Does Arthro 7 Work Even Today? My Full Review

Does Arthro 7 Work Even Today? My Complete Review

It’s time for my Arthro 7 review, a supplement that I tried very long time ago. At the beginning of my arthritis problems, it was one of the most popular products for joint pain. But that was happening more than 10 years ago, so things have changed a lot since then,

So is it as effective today? Does Arthro 7 work for real even at this time? I don’t have a very good opinion about it, because it has some major downsides that I noticed. 

I tried to reveal the truth about this supplement in my review, with both its good and its bad points.

Note: This review is based on my experience with this product, so it won’t necessarily agree with other reviews you read. I am not trying to praise/criticize the product or the company, I am simply telling what I think about it


So Let’s Get To The Review

Does Arthro 7 Work?Full Name: Arthro 7 from US Doctors’ Clinical

Quantity : 60 capsules

Best Actual Price: Starting from $29.99

Where I Bought It From: Ebay

Designed For: It’s not the typical product for arthritis, because it has mostly anti-inflammatory herbs. So I don’t think it could do much for OA, because it doesn’t have any glucosamine and stuff.

However, the doses of turmeric and ginger are pretty low for RA. So I’m not really sure what it’s designed for. It’s surely arthritis and joint pain, but it’s not a classic product.

Worth The Price?: Definitely not. It’s very overpriced, if you ask me. It didn’t do much for my joint pain and it lasted a very little period, so I had to rebuy another bottle just for the sake of continuing the treatment. At this point, I wouldn’t really buy it again. 

My Rating: 2.00 / 10.00


What I Liked

  • It’s been on the market for a very long time, so it’s a pretty safe formula. I first used it more than 10 years ago, and it was one of the few supplements for joint pain back then
  • You can find it in many websites and stores, but I would recommend you Amazon or Ebay because they are the cheapest
  • It’s gluten and drug free (and also shellfish free)


What I Didn’t Like

  • The label doesn’t mention the exact doses inside the AR7 Joint Complex, which would have been pretty important in my opinion
  • No glucosamine and chondroitin, which are essential ingredients for joint and cartilage problems
  • It didn’t work almost at all in my case
  • You need to take 4 pills per day in the first 2 weeks, which is very uncomfortable
  • One bottle only lasts for about 2 weeks, if you take the pills according to the label
  • It’s extremely expensive overall, both for what it contains and for the quantity




What I Bought It For

Arthro 7 was one of the first supplements I tried for my terrible pain. About 12 years ago, I was trying so hard to find a diagnosis for my excruciating pain, that seemed to get worse day by day. I was somehow suspecting it was rheumatoid arthritis, but the doctors weren’t so sure.

So after experiencing the terrible adverse effects of NSAIDS, I started looking for healthier alternatives. At that time, there weren’t so many supplements as we have now. Even Amazon was pretty poor from this point of view.

So when I came across Arthro 7, it sounded like heaven for me.

Besides, it had some pretty good reviews, though there weren’t very numerous. At that time, the supplement had been on the market for a few years, so you can imagine that it has a very long history. More than 15 years, from what I know.

That was one of the things that convinced me to try it. And yes, probably the main factor was the fact that I didn’t have much to choose from, and this one seemed the most promising. Well, I ordered Arthro 7 and that’s how the story began.



The Ingredients – Pretty Disappointing

Just like with every supplement, I always take a look at the ingredient list first. That’s what matters most, in my opinion.

Does Arthro 7 Work Even Today? My Complete Review

Well, Arthro 7 doesn’t contain a lot of stuff, but it has a brand ingredient, which seems to be a combination between several herbs and a few classic ingredients. So let’s take them by turn: 

– Vitamin C (140 mg) – this substance is a great anti-oxidant, which means it fights the damage caused by oxidative stress. It’s not a common ingredient in joint supplements, but it’s definitely not wrong here. Also, the dose is very high, in the good way.

– AR7 Joint Complex (1170 mg) – that’s the brand ingredient I was talking about. Though it’s original, I can’t say I like it much. And let me tell you why. 

It contains 2 herbs, turmeric and bromelain, which are excellent anti-inflammatory. However, the exact dose of each isn’t mentioned, and I pretty much suspect it’s lower than the average.

There’s also collagen, which looks great on paper, but there’s the same problem. I don’t know the exact dose, so I can’t tell.

Regarding the MSM, it’s a natural substance from our body that also acts as an anti-inflammatory. I like it as an ingredient, but I need to know the dose before I can claim it’s effective in this combination.

Conclusion: The ingredients themselves don’t look any bad, but I suspect they all have a low dose. They are good substances for joint pain, but I can’t really tell how effective they are if I don’t know the dose. So from this point of view, I wasn’t too satisfied.

Also, I wish there were glucosamine and chondroitin, or at least one of them. That would have increased the chances of this supplement a lot, as glucosamine rebuilds cartilage. So I can’t say I’m in love with Arthro 7, judging after its ingredients. It has a lot of things that could be better, in my opinion.



My Experience With This Supplement

As I said at the beginning, I first tried this product many years ago. I chose it basically because there weren’t many alternatives on the market at that time. I can’t say I knew much about joint pain back then, so these ingredients looked trustworthy.

Does Arthro 7 Work Even Today? My Complete ReviewMy Background: I had a pretty bad joint pain especially in my hands, but it was my whole body suffering. I would find out it’s RA later on, which I was suspecting anyway. So I was hoping this supplement would help me with this, or at least decrease my pain if it couldn’t take it away completely. 

First Weeks: Arthro 7 is a bit different from regular supplements, and I would find that out later on. According to the label, you have to take a double dose in the first 2 weeks and then reduce it to half. In other words, it means you have to take 4 pills in the first weeks and then only 2. 

That is honestly a lot, and I will tell you more on that below. But as I said, we didn’t have so many alternatives back then, so I accepted this annoying schedule. 

Well, even though I was taking 4 pills per day, I didn’t manage to see a big improvement. My hands weren’t as swollen as before, but they were still very painful and rigid. So in the first weeks, I didn’t notice anything special.

Afterwards: So I took 4 pills for about 2 weeks and then realized my bottle was almost empty. I think I had about 2 pills left, which was enough for one day only. That was really frustrating, but I bought another bottle. Though I continued to take 2 pills per day, I didn’t get any relief.

I don’t know if it was just me, but while I was on Arthro 7, I didn’t see any major change. The only different thing was that my hands weren’t that swollen as before, but that was something only I could see. To a stranger, they still looked very swollen and stiff.

Conclusion: So I don’t really know what to say about Arthro 7, but it didn’t really help me much. And I doubt it has changed a lot in the meantime, even though it’s been a long time since then. But if it didn’t help me back then, I’m pretty sure it wouldn’t do it now.




#1 Problem – It Lacks 2 Essential Ingredients

I’m not saying that the ingredients from Arthro 7 are bad, but in my opinion, they’re not too good either. 

Does Arthro 7 Work Even Today? My Complete ReviewBut as the label promises to increase mobility, there’s 2 ingredients it’s lacking. I’m talking about gluocosamine and chondroitin, which are the best when it comes to rebuilding cartilages and improving joint flexibility.

Besides, both glucosamine and chondroitine are some usual ingredients in joint pain supplements. They help the cartilage retain water and keep it hydrated, which is essential if you already have joint problems. There were many studies, but the conclusion was the same – they do help in any type of joint condition, including rheumatoid arthritis.

And surprise – both of them are missing from Arthro 7. Why?

Well, according to them, glucosamine can’t do much alone and it needs a long time to produce any effect. To be honest, I don’t really agree. I’ve been taking glucosamine supplements (combined with other things) and they worked faster than other more expensive products.

But there’s one other reason why they gave up glucosamine. Though our body produces this substance naturally, it seems that glucosamine for supplements is usually extracted from shellfish.

And if you don’t know, Arthro-7 is safe for people with dietary restrictions. And yes, it seems that shellfish is also a dangerous ingredient.

I personally never heard about someone allergic to shellfish, but maybe it’s just me… However, I wouldn’t give up on such a helpful ingredient just for a small percent who are allergic to it. It’s like taking off antibiotics from the market because they can produce allergies to a few people, despite being essential drugs.

That’s how I see things when it comes to this matter.



Problem #2 – Only Lasts 2 Weeks, In Reality

Does Arthro 7 Work Even Today? My Complete ReviewI don’t know how many versions of this supplement there are, but I know about the one I bought. It had about 60 pills, which is enough for 30 days, according to the label. That sounded a decent period, in my opinion.

However, if you check out the label, you will find out that you need to double the dose in the first 2 weeks. To be more precise, you need to take 4 pills per day in the first 2 weeks.

Now, that’s extremely uncomfortable, first of all. The pills are actually capsules, if I’m not wrong, so they’re not very hard to swallow. But taking 4 per day is not only a lot, but it’s also very hard. I personally couldn’t really follow this schedule, so I would end up forgetting about one or 2 pills once in a while. 

So 4 pills per day is really uncomfortable, and I really try to avoid supplements like this. But that’s not the only problem.

According to the label, 60 pills last 30 days. That’s what the label says. However, it seems that they didn’t think about doubling the dose, even though they suggest it. So 60 pills would actually last about 2 weeks, which is extremely little. You can’t see an effect so fast in many supplements. 

That’s something I really hate about Arthro 7. I ended up buying another bottle, even though I may not have wanted that. I only did it for the sake of continuing the treatment, because 2 weeks were too little. So all I can say is that I’m really disappointed from this point of view.



Problem #3 – It’s Way Too Expensive

At first sight, $30 seems like a decent price. It’s not a cheap supplement for sure, but it’s still affordable. Well, considering what it contains, it’s not, but that’s another story.

Does Arthro 7 Work?

However, the problem is that one bottle only lasts for about 2 weeks. That’s not even 20 days. You would probably have to buy another bottle, just like I did. Therefore, you would end up paying $60 for 1 month and a half, if you make the calculations. 

To be honest, that is extremely expensive! This supplement didn’t even help me and I ended up paying about $60 on it, plus shipping. I don’t know about you, but to me, that seems way too much. 

Also, there are some pretty bad ingredients inside. Maybe I shouldn’t say bad, but the doses aren’t very high, so that’s why I believe it didn’t do much for me. So that’s why I believe it’s extremely overpriced. Yes, I know it contains a brand ingredient, but that brand ingredient didn’t seem to be as effective as I thought.

So overall, I wasn’t very satisfied with the price. But my #1 is that it costs so much and lasts way less than the label mentions. I followed the recommended dose, so I don’t think I did anything wrong. That’s why I lost my good opinion about Arthro 7.



My Final Verdict –  Is It Worth Buying?

Short answer: Definitely not. I was pretty disappointed by its ingredients, because they don’t mention the doses, so I thought that was the worst thing about it. But it seemed like I was wrong. 

One bottle only lasts for about 2 weeks, as long as you follow the recommended dose. The label says it should last 4 weeks, so this is a big problem, if you ask me. Also, you need to take 4 pills in the first 2 weeks, which is way too much. And last but not least, it costs so much!

So I don’t really know what advantages it has, to be honest. I’m not saying it’s a bad supplements, but in my opinion, it has a lot of downsides. If you compare it to other products, it’s way under, if you ask me.

That’s why I couldn’t really recommend you this supplement. It’s not the worst thing I tried, but it’s far from the best ones. So I don’t really plan to try it again ever. You should feel free to do whatever you want, but I wouldn’t advise you to buy Arthro 7. That’s how I see things. 

Heather Pharm.D.

Heather Tracy Foley is a Pharmacy graduate, Blogger and Author with a vast experience in health sciences. She has a particular interest in joint pain and rheumatology and spent several years studying health problems. You can find her on Pinterest or via email.

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