My Blue Emu Cream Review – Is It Any Good?

My Blue Emu Cream Review - Is It Any Good?

It’s time for my Blue Emu review – an arthritis cream that I tried quite a long time ago.

I just noticed it’s been gaining a lot of popularity lately. And actually, it looks pretty good at first sight:

  • an original formula
  • several positive reviews

However – creams are usually a bad choice for arthritis. They only hide the pain for a little while, instead of treating it. 

So is this Blue Emu cream any different? Or it’s just another “miracle-maker” product that actually does nothing? Let me tell you how it worked for me. 

Note: This review is based on my experience with this cream – so it doesn’t contain lots of general info. I’m not trying to praise/criticize this product or its company, I am simply telling my opinion about it.


So Let’s Get To The Review

Full Name: Original Analgesic Cream by Blue Emu

My Blue Emu Cream Review - Is It Any Good?Size: 12 ounces (there’s also a 3 oz one, but it’s more expensive overall)

Best Actual Price: $35.10

Where I Bought It From: Amazon, it has the best price I’ve found

Designed For: Joint and muscle pain, according to the label.

It doesn’t contain any special ingredient for arthritis, so I would recommend it for a minor pain.

My Rating: 8 out of 10 – It’s pretty good, compared to other creams

Worth Buying?: Yes, but only if you have minor problems.

For arthritis or chronic pain, I wouldn’t recommend it because it doesn’t treat the cause behind – so your condition will probably worsen over time. Instead, a glucosamine supplement would help a lot more.

But if you have a sprain or injury, it’s definitely a great product – only that it’s a bit expensive to start with.


What I Liked About It

  • Very light, doesn’t stain
  • Fragrance-free
  • Really decreases the pain (but only after several days, in my case)
  • There are many positive reviews
  • You can buy it from several shops
  • Doesn’t work by numbing or freezing the painful area


What I Didn’t Like About It

  • Doesn’t treat the cause behind the pain in any way 
  • Pretty weak ingredients overall
  • The doses aren’t mentioned anywhere
  • Deep blue color (which doesn’t come from any natural ingredient)
  • Besides the Emu Oil, there’s no important substance for pain
  • Pretty expensive 




Blue Emu – A Quick Overview

Basically, this cream is focused on one ingredient – Emu Oil. 

My Blue Emu Cream Review - Is It Any Good?Now – what’s so special about this substance?:

  • it’s the fat from Emu birds
  • it claims to have anti-inflammatory and moisturizing proprieties
  • also, it penetrates the skin really easy – since it’s a fat
  • for this reason, it can transport the active ingredients better than regular oils

At least that’s what this cream claims.

In reality – I couldn’t find any studies or official articles about this Emu oil. But judging after the reviews it has, it doesn’t seem to be a scam.

So let’s get into more details (I will be subjective below, since I’ve tried this product myself).



The Ingredients – Little Info

The biggest problem about this cream are its ingredients – here’s what I mean:

  1. No details about any substance
  2. No doses
  3. The active ingredients and put together with the inactive ones

So basically, there are very few info about the ingredients – they are only mentioned briefly. And that is a real problem, in my opinion.

My Blue Emu Cream Review - Is It Any Good?

Now out of these ingredients – let’s take a closer look to the most important ones:

1. Emu Oil as I said, it’s the fat of the Emu bird. Though I couldn’t find any studies, it seems to have 3 major benefits:

2. Glucosamine Sulfate – it’s the best substance for arthritis and cartilage damage. However, if it’s applied on the skin – I think it’s pretty useless (based on my experience).

3. Natural Extracts – there are several plants with anti-inflammatory effects:

  • Horse Chesnut
  • Calendula
  • Anthemis Nobilis and a few others (less important in my opinion)

One more thing – among all those ingredients, these are basically the active ones.

The rest are inactive – which means that they have absolutely no benefit, other than making the cream easy to apply, etc.



3 Conclusions On The Ingredients

#1. No Doses – that’s probably one of the major downsides of Blue Emo. And of creams in general:

  • they only mention the name of the ingredients
  • there are no doses or benefits of any

So basically – as there are no doses, you can’t tell how effective this cream can be. 

That’s why many producers try to hide this aspect – especially in creams. 

#2. Basically Emu Oil – that’s the only important substance inside this cream. 

The other ones are either extracts or inactive ingredients. So there’s only the Emu Oil that can do anything for the pain.

#3. Pretty Weak Overall – I’m talking about the ingredients, not about the cream in general.

As I said, there’s basically just the Emu Oil inside:

  • the other substances aren’t very effective for pain
  • plus, they’re probably in very low doses (since they’re mentioned close to the end)

So at first sight – Blue Emu’s ingredient list seems pretty weak. Not that other creams have excellent ingredients… but this one seems even weaker to me. 




My Experience With Blue Emu

As I said, I tried this cream several years ago – so I may not remember all the details about it. But I do remember that it did work.

My Blue Emu Cream Review - Is It Any Good?Here’s what I mean:

  • it decreased my pain visibly (from a 6-7 to about a 3)
  • my general pain was much lower
  • however, it needed about 3-4 days to start working

I mean – in the first days while I was using it, the change wasn’t so big. But after several days, I could feel a big difference in terms of intensity.

However, there’s one thing I need to mention:

  • it didn’t reduce the swelling from my hands, elbows, knees, etc.

So basically – this cream reduced my pain, but it didn’t seem to help the cause. That’s why the inflammation didn’t go away.

And one more thing: it didn’t numb or freeze the painful area – like other creams did. So it clearly works because of the Emu Oil – not because of some tricky method. 



When I Recommend It And When I Don’t

The thing is – just like any other cream, Blue Emu works best for minor types of pain:

  • sprains or minor injuries
  • early forms of arthritis
  • muscle pain

In those cases – the cause is rarely something serious. So you only need to keep the pain under control.

However, if you have chronic pain or arthritis – Blue Emu isn’t going to help a lot.

Why? Just like I said – it doesn’t treat the cause of the pain – which is essential in this case.

Here’s what happens if you only use Blue Emu (or any other cream) for your pain:

  • the problem behind is going to worsen
  • your pain will probably increase with time
  • it may not respond to the proper treatment

So if your problem isn’t something minor – I really advise you to try a supplement instead. The right one will treat your pain from the inside – improving your real problem, not just a symptom.


  • I RECOMMEND Blue Emu if you have a minor problem, like sprains, injuries or muscle problems
  • I DON’T RECOMMEND Blue Emu if you have arthritis, joint or chronic pain

But let me enter into more details below – here are the main things I like and I didn’t like about Blue Emu.




PRO #1 – Consistency

Blue Emu is one of my favorite creams when it comes to how it looks. Here’s what you should know:

  • it’s very light and soaks in easily
  • not greasy at all
  • it’s 100% fragrance-free (just like they claim)
  • easy to rinse too

So it kind of looks like the perfect cream – in terms of consistency.

I know that’s something normal, but I’ve seen enough pain relieving creams that didn’t meet these 4 features. So I’m really satisfied with Blue Emu from this point of view.



PRO #2 – Doesn’t Numb The Area

That’s the best proof that the Emu Oil inside this cream really works.

As I said – it’s basically the only important ingredient. The other ones aren’t anything special.

However, this creams seems to work in a more special way that the rest:

  • it doesn’t numb or freeze the area where you apply it
  • it simply decreases the pain 

So basically, you can feel every sensation in the affected area. It’s only the pain that gets better. 

That a great thing about Blue Emu – since, as I said, most creams work by numbing the area so that you stop feeling anything.

So I have to admit that it’s way better than other topical products from the market – at least at this chapter. 

My Blue Emu Cream Review - Is It Any Good?



PRO #3 – Positive Reviews

Even though it worked for me, I tried to find out other (real) opinions.

And as I somehow expected, the reviews on Blue Emu were mostly positive:

  • it does relieve the pain
  • it’s super easy to use (not greasy and soaks in really fast)

Obviously, there were enough people who didn’t get any relief – but they probably had arthritis or more serious problems. In this case, Blue Emu will probably not help a lot.

So overall, this cream has pretty good reviews.

It’s true that most reviewers had some minor pain, but in cases like this – it’s really effective.



CON #1 – Doesn’t Treat The Cause

In my opinion, the biggest problem of Blue Emu is the fact that you have to apply it on your skin – or rather, the fact that it’s a cream:

  • it cannot treat the real cause of your pain
  • it can only relieve the pain for a while

So it’s not the kind of treatment you should use for arthritis – at least not alone.

The pain is kept under control as long as you apply the cream. But if you stopped using it, believe me – it’s going to come back as strong as before.

My Blue Emu Cream Review - Is It Any Good?


That’s actually the problem with creams in general:

  • they seem like a great remedy at first
  • but on the long term, they only worsen your problem

Using a cream means you’re not treating the root of the problem – you’re only treating a symptom. 

So it’s pretty clear that the problem is going to get worse with time.

That’s why I couldn’t recommend Blue Emu in arthritis or any joint problem. It’s not going to help you on the long term.



CON #2 – Expensive

No matter how good it was, Blue Emu isn’t really a cheap product. In fact, I would say it’s quite pricey actually.

Now, the truth is that:

  • you’re paying $35 for 12 ounces

That isn’t a very little quantity. In fact, many creams cost around $20 for 2-4 oz. So the price for Blue Emu doesn’t even seen that high anymore.

However, most people would not buy such a high quantity from the first – do you agree?

Why should you pay $35 for 12 oz from the start? Better pay $10 for 1 oz, see how it works and then come back to buy the large size if you like it.

Now, I checked out several websites and found out that there are 2 sizes of Blue Emu:

  • the 12 oz size that I mentioned
  • a 3 oz size for $15

But there’s one thing to mention. The 3 oz size looks very different from the large one (which is the original):

  • different ingredients
  • the company label doesn’t look the same

So I’m not really sure if the smaller version is the same as the original. But anyway, it’s not very cheap either ($15).



CON #3 – Weird Color

That’s more of a personal opinion, but either way – I don’t really like the color of this cream.

Though it’s called “Blue Emu”, I didn’t really expect it to be blue. 

From what I know, the Emu Oil isn’t really blue – which makes me think:

  • there are some additives and coloring agents
  • it’s not 100% natural

Now – I don’t want to make any false claims. So as I said, this is only my opinion.

But I’m pretty sure there’s something synthetic inside this cream that makes it look so colorful.

Considering how many inactive ingredients it has, it’s totally possible. That’s something I didn’t really appreciate.




My Final Verdict – Is It Worth Buying?

Short answer: For minor problems, yes. Even though it’s a bit expensive, it does work.

My Blue Emu Cream Review - Is It Any Good?However, if you have arthritis or chronic pain – I wouldn’t recommend it. I actually would not recommend creams in general:

  • it only hides the pain for a while
  • it doesn’t treat the cause behind
  • so on the long term, your problem will probably worsen if you only use a cream

Now, if you have some minor pain or injuries, Blue Emu is one of my top recommendations – but only if you afford the pretty big price.

If not, this cream might be a better choice for you – but it works by numbing the painful area (which is something I don’t like).

However, if you’re looking for a real remedy for your problem, I advise you to try a supplement:

  • it treats the cause of the pain
  • it works way better on the long term
  • it’s a lot easier to use
  • it’s also cheaper overall

Now, it’s up to what you need and prefer to use. But if you want a real treatment, my advise is to use a supplement instead of Blue Emu or any other cream.

Heather Pharm.D.

Heather Tracy Foley is a Pharmacy graduate, Blogger and Author with a vast experience in health sciences. She has a particular interest in joint pain and rheumatology and spent several years studying health problems. You can find her on Pinterest or via email.

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