Best 7 Vitamins For Hip Joint Pain (Personal Advice)

Best 7 Vitamins For Hip Joint Pain

Hip pain is one of the most frustrating types of pain you can have.

But fortunately – there are many solutions.

And if you prefer the natural side – here are the best 7 vitamins for hip joint pain.

Note: Your pain is probably not caused by a deficiency in these vitamins. So taking them won’t make miracles – supplements would do a much better job


#1 – Vitamin D

If there’s one vitamin directly connected to joint pain, it’s surely vitamin D.

Best 7 Vitamins For Hip Joint Pain

How It Helps: Researchers proved that a deficiency can lead to several problems:

  1. Bone weakness
  2. Muscle issues
  3. Joint pain

Besides – if your body doesn’t have enough vitamin D, it will also absorb calcium much harder:

  • Calcium is essential for bones and joints
  • A lower absorption means our bones will receive a lower quantity

That’s why vitamin D is so important for the joints. 

Funny fact – our body produces vitamin D just by being exposed to the sun. So lacking this vitamin would mean one thing:

  • You’re staying inside 22 hours out of 24
  • Logically speaking, that’s pretty impossible

Though it seems unlikely – there were enough cases reported, so there is a small possibility.


#2 – Vitamin B

What does this vitamin have to do with hip joint pain?

Best 7 Vitamins For Hip Joint Pain

Well, we don’t know for sure – but science says there is a connection.

How It Helps: According to a recent study – vitamin B can do 2 things for osteoarthritis:

  1. Improve joint mobility.
  2. Decrease consequent pain.

The mechanism behind and how it works isn’t very clear – but studies claim it’s useful.

So consuming enough vitamin B can soothe your pain and help you move easier.

Also, there’s one more thing to point out. Studies showed that a deficiency in vitamin B12 can lead to dozens of different symptoms:

  • anemia
  • stomach problems
  • severe joint pain

Now – joint pain isn’t a top symptom for vitamin B deficiency, but it was reported in many cases.

So your joint pain is probably not caused by a lack of vitamin B12. If it was, you would have a lot more symptoms. 

But even so, this vitamin can improve your joints – especially if your diagnosis is osteoarthritis. 


#3 – Glucosamine

If you’re familiar with joint pain, you surely heard of glucosamine.

Best 7 Vitamins For Hip Joint Pain

It’s one the most common ingredient in joint supplements. And there’s a good reason behind.

How It Helps: Glucosamine can do 2 major things:

  1. Rebuild damaged cartilage.
  2. Prevent healthy cartilage from wearing off.

In this way, it also reduces the minor inflammation – and that’s how the pain goes away.

Now, glucosamine works much better in osteoarthritis – especially in older patients:

  • It’s more effective for cartilage problems 
  • Doesn’t work too well for inflammation

That’s why I don’t recommend glucosamine in RA – it can’t do anything major.

But why do I recommend it for OA instead? Well – it has all the benefits I stated and its production decreases with age.

As OA appears mostly after 60 – a person with OA will probably have a lower level, which can worsen things.



#4 – Chondroitin

If you heard of glucosamine, chondroitin should also sound familiar. Why?

Well – these 2 ingredients work much better together. That’s why you see them associated in most supplements.

How It Helps: Just like glucosamine, chondroitin has 2 real benefits:

  • Helps rebuilding the cartilage
  • Protects the joints against futher damage

But there’s another reason why you see chondroitin in many joint supplements.

It increases the power of glucosamine – so they work better together than alone.

Besides, chondroitin also protects healthy cartilages. That’s why a lot of elderly use it.

Now, chondroitin isn’t bad for any form of arthritis – but it won’t have such good results in inflammatory pain (rheumatoid or psoriatic arthritis).

But for osteoarthritis – glucosamine + chondroitin are a must.


#5 – S-adenosylmethionine (Sam-E)

Did you hear about this substance before? I surely didn’t.

Best 7 Vitamins For Hip Joint Pain

It seems that Sam-E has a lot to do with inflammation and joint pain.

It normally exists in our body and it’s involved in several processes.

How It Helps: Scientists recently discovered that Sam-E is very effective in joint conditions, especially osteoarthritis.

How’s that?

Just like glucosamine and chondroitin, it has several benefits:

  1. Decreases the inflammation and improves the pain.
  2. Rebuilds the damaged cartilage.
  3. Improves joint mobility.

But it’s not all about osteoarthritis. Sam-E also works for other problems –  as long as they’re joint related:

In fact, it is effective in most conditions that involve joint problems and cartilage damage.

But if you think about taking Sam-E supplements, there’s one thing you should know.

This nutrient works much better with vitamin B6 and B12 – so make sure you don’t have a deficiency in these vitamins.

If it’s your doctor prescribing you the Sam-E, he will probably prescribe an additional supplement based on vitamin B.


#6 – Omega 3 Fatty Acids

These substances are good for almost anything, do you agree?

  • Best 7 Vitamins For Hip Joint PainLosing weight
  • Hair loss
  • Immunity booster

And believe it or not – Omega 3 also help hip joint pain.

How They Help: Fatty acids manage to reduce the inflammation around the joints very easily:

  • Block the enzymes responsible for joint swelling
  • Once these enzymes stop working, inflammation decreases

What’s great about fatty acids is that you can get them from other sources – not just supplements.

Now – supplements are the easiest option for busy people, but if you like fresh foods or cooking, it’s even better.

Fish is the best source of fatty acids, but you can also find it in natural products:

  • flax seeds
  • nuts
  • avocado

If you consume these substances daily, even in small quantities – you might notice a minor improvement.

Obviously, you need a few months to tell the difference. But in my opinion, it’s really worth it.


#7 – Gamma Linoleic Acids

Have you ever heard of Primerose oil? Well, it’s one of the best sources of Gamma Linoleic Acids.

Best 7 Vitamins For Hip Joint Pain

Well – these acids are a form of Omega 6 Acids (which are similar to Omega 3)

Out of the Omega 6 group – Linoleic Acids are the top ones.

How They Can Help: Unlike the Omega 3, Linoleic Acids work much better in rheumatoid arthritis


  1. Heal damaged cartilage.
  2. Also reduce inflammation and consequent pain.

Besides, Linoleic Acids also have antioxidant proprieties. 

But there’s one thing you should know before starting using them.

Omega 6 Acids only work once they get inside our body, so they must be taken by mouth.

If you’ve seen any cream or lotion containing these substances – forget about it. It’s totally useless and it won’t bring you any relief.



My Verdict – Can Vitamins Help Hip Pain?

Short answer: They can help it – but they can’t heal it.

That’s what you need to keep in mind:

  • Consuming more vitamins won’t cure your joint pain completely.
  • In fact, they may not even improve it.

Even if you consume each of these 7 substances, you may not see any change. Vitamins can’t make miracles, we’ve got supplements for that.

But if you prefer to stay supplement-free – vitamins can be a great alternative.

Most of them can be found in natural foods – so you’re not forced to take any extra medicines.

Try to do this for at least a month.

Following a natural diet for 2-3 weeks won’t be enough to notice big differences, so do your best and stick to it. After a month, you might notice some small improvements.

But as I said – don’t expect miracles, because joint pain doesn’t go away by itself.

Treatment is usually a necessity, but your hip pain can get better after these vitamins.

Heather Pharm.D.

Heather Tracy Foley is a Pharmacy graduate, Blogger and Author with a vast experience in health sciences. She has a particular interest in joint pain and rheumatology and spent several years studying health problems. You can find her on Pinterest or via email.

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8 Responses

  1. Drew says:

    I use glucosamine and it partly works, but not as much as I wished. I have psoriatic arthritis since my 30s.

  2. Heather says:

    Hello Drew, if your diagnosis is psoriatic arthritis, glucosamine isn’t the best thing for you. It is recommended in osteoarthritis, because it helps the damaged cartilages. In your case, the problem doesn’t lie in the cartilages.

    It’s the inflammation that causes your pain. So the best thing you can do is to use something that fights against that inflammation. I recommend you a one-month treatment with this supplement. I’m 99% sure it will reduce your pain. In case it doesn’t, please get back to me.

  3. Sella says:

    Do you think that eating fish daily can fix my hip damage?

  4. Heather says:

    Hi Sella, this is a question I can’t answer without knowing more details about your hip joint issue.
    Do you have any medical diagnosis (like SI dysfunction, osteoarthritis, etc)? Have you had any surgery in your hip lately? Are you following any treatment for your health problem?

    If your condition is more serious, simply eating fish daily won’t do much. Fish is indeed the best source of fatty acids, but fatty acids alone can’t cure your hip pain or improve your condition. You would probably need a combination of several substances, like glucosamine, vitamin D and chondroitin. But before I recommend you anything, I need to know more things about your condition.

  5. Mr N says:

    Hi. Sorry for the off-topic, but I can see you know lots about these issues, so maybe you can give me any useful advice. I have had a really bad pain in one of my shoulders for more than 2 weeks. Visited several specialists but non managed to find the cause. Every tests shows there’s no problem but my pain is still there. It goes away with pain killers, but if I ever run out of them, it comes back just like before.
    It’s kind of a sharp, stabbing pain that’s not always present, but it only comes up at certain points in any day.
    Do you think one of these vitamins could help me?
    Sorry for these ambiguous details I just mentioned, but I’m not expert and I can’t find a solution.

  6. Heather says:

    Hey there, thanks a lot for writing me.
    I can’t give you a certain answer based only on the facts you gave me, but I have several suspicions. There are several things that can cause shoulder pain, but from what you said, exercising may be yours.

    Did you continue to exercise after the pain first came up? You may have a tendon problem, and this kind of things usually heal alone. But if you kept exercising, that would have been impossible.
    Also, if you tend to sleep only on one side, it might be all about your mattress. Do you have any basic one? Because if you do, you can either change it, or change your sleeping position.

    But if none of these causes is behind, please give me a little more details about your pain. Did it appear suddenly or gradually? Were you taking any medicines at that point? Did your doctors make you any blood tests or X-rays?
    I’m not an expert, but your answer can help me get a better idea about what may be causing your pain.

  7. Matty Brant says:

    I literally loved your post…I have osteoarthritis and the pain is worse in my right hip than anywhere else. My specialist recommended getting a hip replacement but I really looked for alternatives. Now I’m using that glucosamine supplement that you recommend (I heard about it from your site) and it does work. But I wish I could help that supplement with a suitable diet.
    So besides fish, what do you recommend? (I’m trying to stay away from additional supplements so please don’t tell me to get some extra vitamins). Thanks.

  8. Heather says:

    Hello Matty, I’m glad to hear that supplement helps you and that you’re also trying to help your body yourself. If you have osteoarthritis, these are several foods that can help you daily. They are all real foods, so I’m not including any supplements in that list. I hope that helps.

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