth Buying?: For minor joint pain, yes. But if your pain is constant, or if you have arthritis – I wouldn’t recommend a cream:

  • only relieves the outside pain for a few hours
  • it doesn’t treat the cause behind

So if your problem is serious – it may worsen on the long term if you use just this cream. Supplements are the #1 choice for me.


What I Liked About It

  • Very light and soaks in easily
  • It doesn’t leave your skin sticky
  • Works within 5-10 minutes (in my case)
  • Different formula than most creams
  • Doesn’t work by numbing the painful area
  • Its effect is pretty long (around 4 hours in my case)


What I Didn’t Like About It

  • The 2 versions (for back pain and for arthritis) have different concentrations
  • Pretty expensive, compared to other creams
  • Doesn’t treat the cause behind





Australian Dream – A Quick Overview

At first sight, Australian Dream looks like a very promising cream. But here’s what you should know – you can find this cream in 2 versions:

#1 – For Back Pain

#2 – For Arthritis

At first sight, Australian Dream looks like a very promising cream: a totally different formula many satisfied customers all over the Internet Now - you can find this cream in 2 versions. One is designed for back pain and the other for arthritis.  Normally - you would imagine that the arthritis form is slightly better, right? The pain from arthritis is usually more intense than back pain. Well, here's the thing: they have the exact list of ingredients it's just the concentration of the main ingredient that is different The back pain form contains 0.050% histamine - while the arthritis one has 0.025%.  So it's exactly the opposite as you would expect. Therefore, no matter what kind of pain you have - choose the back pain form: it's more concentrated so there's a higher chance that it works plus, it's slightly cheaper  Now that you know this essential tip - it's tip to move on to the real review, starting with the ingredients.

Normally – you would imagine that the arthritis form is slightly better, right? The pain from arthritis is usually more intense than back pain.

Well, here’s the thing:

  • they have the exact list of ingredients
  • it’s just the concentration of the main ingredient that is different

The back pain form contains 0.050% histamine – while the arthritis one has 0.025%. 

So it’s exactly the opposite as you would expect.

Therefore, no matter what kind of pain you have – choose the back pain form:

  • it’s more concentrated
  • so there’s a higher chance that it works
  • plus, it’s slightly cheaper 

Now that you know this essential tip – it’s tip to move on to the real review, starting with the ingredients.



The Ingredients – Simple But Powerful

Even though it doesn’t contain the usual stuff – Australian Dream has a great formula, in my opinion.

But as I said:

  • the back pain and the arthritis form contain the same ingredients
  • but the concentration is higher in the back pain form (0.050% vs 025%)

My Australian Dream Cream Review - Good Enough For Arthritis?

For this reason – I used the back pain form and that’s the one I will review.

Now – let’s take a closer look at its ingredients:

1. Histamine Dihydrochloride (0.05%) – though I couldn’t find a lot about this ingredient, I do know it’s very powerful.

But here are the main things about it:

  • it’s naturally produced in out body
  • it’s FDA approved
  • also used for leukemia – but injected directly, not as a cream

So basically – it’s a very powerful ingredient alone. As it’s applied on the skin, its effect is not that strong.

But compared to other creams, it’s a lot stronger. That’s why I really trust this ingredient.

2. Inactive Ingredients – they don’t have a major importance, so I won’t insist too much:

  • mostly herbal extracts
  • substances that improve the texture and consistency



3 Conclusions On The Ingredients

#1. No Need For Extra Stuff – Australian Dream is probably the first cream whose ingredients I really like:

  • it only contains one substance
  • but it’s strong enough to relieve the pain for real
  • it doesn’t need any menthol, camphor or essential oils 

As it is – there’s no need of any extra ingredient, in my opinion. The histamine can do its job well enough alone.

#2. Clear Doses – this is something I really appreciate about Australian Dream’s company:

  • they mention the clear percent of histamine
  • they label the other stuff as “inactive ingredients”

Now – most creams contain over 10 different substances (as active ingredients). Penetrex is the best example.

Out of those – most are probably inactive. However, they don’t mention anything about this.

Australian dream does contain a lot of extra ingredient – especially herbal extracts. But they’re clearly labeled as “inactive” – so the brand is really honest about what they use.

#3. Doesn’t Treat The Cause – even though I really like this cream, I have to be honest:

  • it only hides the pain for a couple of hours
  • it doesn’t actually treat the cause behind
  • so the pain comes back as strong as before

However – that’s something normal for every cream. Even though Australian Dream is better than many others, it still has this big problem. 

So that’s why I wouldn’t recommend it for arthritis or chronic pain.



Why I Bought Australian Dream

Before I tell you how Australian Dream worked for me – let me tell you a few things about my pain:

  • it was worse in my hands and elbows
  • on an average, it was around a 6 on the pain scale
  • in the most painful days, it was even around a 7
  • I had rheumatoid arthritis, so that causing my pain

Now – I had best results with turmeric supplements. But I was always looking for new products – especially if they had many positive reviews.

So that’s why I gave Australian Dream a try. 

It could surely not cure my arthritis, since it was a cream. But I wanted to see if it can really decrease the pain as well as reviews say.



My Experience With This Cream

To be honest – it was one of the best creams I ever tried. Here’s how I would sum up my experience with it:

  1. It started working about 5-10 minutes
  2. My pain got to about a 3.5-4 (from a 6)
  3. What impressed me is that it didn’t numb the painful area
  4. It was simply the pain that was better
  5. The effect lasted for about 4 hours (which is a lot for a cream)


My Australian Dream Cream Review - Good Enough For Arthritis?

Now – I bought the 4 oz bottle, which wasn’t very large. But I didn’t have to apply a very thick layer – as I would with other creams.

According to the label, you only need to use a thin layer.

However, the second time I tried to apply a thicker one – and my pain felt better. 

So overall – I was quite satisfied with Australian Dream. This cream works – it’s surely not a scam.

But even so, I wouldn’t recommend it for arthritis or chronic pain:

  • it only relieves the pain temporarily (about 4 hours)
  • you have to reapply it several times per day
  • if you stop using it, the pain comes back as strong as before
  • the cause of your pain doesn’t get any better
  • on the long term, it can actually worsen (since it’s not treated on the inside)

So for a minor or temporary pain – Australian Dream is great.

But for arthritis or a pain that is constant – you need an internal treatment, not just a cream.




PRO #1 – Great Texture

When it comes to how this cream looks – there’s nothing to complain about:

  1. It’s not greasy and doesn’t stick to your skin
  2. Rinses easily
  3. It’s completely smell-free
  4. Doesn’t irritate the skin at all
  5. There’s also no itchy sensation
  6. It soaks in within 2-3 minutes (depending on how much you applied)

So it’s like you’re not applying anything on your skin – after a few minutes, you can’t even feel there was a cream.

That’s one of the strong points of Australian Dream – since most creams I used were pretty bad at this chapter.

So if you’re looking for a light cream, this is one of the best.



PRO #2 – Doesn’t Numb The Area

Here’s the thing:

  • most pain relieving creams contain anesthetic ingredients
  • in this way – they numb the area where they’re applied
  • that’s how they actually reduce the pain

To be honest – I never recommend this kind of products.

They’re pretty uncomfortable because once you apply them in a spot – every sensation goes away. So if you get a cut, you will probably not feel much.

But the great news is that Australian Dream doesn’t work in that way:

  • only relieves the real pain
  • it doesn’t numb the area around

So this is another reason why it’s not a basic product. It’s surely above many arthritis creams.



PRO #3 – Pretty Long Effect

Once again, I have to compare Australian Dream with other creams. 

And when it comes to how it works – it’s also superior to some:

  • it starts working immediately (unlike others)
  • in my case, the effect lasted around 4 hours
  • this means that I had to apply it every 5-6 times a day

Now – that was in my case, because I have a pretty bad pain.

But if your joints aren’t hurting a lot, you might even have to apply it 1-2 times per day. That is definitely not much. 

I’ve used creams that had to be reapplied every 2 hours – which was really uncomfortable. So Australian Dream is one step ahead, from this point of view.



CON #1 – A Bit Expensive

That’s my personal opinion – considering that histamine isn’t a very expensive substance.

So let’s take a look at the 2 version of Australian Dream.

My Australian Dream Cream Review - Good Enough For Arthritis?1. The Back Pain Form has the following prices:

  • $23.65 for the 2 oz size
  • $28.41 for the 4 oz one
  • and $44.75 for the 9 oz version

2. On the other hand, the Arthritis Form has only 2 versions:

  • the 4 oz costs $28.41 (just like the Back Pain Form)
  • the 9 oz size is $53.50 – so a bit pricier

Now – I won’t take any of them separately.

But their general price is a bit too high, if you ask me. I mean – $24 for a little 2 oz bottle is a lot, no matter how good the cream was.

At this quantity – I doubt it’s going to last more than 3 weeks (if you really use it). 

As I said, it’s definitely a good cream – compared to others. But in terms of price, it’s a lot more expensive than the same creams. 



CON #2 – Not A Long Term Treatment

As I said – I wouldn’t recommend Australian Dream if you have a constant pain.

The reason is pretty simple – I wouldn’t recommend a cream. At least not as a lone treatment:

  1. It only relieves the pain for a few hours
  2. The pain comes back afterwards
  3. It doesn’t decrease pain intensity with time
  4. On the contrary – the pain will probably worsen on the long term
  5. That’s because the cause behind isn’t treated

I think you understand what I mean. When your pain is chronic – it’s usually a sign that there’s a problem behind.

So if you only treat the pain (temporarily) – the cause is still there. And it gets worse.

For this reason, creams in general aren’t my recommendation – if you have arthritis or a constant joint pain:

  • you can use them together with a supplement or a drug
  • but you shouldn’t use them all alone

Otherwise, your problem has 80% chances to worsen on the long term.



CON #3 – Different Concentrations

Though I really praised this cream, there’s something particular I didn’t like about it:

  1. It has 2 forms – one for arthritis and one for back pain
  2. Even though they have the same ingredients, the doses are different
  3. The back pain form contains more histamine
  4. While the arthritis one has half of that dose

My Australian Dream Cream Review - Good Enough For Arthritis?

Now – histamine dihydrochloride is the only ingredient from both. They do contain some other stuff, but those are inactive substances.

So why would they add more histamine in the back pain form – when back pain isn’t usually as bad as arthritis pain?

Do you get my point? And there’s one more thing:

  • the arthritis form is costs a few dollars more
  • that even though it’s less concentrated than the other one

So it doesn’t really make sense.

In my opinion, they should either add the same dose in both – or they should make the arthritis form more concentrated, since it’s a more severe pain.

So if you decide to buy Australian Dream – go for the back pain form even if you have arthritis.




My Verdict – Is Australian Dream Worth Buying?

Short answer: For a minor pain, definitely. It’s one of the best creams I tried throughout the years.

However, I wouldn’t recommend it for arthritis or chronic pain:

  • only relieves the pain temporarily
  • doesn’t treat the cause 
  • your problem may worsen overtime

If you have a minor joint or muscular pain and you need a cream – Australian Dream is a great choice.

However, you will have to pay more than for other creams. If you’re fine with this, go for this cream.

But if you have a real problem, I advise you to choose a supplement instead:

  • it doesn’t work just on the outside
  • relieves the pain by treating the cause

So on the long term – it’s a much wiser choice, in my opinion. But sure, it’s up to you what you decide.

Heather Pharm.D.

Heather Tracy Foley is a Pharmacy graduate, Blogger and Author with a vast experience in health sciences. She has a particular interest in joint pain and rheumatology and spent several years studying health problems. You can find her on Pinterest or via email.

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6 Responses

  1. Emmanuel Buysse says:

    The fact you said it is good for a few hours but not for a long while is very important. My sister suffers from arthritis since ten years ago, and first reading this I thought it would be for her. But as you mentioned, it won’t be good enough for her. 

    So from what I understood, you recommend a supplement for arthritis – and not a cream (not Australian Dream necessarily)? I don’t know a lot about drugs, but it makes sense that a pill works better than a cream. I’m surprised they have similar prices, shouldn’t pills or supplements be more expensive than creams?

    Thanks for sharing this review, I think my sister needs to look further in this case. 

    But I think a lot of people should understand the difference between external and internal products for joint pain.

  2. Heather says:

    Hi Emmanuel. Yes, my top recommendation for arthritis are supplements – because they work on the inside, treating both the cause and the pain.

    Creams and lotions only hide the pain for a few hours and then it comes back as strong as before. So they do nothing for the problem inside. On the long term, that might worsen the problem, since it’s not treated.

    Now – supplements should normally cost more than pills, but in reality they don’t. Most brands create creams for any kind of pain, not just joint pain. So they have more customers, so they afford selling them for more money – because people buy.

    On the other hand, supplements are mostly designed for one problem – joint pain in this case. So there aren’t so many people interested in them as there are for creams. That’s why they are cheaper, in my opinion.

    But yeah – your sister should definitely not use a cream, at least not alone.

    Australian Dream is pretty good compared to others, but it’s still a cream – so it does nothing for the cause inside.

    Now – I don’t know what kind of arthritis your sister has. So she has 2 options:

    – if she has rheumatoid, psoriatic or any form of inflammatory arthritis – turmeric is the best choice because it decreases inflammation in a natural way

    Here’s my #1 recommended turmeric supplement – it’s cheaper than most and works really great.

    – if she has cartilage problems or osteoarthritis – glucosamine products work best because they rebuild cartilages.

    ProJoint Plus is my top glucosamine supplement – because it contains a better form, it’s pretty cheap and works for real.

    If something isn’t clear or if you have any other questions, please get back to me.

  3. Michel says:

    My husband battles with back pain, but I think its mostly muscular. He’s young, doesn’t have any joint related stuff. So I think he needs to work on his posture if he wants a permanent cure.

    I am going to show him this review, as I’m thinking Australian Dream may help. He is always looking for something to mask the pain while he plays golf, and this cream may be just the thing as it seems to last a good few hours.

    I also like that it isn’t greasy, as the other spray that he is using at the moment is so greasy that he has to wait about half an hour before putting on his shirt. What do you think about this problem?

  4. Heather says:

    Hello Michel. Yeah, this Australian Dream cream should work in your husband’s case. It’s not just a joint reliever – it’s actually good for any types of pain. 

    So if he only needs something temporary, it’s perfect. Though it’s not very cheap, if he only needs to use it at times I think a 2 oz bottle should last long enough.

    You said his problem is probably muscular – does he happen to have a magnesium deficiency? This usually causes cramps, but mostly in the legs, not so much in the back… Anyway, this product works best for pain caused by magnesium deficiency.

    But for now, I think Australian Dream cream is the best solution. In case his pain doesn’t get better, please let me know and I will try to give you some advice. Hope this helps.

  5. Bob Atkinson says:

    My father used it and it helps. I agree it’s not a cheaply cream but he’s had little success with other creams like Biofreeze or Penetrex, I wonder if you tried those? 

    I didn’t know there’s such a big difference between a cream and a supplement/drug. My father had a treatment from his specialist but he stopped taking it because it was useless, so he just used Australian Dream because it was much better.

    What you said frightened me a bit, because I encouraged him to use just the cream if it’s helping more. So I would need an advice, should he go back to his prescribed treatment or try a supplement – or continue just with the cream? I bet you will say the first…but can he still use the cream if it helps so much?

    Hope you don’t get angry for this silly question…Bob

  6. Heather says:

    Hi Bob, don’t worry – it’s not a silly question and I won’t get angry either way. It’s my pleasure to help.

    First of all – I did try both Biofreeze and Penetrex, but I wouldn’t recommend any:

    – Biofreeze numbs the place where it’s applied, so you stop feeling a thing

    – Penetrex needs a longer time to start working, so it’s slower

    Overall, I don’t think any of them is worth buying. Now – I could feel an improvement in my pain from both of them, but your father may have a more serious problem. Maybe that’s why they didn’t help.

    So Australian Dream is better than both of these 2, in my opinion.

    Now – regarding your question.

    I know that prescribed drugs sometimes don’t seem to help. Besides, they can also caused serious side effects like stomach problems, ulcer and heart issues. 

    But the best way to treat arthritis and joint pain is on the inside – and that’s something only pills can do.

    Creams and lotions surely help – but they only hide the pain, they don’t treat the inside problem at all. So if you only use a cream, your problem will worsen on the long term, because you’re not treating it. You understand?

    That’s why you need a supplement, besides the cream.

    So your father can go on using Australian Dream, but he also has to start taking some pills:

    1. If he doesn’t get major side effects, I advise him to continue the prescribed treatment (from his doctor). That’s the best choice.

    2. In case those pills are really bad for you, you can try using a supplement.

    Now – you didn’t mention what form of arthritis had your dad, but I guess it’s osteoarthritis.

    In this case, glucosamine and chondroitin are the best choice for him – because they rebuild the damaged cartilages. This supplement is my top recommendation, but here’s a longer list, in case you need other options as well.

    Let me know what your father decides and whether his pain gets better or not.

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