The 6 Best Supplements For Hip Pain (2020 Guide)

The 6 Best Supplements For Hip Pain (2018 Guide)


Want to keep your hip pain under control easily? Here are the 6 best supplements for hip pain that will make you feel better again, without any surgery or expensive treatment.

But you know what’s the best thing?

Most of these supplements are pretty cheap. Price was an important factor in my ranking, because I personally couldn’t afford paying over $50 per bottle every month.

However, I know a few affordable products that work just as well as the ones over $50.

And yes, they’re the biggest part of this list. But don’t worry, I only included supplements that I tried myself, so I know really well how they work.



#1 Recommendation – ProJoint Plus ($29.95)

  • Best For: Hip pain caused by osteoarthritis or cartilage problems, like damage or tear. It can also work for inflammation, but it’s not my #1 choice.

Here’s the deal:

I think ProJoint Plus is the best supplement you can get for hip pain. Why? It contains a combination of 8 ingredients that can solve basically any hip problem – inflammation, damage or cartilage tear. 

However, I recommend it especially for people with osteoarthritis in the hip (and not only) and cartilage problems.

But what makes it better than the rest is the form of glucosamine it uses. That’s what makes it work much better than any other product, at least in my case. Don’t worry, I will explain it on the whole below. 

But first, here are a few things about it:

Ingredients: Glucosamine sulfate, Chondroitin Sulfate, MSM, Turmeric, Boswellia extract, Bromelain, Quercetin, Methionine

How It Works: 9.70 out of 10. It’s not perfect, but it’s very close.

The reason why it’s my #1 choice is because it doesn’t only treat the pain. Yes, this is important, but when you have hip problems, it’s not only the pain bothering. It’s also the stiffness and loss of flexibility.

So here’s what this supplement did for me:

  •  decreased the pain pretty fast (about 4 days)
  •  improved flexibility and mobility
  •  nourished the cartilages
  •  decreased the stiffness duration

PRICE TIP: You can get it for about $19 fer bottle, instead of $29. First, use my 5% off coupon code from below. What I recommend you to do next is to buy a larger pack, because they will give you one bottle for free and you will also get a bigger discount. That’s how I end up paying about $19 per bottle.

  • Varied ingredients, both cartilage rebuilders, anti-inflammatory and antioxidants
  • Very high doses overall
  • Uses the good form of glucosamine – the sulfate
  • Decreased my pain very fast (about 4 days)
  • Improved my flexibility considerably, which most supplements can’t do
  • Not very cheap (but you can use my tip from below)
  • One bottle is enough for only 20 days

See My Full Review



What makes it better than the rest: Glucosamine sulfate + Price

ProJoint Plus is the cheapest supplement I know with glucosamine sulfate. That’s what makes it work much better. Most brands use the other form – glucosamine HCl, which is much weaker, according to studies.

However, the substance itself is cheaper, which means a better cost for the producers. Besides, customers aren’t aware of the difference.

But here comes the interesting part. The final price is the same for both supplements with glucosamine sulfate and HCl. That even though the HCl form is much cheaper itself and it’s less effective. 

So ProJoint Plus is the cheapest supplement with glucosamine sulfate I know. Besides, I know how effective it is because I tried it myself. That’s why I recommend it – it’s cheap, effective and it helped me a lot more than others.




#2 – Turmeric Plus ($23.95)

  • Best For: Hip pain caused by inflammation. How can you tell if it’s inflammation behind? If you hips are more swollen than normally, warm and maybe red (but that’s pretty rare).

Here’s the thing:

This is the best supplement if your hip pain is caused by inflammation.

Turmeric is the strongest anti-inflammatory from a natural source. And this supplement is one of the best products with turmeric, judging after my experience. It’s cheap, effective and easy to take.

In fact, it’s the cheapest supplement that decreased my inflammatory pain almost completely. I used it for rheumatoid arthritis, which was affecting my hips as well, causing pain. So I’m speaking from experience. 

Therefore, if your hips are swollen and it’s inflammation causing the pain, this is my #1 recommendation. That especially if you don’t want to spend a fortune on supplements.

Ingredients: Turmeric, Turmeric Extract (Curcuminoides), Bioperine

How It Works: 10 out of 10. But only if your hip pain has an inflammatory source. Otherwise it will help, but not at its best.

What this supplement does is that it reduces inflammatory molecules and decreases the swelling. Once the swelling goes away, so does the pain. It won’t happen overnight, but this supplement started working for me after about 3 days. 

Among turmeric supplements, that’s the fastest effect I saw. So here’s what it did for me:

  • improved my swollen joints 
  • decreased the pain considerably (from 7 to 2 in the end)
  • reduced the duration of my morning stiffness

PRICE TIP: Just like the previous supplement, you can get a better price for this one too. Use my coupon for 5% off and get the larger pack. You received one bottle for free and a larger discount, so you end up paying about $16 per bottle.

  • Very high doses of ingredients
  • Contains bioperine, which is essential for a proper absorption of turmeric
  • Decreased my pain better and faster than most supplements (in about 3 days)
  • I think they have very pure ingredients, compared to other products
  • Very cheap
  • Doesn’t ship in most European countries

See My Full Review





#3 – Joint Advantage Gold ($49.49)

Here’s the deal:

Just like my #1 choice, this supplement also contains a high number of varied ingredients. For this reason, it’s extremely helpful for any kind of hip pain – inflammatory or chronic.

I’ve tried it myself and I was very satisfied – it decreased my pain considerably and pretty fast too. 

However, there are 3 reasons why it’s not my #1 recommendation: speed, price and number of pills per day. ProJoint Plus, my top choice, is way above from these points of view.

But excluding this chapters, it’s one of my favorite supplements because it’s has both anti-inflammatory and cartilage rebuilding ingredients.

Ingredients: Glucosamine sulfate, Meriva Phytosome with turmeric, NEM Eggshell Membrane, HerbaZyme Soothing Blend, Boswellia extract, Bovine cartilage

How It Works: 9 out of 10. It decreased my pain pretty well, but it wasn’t as fast as the previous 2.

I noticed an improvement in the first week, but the pills needed a longer time to work at their best (about a month).

One advantage it has is that it can help both inflammatory and osteoarthritis pain. It contains high doses of glucosamine and turmeric, so it can do both jobs properly. However, that’s available for my #1 pick as well.

Best For: Both inflammatory and osteoarthritis pain. It can also help if you have cartilage problems in your hips, because it contains a high dose of glucosamine.

  • Great combination of ingredients, both cartilage rebuilders and anti-inflamatory
  • Good for both swelling and cartilage problems
  • Pills are easy to swallow
  • I could feel an improvement from the same week
  • You need to take 6 pills per day, which is really uncomfortable
  • Doesn’t work as fast as the first 2
  • Very expensive – $50 per bottle (I don’t have any coupon this time)

See My Full Review




#4 – Super Joint Support ($59.00)


I’m a fan of this supplement in terms of relieving pain. It contains some great ingredients and I could see myself that it really works. So it’s a great product for hip pain, that’s why it’s on this list. 

BUT…there’s a but – it’s only “great” in terms of effectiveness. Because it basically does the same thing as the #1 and #3 but it costs a lot more. 

In fact, compared to my #1 pick, it costs literally twice! So it’s the kind of supplement I would recommend to someone who prefers to pay more instead of paying less.

You get my point, it’s not a supplement I personally recommend, just because you can get something a bit better for half of the price.

Ingredients: Vitamin Mix, Chondroitin Rich Collagen, Glucosamine Sulfate, Ionic Sea Minerals, MSM, Alpha Lipoic Acid, White Willow Bark Extract

How It Works: 8.80 out of 10. It’s not very fast, but it does its job.

It didn’t only decrease my pain, but it also improved my mobility and strength. The only downside at this chapter is that I needed a bit more to notice an effect (about 1-2 weeks).

Also, at the end of the day, it wasn’t the best supplement I tried. And I mean that in terms of effect. It worked, but it didn’t relieve my pain best of all.

Best For: Hip pain caused by osteoarthritis and cartilage problems. It doesn’t contain high doses of anti-inflammatory, so it won’t be very effective if your hips are painful due to swelling.

  • Great ingredients, some of them are brand ingredients
  • Pills are very easy to swallow
  • Doesn’t only decrease the pain, it also rebuilds cartilages and improves flexibility
  • One of the most expensive supplements I bought
  • You need to take 4 pills per day
  • Its official website has 2 versions and one of them looks really suspicious (I wouldn’t buy from it)

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#5 – Instaflex ($49.95)

Here’s the thing:

Instaflex is one of the most popular supplements for joint and hip pain. It’s been on the market for a long while, so I’m not surprised. 

The supplement itself is pretty good.

It contains some anti-inflammatory, but not in high doses. So I wouldn’t recommend it for inflammatory hip pain, only for OA or cartilage problems. I tested it out for knee pain, but there’s basically no difference. 

However, its main downside is price. Compared to some of my previous choices, it’s extremely expensive. Besides, it’s not as good as them when it comes to effectiveness. But if you’re willing to pay the $50 price, it’s not a bad supplement at all.

Ingredients: Glucosamine Sulfate, MSM, Willow Bark Extract, Ginger Root Extract, Boswellia Extract, Turmeric Extract, Cayenne Extract, Hyaluronic Acid

How It Works: 8.50 out of 10. It did decrease my pain, but not my swelling. 

Though it contains both anti-inflammatory and cartilage rebuilders, it didn’t do anything for inflammation. I’m only talking about my case. 

So it decreased my knee pain (which was caused by OA) and improved my flexibility a bit. From this point of view, things were great. But it didn’t do anything for my swollen joints. So that’s the reason I wouldn’t recommend it if your hip pain has an inflammatory cause.

The doses aren’t that high, so maybe that’s why it didn’t help me.

Best For: Hip pain caused by cartilage damage and osteoarthritis.

  • Really good ingredients, some have high doses
  • Both cartilage rebuilders and anti-inflammatory
  • Really works for OA pain
  • You can find lots of reviews about it, since it’s been on the market for a long while
  • Very expensive (not worth it, in my opinion)
  • Didn’t decrease my inflammation, despite containing anti-inflammatory
  • You have to take all 3 pills together, else the effect won’t be that good

See My Full Review




#6 – Smarter Nutrition Curcumin ($40.00)

So here’s the deal:

This is one of the best turmeric supplements I know, but it’s also one of the priciest ones.

Just like the #1, it’s the kind of product that works better for inflammatory hip pain. So if you think there’s swelling causing your pain, Smarter Nutrition’s Curcumin may come in handy.

Its special formula uses softgels instead of regular pills, so that’s the secret behind. However, I personally didn’t notice any difference between this supplement a regular turmeric one. I’m speaking in terms of relieving pain.

That’s why this supplement is only in the 6th place – you could get the same relief for less money.

Ingredients: Curcumin C3 Reduct, Black Cumin Seed Oil, Ginger Root Extract, AstraGin

How It Works: 9 out of 10. But that’s only for inflammatory hip pain.

The softgels themselves work great, nothing I can complain about. They relieved my swelling and decreased my pain pretty shortly, after about 1 week. 

So in terms of effectiveness, they’re as good as my #1 pick, which is another turmeric supplement. However, Smarter Nutrition’s curcumin has a much better ingredient list, but that wasn’t visible in my case. It didn’t work any better than the #2, so that’s why it’s not higher on this list. Besides, it’s a lot more expensive.

Best For: Hip pain caused by inflammation and swelling.

  • Really good ingredients, but some are pretty unusual for a turmeric supplement
  • Oil based, so it doesn’t need any bioperine
  • Pills are easier to swallow
  • It decreased my inflammation and pain pretty well 
  • Pretty expensive for a turmeric supplement. I don’t recommend it because you can get the same effect for a much lower price

See My Full Review



6 Best Supplements For Hip Pain

So these are the top products I tried throughout the years. Each of them can make a great choice, depending on the cause of your hip pain. I tried to divide them into 2 categories:

  • The 6 Best Supplements For Hip Pain (2018 Guide)Supplements for inflammatory hip pain
  • Supplements for osteoarthritis hip pain

No matter how your pain feels, it surely belongs to one of these 2 categories. So I suggest you to choose the product you need according to this tip. In this way, you will surely make the most of its effect.

 – So if your pain is caused by swelling and inflammation, I recommend you something based on turmeric.

It’s the best anti-inflammatory, and if you choose the right product, you can make the most of this herb for very little money.

 – On the other hand, if you are older, your pain is probably caused by osteoarthritis.

In this case, glucosamine supplements are a life-saver for you. Only make sure to choose a product with glucosamine sulfate, not HCl, because that’s what made the difference in my case.



Your Thoughts?

Now I would like to hear from you:

  • What’s the kind of supplement you’ve used before (if any)?
  • What kind of hip pain do you have?
  • What’s your budget?

If you have any doubt, question or comment about these supplements, let me know in the comment section below. I will do my best to help!


Heather Pharm.D.

Heather Tracy Foley is a Pharmacy graduate, Blogger and Author with a vast experience in health sciences. She has a particular interest in joint pain and rheumatology and spent several years studying health problems. You can find her on Pinterest or via email.

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20 Responses

  1. Josef Willow says:

    I have hip osteoarthritis and my doc says the only solution is surgery. I have tried painkiller medication without any effect. 

    After reading your article, I think I still have a chance. What’s surprising is that I heard about your top recommendation from one of my friends. He also praises it tremendously, but for his knee problems. I never thought to try it because I thought it only helps knees. 

    But now I think I should try ProJoint Plus. Do you recommend anything extra (like diet, rest, etc.)?

  2. Heather says:

    Hey there Josef.

    ProJoint Plus works for anything that involves osteoarthritis or cartilage problems – whether it’s affecting your hips, knees or anything else.

    So I say you should give it a try and let me know how it goes. Normally, you should see an improvement pretty shortly.

    Regarding your question, there are some other things I can recommend for OA:

    a healthy diet, avoiding processed foods and sugar 

    give up alcohol completely (it dehydrates the joints)

    – get a heating pad to decrease joint stiffness in the morning

    Let me know what you think about ProJoint Plus after you try it and how it helps you. 

  3. Craig says:

    I’ve been hearing a lot of great things about turmeric supplements lately and have been strongly debating trying it! I think this pretty much seals the deal.  

    One question I do have though, are there any worries about taking too much or too little based on my weight? I’m a larger guy at about 220, will that impact how much I need to see an effect?

  4. Heather says:

    Hello Craig, thanks for your question.

    I would normally start with the recommended dose (according to the label) and see how things go. You can take this dose for about 2 weeks at most.

    If you’re happy with the effect – it’s perfect. Now – if you feel an improvement (but not a major one), you can start taking an extra pill. 

    Normally, that should be enough. 

    Now, it depends a lot on what exact supplement you’re taking. Some products contain a high dose of curcumin extract, which can cause side effects easier. 

    If you happen to take one of those supplements, you should be cautious about increasing the dose. You can take an extra pill, but if you start experiencing a sudden diarrhea or stomach problems – get back to the initial dose.

    I would normally recommend a supplement with about 100-150 mg of curcuminoides and 1500 mg of turmeric powder. That’s the dose that works best for me – and I have about 140 pounds.

    Now, considering you are larger – you could take an extra pill in this case (even 2). Only pay attention to your symptoms and if anything goes wrong, just decrease the dose and everything should get back to normal. 

    Hope this helps.

  5. Melinda Shyrley says:

    Thanks a lot for these recommendations. I was looking for a hip pain supplement but I didn’t know what to choose. It’s my first time trying this kind of products so I have very little knowledge on the subject.

    I checked out Amazon’s recommendations and there are big differences in prices. I mean, some are super expensive while others seems way too cheap.

    So thanks to your review now I know how much I should be paying.

    I really appreciate you’re teaching how to buy certain products cheaper, I mean I really needed a guide like this one. A big thanks to you Heather!

    Now I want to tell you my problem, I think you can tell better than me what I really need.

    I’ve been having this weird pain in my low back and also in my hip. It’s been around 2 weeks maybe. It’s not super bad (like I can handle it), but it just worries me. 

    I visited my doctor and he recommended some NSAIDs, which I did take. But I know they can cause some bad side effects and I started having stomach problems.

    So I was looking for a natural product. I think turmeric would be best for me, according to your article. But I just wanted to ask you first, just to make sure. This supplement you recommend is indeed super cheap, even compared to the rest. 

    Thanks. Melinda

  6. Heather says:

    Hey Melinda, it’s my pleasure to help you.

    So from what you’re telling me, you don’t know the real cause of your pain yet. I assume your doctor didn’t really investigate, since the pain isn’t very old. 

    From your description, it’s probably an inflammation behind (judging after the painful area). I’m thinking about the SI joint, but it’s too hard to tell for sure. But either way, it’s probably an inflammation.

    In this case, I would recommend exactly what you were thinking about – turmeric. I only have a discount code for Turmeric Plus, but it’s also the best one from my list (and the cheapest). 

    So you should give it a try for a couple of weeks and see what happens to your pain.

    Keep me in touch with it goes.

  7. will says:

    Thank you for telling your experience with each of these products. That was something I was really eager to find anywhere. 

    I have a history of surgical treatment on a hip fracture and have tried to go natural for a while. 

    I have tried a few different supplements in the past with minimal success so I look forward to now having access to some that you have personally reviewed and found helpful. 

    Turmeric has always been a goto of mine so I think I will start with Turmeric Plus and hopefully not even have to explore the other options! 🙂

  8. Heather says:

    Hey Will, did you recover after surgery? Hip fracture is something really serious – I happen to have a friend who broke her hip in a car accident. 

    She was really young and healthy, but it took her a long time to fully recover. After the surgery, she developed some sort of hip osteoarthritis – that’s what the doctors told her. 

    She started having cartilage problems and as I said, she was really young. So the accident is the only possible cause for her.

    Fortunately, she fully recovered now, thanks to a great treatment. But I know it’s something really serious.

    So did you get any cartilage problems due to your hip fracture? If you did, I think it’s better to choose something based on glucosamine sulfate. That would help much more.

    If you only have chronic pain and inflammation, turmeric is my top recommendation. So if you decide on Turmeric Plus, let me know how it works. 

    Judging after my experience with it, you shouldn’t need to try something else.

  9. Edu says:

    What drew my attention to the quality of your blog is the fact that you have tried and tested the products and you give lengthy detail on what it did for you and what the specific ingredients are.

    Improving flexibility is a definite plus factor as that is what all of us want. We want to be able to move like we’ve been used to in the past and not to be hindered. Another is less pain, a great factor in reduced stress, strain and exhaustion. Pain can play a huge part in slowing us down and draining us of precious energy.

    I’ve recently been introduced to Glucosamine and was just wondering exactly what it is and what it does – your review and linked articles have answered my question to these questions. 

    Turmeric I’ve heard is an amazing spice to supplement one’s daily diet as it has so many healing properties, you’ve confirmed this in your review – a great anti-inflammatory that is not a chemical.

    My burning question to you is, would it help my top spinal vertebrae bones just below the base of my neck.  They have a gnawing aching and sometimes sharp pain.  I’m not sure if it’s just inflammation from the way in which I sit on a chair or lie in bed.  Or if it’s cartilage problems – how do you tell if it’s cartilage issues?  It’s becoming a great concern for me and I wondered if I took the Glucosamine Sulphate with the Turmeric if that would alleviate the problem, or would it just be a prevention and not a cure?

    I look forward to your reply.


  10. Heather says:

    Hi Edu, it’s great to hear you found valuable info on my blog.

    There isn’t a clear evidence that can tell whether you have inflammation or cartilage problems. But basically, cartilages problems come up either after an accident, major injury or with age (usually after 60).

    Also – cartilage problems usually appear in knees, hips or lower back pain. So based on how you describe your pain, I think it’s caused by inflammation.

    In this case, turmeric would surely help – because it decreases inflammation and keeps your inflammatory molecules under control. 

    So that’s what I think you should try first. It’s also important to choose a good supplement – something with turmeric powder, curcumin + bioperine. I recommend you to check out this list I made on the best supplements with turmeric. 

    Regarding your other question – there’s no point taking both glucosamine sulfate and turmeric. I mean – not if you take them in different supplements (and that’s the only way right now). 

    If you’re over 50, glucosamine would help with prevention. So in this case, you can take them both – but otherwise, I don’t think there’s any point right now. Just go for turmeric and see how it goes.

  11. Leonidas says:


    I have a pain in my left hip caused by a ski accident I had last year. I initially had a fracture and had to have surgery, but after that I recovered almost completely with PT and exercises. This pain is the only thing I got left.

    My doctor recommended Instaflex, which I took for about 6 months. I could feel an improvement but there was still pain. A bottle of Instaflex would cost me around $50 (I bought it from Amazon everytime), so I just felt that was a bit too much for how it was helping me.

    I tried to find some other alternatives and read hundreds of reviews. You’re not the first person that praises ProJoint Plus, but you’re the only one who seems to really know it. 

    You even advise people on how to get the best price, which is really great, thanks. 

    I’m thinking about trying out this supplement, as I have nothing to lose at this point. I checked it out briefly and it seems to have better ingredients than Instaflex. But again, the fact that is cheaper means the most to me. 

    I saw you recommend it mostly for cartilage problems, which I’m not sure that I have. My pain was caused by a hip fracture, so do you think it could be inflammatory? If yes, maybe I should try another product, right?

    I hope you can answer me and tell me what you think. 

  12. Heather says:

    Hi Leonidas. From your description, I believe that your pain is indeed caused by cartilage problems.

    You see – it all started with the fracture. Your cartilages started to suffer, due to the fact that you weren’t able to move for a while. They’re probably not damaged, but they are weaker than in a regular person.

    So I think that this is causing your actual pain. 

    You didn’t mention your age, but I don’t think you’re over 60. So it’s pretty unlikely that you develop osteoarthritis. In my opinion, you have some minor cartilage problems.

    So I think you should try a product that rebuilds and strengthens cartilages – like ProJoint Plus. 

    Instaflex is pretty similar, but it lacks chondroitin sulfate (which is important). And yeah, as you said it’s much more expensive. It works but it costs way more. 

    In my opinion, ProJoint Plus works much better – but that’s based on my experience, so I am subjective here. 

    Anyway, I think you should give it a try and see how you feel. But normally, you should see a change after one bottle.

    Regarding the other supplements from my list – most of them aren’t as powerful. So I wouldn’t really advise you to try something else – at least not at this point. 

  13. Nadia says:

    Oh how wonderful thank you Heather! I felt so hopeless as I was searching online for help for my mom’s hip pain. She has tried a few supplements here and there and also tried turmeric as a home remedy. She says she notices a big difference when she takes turmeric but it’s very inconvenient to mix it herself every day. Her doc says her hip pain is due to inflammation.

    I think the Turmeric Plus capsules will make it easier to take and it is also within her budget. She is turning 70 next year. She has a very sensitive stomach though and she also takes blood pressure medication – do you think Turmeric Plus will be okay for her to take? 

  14. Heather says:

    Hey Nadia, mixing turmeric powder is indeed inconvenient – but there are other reasons why I don’t recommend the powder:

    – it doesn’t always have a high purity

    – it’s not very powerful

    – it doesn’t have any bioperine (so it has a bad absorption)

    It surely helps – that’s why your mother can feel a change. But it doesn’t work as well as a supplement, which is more a lot more powerful. 

    Regarding your questions – from what I know, turmeric can also help high blood pressure. So it doesn’t have any bad effect. But you can ask your doctor just to make sure (though I’m pretty sure he will agree with turmeric).

    As your mother has some stomach problems, she should take turmeric only after eating consistently. That should keep her stomach safe. 

    My advice for her is to give turmeric supplements a try. Turmeric Plus is my top favorite – and as you said, it’s super cheap (compared to the rest). So that’s what I would pick. Hope this helps. 

  15. Mario Reyes says:

    My mom has pretty much given up on her life of having normal mobility. She has back pain and hip pain due to not having any more cartilage, so it is bone on bone. For years Doctors gave her shots, which has never worked for her. She cannot endure more than 2 minutes of standing up, so now she’s not able to do very much except sit down or lie in bed. I’ve tried giving her a Tumeric Curcumin supplement with Biperine 1500 mg. It is BioSchwartz tumeric formula with 95% Standardized Curcuminoids per serving (highest potency) and 10 mg of BioPerine. After 30 days, she did not notice any relief, whatsoever. Most joint pain supplements seem to address the knee; however, with my mom’s condition being her lower back and hip, I am wondering if her situation is a much bigger challenge than what a joint pain supplement can handle. I am still new at researching this so I don’t have if there’s any hope for her.

  16. Heather says:

    Hi Mario. The situation of your mom seems to be pretty complicated, because she has no cartilage left. If she had some, I could have given her some clear recommendations, but in this case it’s pretty hard. But I will try.

    So from your description, her pain is caused by cartilage tear. I don’t know if she has osteoarthritis or not, but it’s pretty much the same – her cartilages are very severely affected.

    Now, you should know that turmeric decreases inflammation. So it’s recommended mostly for pain that is caused by inflammation and swelling. In your mom’s case, there’s only minor inflammation – but the real pain is caused by the lack of cartilages.

    That’s why turmeric didn’t help her – and it’s not going to help her. Even though BioSchwartz’s turmeric is a pretty good supplement with high doses, there was no improvement. And no matter what turmeric brand she would choose, the result would be the same – because turmeric only treats inflammation, it can’t do anything for cartilages.

    So what your mom actually needs is something that would rebuild her hip and back cartilages.

    Now – I would normally recommend her a supplement with a mix of glucosamine sulfate and chondoritin, which are the best ingredients at this chapter. I’ve had great results with this supplement – ProJoint Plus, so it’s my usual recommendation. However, I had enough cartilage left in my joints – so it was just damaged, it wasn’t absent (like in your mom’s case). That’s why I’m not really sure if this supplement could work, since your mom has no cartilage left.

    But here’s what I think she should do: take ProJoint Plus for about 3 months. A person with cartilage problems should see an improvement in about one month, but since the condition of your mom is pretty severe, it would probably not work in just one month. But after 3 months, she should start to feel a difference.

    As I said, I can’t guarantee it’s going to work, because she has no cartilage left. That’s why I think 3 months is a good period to tell. In my opinion, she should really give it a try. In the worst case, there won’t be any change – so it will surely not harm her. Because at this point, glucosamine sulfate is the best thing she can take.

    You also mentioned that she had shots – I guess they were Hyalurionic Acid shots? That’s what doctors usually try. It probably didn’t work because her cartilages were already very damaged, otherwise I can’t explain – I heard some pretty good things about these injections.

    Also, I don’t know if doctors told your mom about hip replacement. This could help her a lot more, in terms of cartilages. But it can only be done through surgery, so maybe she just rejected this idea (many people that I know did).

    So summing up, I recommend your mom to try a product with chondoritin and glucosamine sulfate (not hydrochloride! – important thing). I had best results from ProJoint Plus, so that’s what I recommend. This supplement could rebuild her cartilages, but since she has none left – she should try to use it for at least 3 months to see.

    If she sees a change in the meantime, it’s great. If not, I think hip replacement is the only solution for her, unfortunately. Though that wouldn’t solve her back pain too…

    Please let me know if there are any other details you didn’t mention and they would help me get a better idea about your mom’s problem.

    I really hope this helps you.

    PS: There’s basically no difference between the supplements for knees and the ones for hip/lower back pain. They contain the same things overall – and the cause behind these kinds of pain is many times the same. So if you find a supplement that’s designed for knee pain, you can use it for hip or low back pain as well.

    The only essential thing is to see whether the pain is caused by inflammation or by cartilage problems. Turmeric works best for inflammation, while glucosamine sulfate + chondroitin for cartilage problems. That’s what you need to know before choosing any supplement for joint pain.

  17. Minnie B says:

    Hi, I have rheumatoid arthritis and terrible pain in my hips and hands. Strangely that they’re not always hurting, but when one hand is hurting, the other one starts hurting too. And it’s the same with the hips.

    I recently started taking some Boswellia pills and they helped partially, but I started experiencing headaches. So it must have been the pills, because when I stopped them, the headache stopped too. But my hand and hip pain came back, so I did nothing…

    I was looking for a hand/hip supplement that would relieve my inflammation without causing me additional problems. I really enjoyed reading the tips from your article, you’re the first person to put things straight and not recommend the same thing for any kind of pain, that is much appreciated from me.

    So I have seen you recommend turmeric for RA, is that so? I was thinking about trying any supplement, but I wanted your opinion first (I saw you also have RA). Do you think I have chances to get side effects from turmeric as well, if I had with Boswellia? I really hope you have time to answer my questions.

  18. Heather says:

    Hi Minnie, I’m glad to answer any questions. 

    First of all – the pain from RA is always symmetrical. That’s why both of your hand/hips hurt at the same time. It’s a pattern of this condition, so it make it even more clear you have RA (not other form of arthritis).

    Regarding your questions – yes, turmeric is my top recommendation for rheumatoid arthritis.

    It’s simply the strongest anti-inflammatory among all herbs, so it has the best effect in RA (where you have a chronic inflammation).

    Now – Boswellia is the second best anti-inflammatory, after turmeric. It doesn’t work really that strong, but it’s close. However, it’s not so easy to find (and cheap) as turmeric is.

    And from what I’ve read, it also produces side effects more often than turmeric. 

    But sure, it depends a lot from person to person. So if you had headaches from Boswellia supplements, you may be fine after using turmeric – it really depends.

    Now – turmeric tends to cause side effects if you use really high doses. That would mean over 2000 mg turmeric powder per day. 

    Also, in my case – a high dose of curcuminoides seems to bother my body. I would frequently get diarrhea after using supplements with more than 200 mg curcuminoides. But once again, that depends.

    And last but not least – the dose of bioperine also matters. I usually don’t recommend over 10 mg per day (15 mg at most). Bioperine is really allergic in higher doses – but you will rarely find it in over 10 mg in any supplement.

    So basically – I recommend you a turmeric supplement with around 1500 mg turmeric powder + 10 mg bioperine + 100-150 mg curcuminoides. I found this dose to work best for my RA. 

    So overall, give turmeric supplements a try and see how it goes. If you ask me, you should experience any major side effect – but the best way to find out is to try one.

    Hope this helps.

  19. Mason says:

    Heather, I have hip OA and am trying to avoid a replacement, which my doctor suggest. I had my close friend recommending Projoint Plus, she says it’s been making miracles for her knees. I can see you also recommend it for hip OA but also for knee OA, so does it work for any kind of arthritis? I’m just trying to make sure it might work before I actually start using it, thanks.

  20. Heather Pharm.D. says:

    Hello Mason. ProJoint Plus is based on glucosamine + chondroitin. These 2 ingredients are designed to rebuild damaged cartilages and repair the joints – which are the main causes of osteoarthritis. So basically, glucosamine and chondroitin supplements work best for osteoarthritis (whether it’s in the hip, knee, foot, etc.).

    Now – I can’t guarantee that ProJoint Plus will keep you away from a hip replacement. That’s because you probably have very little cartilage left in your hips (that’s usually when you need a hip replacement). So this kind of supplements work best when there is some cartilage left. But some customers say it also helped in cases of no cartilage – it only takes longer to see results.

    So considering that it’s pretty affordable (compared to other similar supplements), I think ProJoint Plus is worth trying for your problem. Normally, it should help – but it might take more than 2-3 months to see some changes. If you’re willing to take this time, I strongly recommend this product. If you need an immediate solution, maybe a hip replacement surgery would be better. I personally would try with the supplement, but it’s your own choice.

    Also, this guide on treating OA naturally might help you as well. Hope this helps!

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