My Super Joint Support Review – Worth The $60?

My Super Joint Support Review - Worth The $60?

It’s time for my Super Joint Support review, a product that I tried for one reason – its increasing popularity.

But other than that, I didn’t like it too much:

  • It’s really expensive
  • Has a very unprofessional website

That’s what made me wonder if it’s not a scam – because I haven’t seen a lot of websites like that.

So can this supplement relieve joint pain, at least a little? Is it really worth this super high price?

I tried it myself so I can speak from experience.

Note: This review is based exclusively on my experience with this product, so it may or many not agree with other reviews you find. I’m not praising/criticizing the product or the company, I am simply telling how it worked for me.


So Let’s Get To The Review

Full Name: Super Joint Support from Living Well Nutraceuticals

Quantity : 120 tablets

Best Actual Price: $59.00

Where I Bought It From:

Designed For: Osteoarthritis and cartilage problems. It has lots of ingredients that improve and rebuild cartilages, which is the major problem in OA. 

I wouldn’t recommend it for inflammation and swollen joints because it won’t help much. So if you have RA or PsA, that’s what I would recommend instead.

My Rating: 8.20/10

Worth Buying?: Not really, because it’s way too expensive for what it does.

It’s a good product in terms of relieving pain and improving the cartilages. It also has some pretty good ingredients.

But I don’t think it’s worth $60, to be honest. You can get something that works just as well for half of that price, so I can’t possibly recommend Super Joint Support.


What I Liked About It

  • Pretty good ingredients with high doses
  • It uses the best form of glucosamine – the sulfate (most supplements don’t)
  • It relieved my pain for real, and pretty fast (after about 2 weeks)
  • Also improved the strength of my knees (but only after about one month)
  • Gave me extra energy in certain days. But there’s also a bad point about this, as I couldn’t fall asleep before midnight


What I Didn’t Like About It

  • One of the most expensive supplements I’ve bought 
  • You have to take 4 pills per day to get the recommended dose (that’s is really uncomfortable)
  • It has 2 different websites but one of them looks pretty suspicious 
  • Their video testimonials don’t look real to me




The 7 Ingredients – A Quick Analysis

My Super Joint Support Review - Worth The $60?As usual, the first thing I checked about this supplement were its ingredients. 

Well, the substances inside are by no means bad:

  • one ingredient isn’t very common (Ionic Sea Minerals
  • the rest are all classic substances

But now – let’s take them by turn:

1. Vitamin Mix (different quantities) – there’s several substances in this mix:

  • vitamins D, K and B12
  • magnesium
  • sodium

Now – I don’t know how much this combination helps. These vitamins aren’t famous for cartilage health.

2. Chondroitin Rich Collagen (500 mg) – this is a brand ingredient that I’ve never seen before. But it’s basically 3 things:

  • collagen
  • chondroitin
  • Hyaluronic Acid

Collagen does help damaged cartilages a lot, as it increases their flexibility and strength.

What I don’t like is the dose of Hyaluronic Acid underneath (only 50 mg), which is pretty useless when taken by mouth. You would need at least 400 mg of it.

3. Glucosamine Sulfate (1000 mg) – this is probably the best substance for unhealthy cartilages.

The dose isn’t impressive (1000 mg is the average) – but at least they used the good form (sulfate). Even so, this substance does help. It’s great for rebuilding cartilages, which is essential in osteoarthritis.

4. Ionic Sea Minerals (1000 mg) – that’s the uncommon ingredient I was talking about.

I had no idea what it could do, so I did a quick search on Google.

But surprisingly, I didn’t find anything related to joints or arthritis. From what I read, it’s more of a “general health” remedy. That’s a really disappointing conclusion

5. MSM (250 mg) – is a classic substance for joint and cartilage problems. It can help in 2 chapters:

  • stiffness and flexibility problems
  • inflammation

6. Alpha Lipoic Acid (150 mg) – is an antioxidant. This means it fights back free radicals that appear with age.

A large quantity of antioxidants can help osteoarthritis, but 150 mg is way too little to do any miracles alone. But at least it’s a start.

7. White Willow Bark Extract (125 mg) – this is an anti-inflammatory herb. I call it “the herbal equivalent of aspirin”.

The dose isn’t very high, but there’s no big inflammation is osteoarthritis. So it’s not very necessary, in my opinion.

Conclusion: The ingredients look really good:

  • Their doses aren’t very impressive
  • But it contains lots of classic ingredients for OA

So I have a very good opinion about Super Joint Support’s ingredient list.



How To Take It – 4 Pills Per Day?!

That’s one of the things I really hate about this supplement. According to the label:

  • one serving is equal to 4 pills
  • this means that you have to take 4 pills per day

To be honest, that is way too much. I don’t think it’s just me saying that, but I will give you 3 reasons why I really hate this thing. 

Reason #1 – Liver Problems. I had some health issues with my liver in the past, and every doctor’s conclusion was the same:

  • I had taken too many pills and medications
  • So my liver was suffering pretty badly.

That’s because most pills you take are decomposed in your liver.

No matter what people say, taking 4 pills per day is not going to help your liver anyway. On the contrary, it will only cause damage over time. 

So if I had to choose between a supplement with 4 pills and one with 2 pills (with the same doses), I will surely choose the last one.

Reason #2 – Uncomfortable. Did you ever forget about taking a pill? Well, I did many times.

And it’s even harder when you have to take more pills per day. So imagine having to take 4 pills every day. At one point, you will surely forget about one (at least). 

Yeah, you can take 2 together, and that would make it much easier. But that’s the third reason why I don’t like that many pills.

Reason #3 – Hard To Swallow. If you take 2 pills one after the other, you will surely get some chest pain.

At least I do, every time I try it. So I don’t really know what solution I could find in this case.





My Experience With This Supplement

My Super Joint Support Review - A Personal OpinionSomething About My Condition: I had rheumatoid arthritis for a long time, which led to a complication in my knees.

So I developed a secondary osteoarthritis that was pretty hard to treat. 

I tried this supplement for my OA:

  • My pain wasn’t that terrible
  • But my knees were really weak and damaged

So I was hoping this supplement would help me with that, not just with the pain.

Before I Tried It: As I said, I bought this product online from their official site because I couldn’t find it anywhere else.

I paid almost $60 on it, so it really had to work for these money.

I started taking 4 pills per day, just as they recommended.

Week 1: No major changes for my knee pain. It was still impossible to bend down without holding onto something and I was in more pain when weather changed. So no real improvement in the first days.

Week 2: I started to feel better at the middle of the second week.

  • My pain didn’t go away completely
  • But it wasn’t burning as bad as before

 I also remember there were a few rainy days that week, but my pain didn’t worsen as before. 

However, I don’t know if my joints were stronger, as this supplement promised. I still couldn’t bend down alone, not to mention exercising.

But I was glad my pain had improved and I could now stand and walk for a little longer.



The Last 2 Weeks

My Super Joint Support Review - A Personal OpinionWeek 3: My pain seemed to get even better in the third week, but I wasn’t feeling stronger than before.

I still didn’t trust my legs and sometimes felt that I could fall down anytime. If that was a mental fear of mine or not, I can’t say.

But when it comes to pain, I was on the good way. 

Week 4: That’s when my bottle ran out.

As there were 120 pills inside, I had the impression they would last for more.

But I completely forgot that I was taking 4 pills per day, so after one month I had no pill left. 

But before that, my pain was pretty much the same as in the previous week:

  • It decreased visibly
  • It didn’t bother me constantly anymore
  • However, I did feel a change in my knees’ condition

I wasn’t strong enough to exercise to run, but I could walk around the house (which I couldn’t before).

One Month Conclusion: This supplement does work, that’s for sure.

It also strengthened my knees, besides calming down the pain. So if I had to consider only it effects, it would get a high mark from me.



The Price – Extremely Expensive

When it comes to how it works, I was pretty satisfied with this supplement:

  • It relieved my pain
  • Also strengthened my knees – which most products didn’t

Now – it wasn’t the very best supplement I tried, but it was among the best ones.

However, there’s one thing that I really bad about it – its price. In fact, it’s one of the most expensive supplements I’ve bought (if not the most expensive). 

So is it worth it? Is the relief worth this huge price? Definitely not!

#1 – You Can Get The Same Relief For Less.

I admit that most supplements don’t work that well, but there is one that does. In my case, it was even more helpful than this one.

And guess how much it costs me? Half. 

#2 – It’s Only For One Month. Though there are 120 pills per bottle, that’s only enough for one month – as you have to take 4 pills per day.

So you would have to spend $60 every month, which seems huge to me. 

#3 – It’s Not The Best. The supplement I’m using constantly is much better in terms of relieving pain.

And I’ve also tried some supplements that worked better, so this is not the best you can find.

I personally can’t afford paying $60 per month for just one supplement. Even if worked miraculously, I would still try to find something cheaper.

If you afford to buy this supplement, go for it. It will surely help you, I have no doubts. But I simply can’t afford it.





The Website Seems So Unprofessional

That’s probably the most interesting about this supplement. 

I did see bad looking websites in the past, but none was as ugly as this one.

That’s only my opinion, for sure, but I don’t think someone could call this website “nice-looking”. 

So here’s the thing:

  • It looks like a mere blog page
  • It has a few underlined headings
  • There’s no graphics, no website design, no anything

But I’m not talking only about how simple it is.

I’m still questioning those video testimonials that I saw there. I cannot say they’re fake, because I don’t know that. But I personally am not 100% sure they are real. 

I would definitely not buy from a site like this, never ever. Even if someone recommended me the product, I would still doubt it after seeing its selling page. 



But…There Are 2 Websites?

If you type “super joint support” in Google, the top result is that ugly site I showed you above.

However, I noticed it’s a subdomain of another site. I don’t know much about Internet, but the name looked suspicious to me.

So I tried to look for the main website and see if I could find this supplement there too. Guess what? I did. 

But unlike the first website, the main one looks really good. It looks very professional and well-established, so it’s the kind of website I would buy from. 

However, I don’t understand what’s the point of having 2 websites.

  • Why would you make a second website (and ugly) when your main website looks so good (and surely sells)? 

Well, I can’t really explain why that’s happening, but I do believe it’s the same company behind.

I only found this supplement on their sites, so there must be the same company. 


  • I wouldn’t buy from the first website
  • But I would buy from the main one

Why did they create 2? I have no idea, I’m still trying to find out too.

It doesn’t necessarily bother me, but I do believe it makes it look a bit like a scam. That’s what I think…



My Final Verdict – So Is It Worth Buying?

Short Answer: Not really. It’s a great supplement in terms of how it works, and it also has some really good stuff inside.

There’s only one reason why I don’t recommend it:

  • it’s way too expensive

 I don’t know who could paying $60 per bottle, because to me that seems huge.

You’re not making a mistake buying it, because it will surely help.

But why spend $60 when you can only spend half – on something else that does the very same things (if not better)?

My Opinion: So overall, my advice is not to buy it. At least I wouldn’t. It’s all about the price, just as I said before.

I just can’t afford paying $60 per month, that’s all.

Besides, I don’t have 100% trust in its websites and I’m pretty scared to put my credit card details there. Maybe it’s just me.

So this product does work, but it’s not worth such a high amount, in my opinion. Especially since you can get something maybe even better, for half of that money. But of course, it’s your own choice.

Heather Pharm.D.

Heather Tracy Foley is a Pharmacy graduate, Blogger and Author with a vast experience in health sciences. She has a particular interest in joint pain and rheumatology and spent several years studying health problems. You can find her on Pinterest or via email.

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  2. Heather Pharm.D. says:

    Hi there. From what I know, Super Joint Support is only shipped in the US and a few other countries (Canada, Singapore, Mexico). But I just checked the list from their website and Malaysia isn’t among the countries. So I don’t think you can purchase it there from the official website.

    But you can try looking for other website selling it. I found Super Joint Support on Amazon US, but from what I read – they don’t support international shipping. So try to see if you find it on another retailer, maybe you get lucky.

    If you read my review, you know that I recommend a product called ProJoint Plus instead (mostly because it’s cheaper). Well, this one ships to Malaysia. So if you really can’t find any company/seller willing to send Super Joint Support in your country, you should have a look at ProJoint Plus.

    Sorry I can’t help more.

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