My Youtheory Turmeric Review – Why It Didn’t Impress Me

My Youtheory Turmeric Review - Why It Didn't Impress Me

It’s time for my Youtheory Turmeric review, because I read lots of reviews about it.

In fact, that’s what made me give it a try, because opinions were pretty divided about it. Some said it was amazing, while other said it was just another turmeric product, not any better than the rest.

The only thing I could tell from the start was that it has a very high price for a product of this kind – I couldn’t find it anywhere for less than $45. So at this price, I would honestly expect it to make miracles, otherwise I would be really disappointed.

I tested out this supplement myself so I will let you know how it worked for me.

Note: This review is based only on my experience with this supplement, so it won’t necessarily agree with other reviews you find. I’m not praising/ criticizing the product or its company, I am simply what I think about it.


So Let’s Get To The Review

Full Name: Turmeric Advanced Formula  from Youtheory

My Youtheory Turmeric Review - Why It Didn't Impress MeQuantity : 180 capsules

Best Actual Price: $44.99

Where I Bought It From: Ebay

Designed For: Turmeric works best for pain caused by inflammation, because it’s a natural anti-inflammatory. So this supplement works better for auto-immune forms of arthritis and swollen joints. It doesn’t do anything for damaged cartilages, in terms of rebuilding them. So I wouldn’t recommend it for osteoarthritis (glucosamine products are the best in this case).

My Rating: 7.30 out of 10

Worth Buying?: Hard to say. It’s not a bad supplement at all, because it relieved some of my pain, so it’s not a scam. But it’s really expensive for how it works and what it has inside. There’s no turmeric powder, and even though there’s a high quantity of curcuminoides, the overall dose is pretty small.

So I would only advise you to buy it if you afford spending $45. I personally would recommend something else instead (because it’s cheaper), but it’s up to you and your budget.


What I Liked About It

  • Great dose of curcuminoides (turmeric extract), higher than in most supplements
  • Contains olive leaf extract, an ingredient I’ve never seen before and that has great proprieties for both OA and RA
  • One bottle lasts for 60 days, which is a lot
  • Contains bioperine, which is essential for the absorption for curcuminoides
  • It worked better than most supplements


What I Didn’t Like About It

  • No turmeric powder, so the overall dose of turmeric is much lower compared to most supplements
  • You have to take 3 pills per day, which is a lot
  • It did work, but it didn’t relieve my pain completely. Considering for how much I paid for it, I wasn’t impressed
  • It’s extremely expensive for what it does and what it contains


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The Ingredients – Good, But Pretty Different

As I said lots of times before, ingredients are the most important thing about a supplement, at least for me. So at $45, I would expect to see a lot of original and brand ingredient inside Youtheory’s supplement.

My Youtheory Turmeric Review - Why It Didn't Impress MeInstead, there’s the essential curcuminoides + bioperine combination, and one herbal substance that I’ve never seen before in a turmeric product. It’s not a brand ingredient, but it’s a pretty original ingredient, if you ask me. So overall, the ingredients don’t look too bad, but they’re not great either (considering the price).

But let’ take the by turn:

– Turmeric Extract (450 mg) – these are actually curcuminoides, my favorite ingredient from turmeric supplements. That’s because they have a stronger effect in inflammation, compared to regular turmeric powder. This dose is very high, compared to most supplements, but I personally would have preferred a smaller one (because I know it works good enough).

– Olive Leaf Extract (300 mg) – that’s the original ingredient I was talking about, as I haven’t seen olive extract in any other arthritis supplement. I’ve done some research and I found out that it’s used as some kind of prevention in RA patients, for future joint degeneration. That’s a great thing, as I developed a secondary OA because of this reason, so I’m really pleased to find out about this effect of olive leaves.

– Bioperine (15 mg) – I’m glad to see that they didn’t leave this substance out, though that was impossible for a $45 supplement. Other than that, the dose is pretty good (a bit too high, in my opinion, as 10 mg would do) and it ensures a proper absorption of curcuminoides.

Conclusion: The ingredients are pretty different from regular supplements, which is a positive thing. But I still think this combination is not worth $45.

One thing worth mentioning is that it’s one of the few supplements whose doses seem a bit too high to me. The only thing missing is turmeric powder, which isn’t that powerful, but it’s still a major ingredient. But I will tell you more on that later.


My Experience With This Supplement

My Youtheory Turmeric Review - Why It Didn't Impress MeSo the reason why I bought Youtheory’s product was to try it out for my rheumatoid arthritis. I’ve had this condition for more than 10 years in total. During this time I managed to find an affordable solution for it, but I was still testing out stuff because who knows? Maybe I could find something even better.

My pain was worse in my hands and elbows, and it was a 6-7 on an average. I had more painful days, but I also had days when it was to about a 5.

Well, I only noticed an improvement after about 2 weeks since I started this supplement. Fortunately, my pain was decreasing slowly and I could feel it was better overall.

I took all the pills and I finished the bottle in about 2 months (I think it was exactly 60 days because I never increased the dose). My pain was now even better, but not as I had hoped. To give you an estimation, I had gotten to about a 4, which isn’t very little.

Compared to certain supplements, that was a big improvement. But compared to other supplements, that wasn’t that much. So I can’t say that this supplement didn’t help me, because it did. It really worked, but not incredibly.

So considering I paid $45 on it, I can’t say I was fully satisfied. If I had paid $20, it would have been a great supplement, for sure.

But why should I continue to pay $45 when I can get something even better for about $22? So I wasn’t disappointed by this supplement, because it did relieve some of my pain. But for the price, I don’t think it was worth it. I got a better pain relief from a supplement way cheaper, so that’s what I will continue to use.




PRO #1 – High Doses Of Curcuminoides, But…

My Youtheory Turmeric Review - Why It Didn't Impress MeIn my opinion, curcuminoides are the best part of this supplement.

According to studies, they have a bigger power to fight inflammation compared to turmeric powder. So this means that a lower dose of curcuminoides will do the same thing as a higher dose of curcumin.

But what I first liked about Youtheory’s supplement is that it has a pretty high dose of curcuminoides. The average supplement has anywhere between 100-150 mg per serving, which works great. Well, Youtheory’s supplement has 450 mg, which is 3 times more.

So that’s one of the major things about it.

However, I’m not a personal fan of such a high dose. In my case, it doesn’t work any better than a lower one. I’ve tried several supplements with higher doses of curcuminoides, but none worked any better than the rest. Youtheory’s supplement was one of them (but more on that below).

So I’m just wondering, why do most supplement only use 100-150 mg per serving? Why aren’t they using 450 mg, if this dose is more effective?

Well, all I can say is that 100 mg of curcuminoides works amazing for me. Yeah, it depends of the supplement, but the only I constantly recommend has only 100 mg and it’s the best thing I tried. So that’s the dose I kind of recommend – 100 or at most 150 mg.

So the high dose of curcuminoides is indeed an advantage of this supplement. But it’s only on paper, if you ask  me. While using it, I didn’t feel any bigger relief, on the contrary. So I personally think that 450 mg is a bit too much, but that’s for my body, I can’t say about the rest.


PRO #2 – Olive Extract

That’s probably my favorite thing about Youtheory’s supplement. That’s how I found out about the benefits of olive leaves in arthritis, as I had no idea about them.

So I was pretty surprised to see this ingredient, because it was the first time I saw it with turmeric. After doing a quick search on Google, I found out 2 things about it:

1. It’s used to reduce cell damage in people with early stages of RA (combined with methotrexate)

2. It’s a prevention method for further cartilage damage in OA (though it wasn’t studies on humans)

So these are 2 pretty big benefits of this herb, which makes me wonder how come I didn’t hear about it before.

But Youtheory’s supplement is very original and it really won me at this chapter. According to the studies I checked, the average dose would be somewhere around 100-200 mg per day. I hope I’m not wrong, because I didn’t see it stated clearly, but that’s the dose most studies were using.

Well, this supplement has 300 mg, so once again it contains a higher dose.

So I don’t really know what else I could say about the olive leaves extract, since I’m not very familiar with it. But I plan to study it more in the future and even write about it soon.

For now, all I can say is that I’m really impressed with this product for using it. So when it comes to olive extract, thumbs up for Youtheory’s supplement.


CON #1 – No Turmeric Powder

To me, that ‘s the biggest mistake of this supplement. And let me explain you why.

My Youtheory Turmeric Review - Why It Didn't Impress MeTurmeric powder is usually the basic ingredient in any turmeric supplement. The average dose is between 1000-1500 mg per day. I know a lot of supplements that have less, but the good ones pretty much have this dose.

Now, I know turmeric powder isn’t concentrated and that it’s not as powerful as curcuminoides. But that’s not a reason to skip this ingredient, because it’s essential. I haven’t seen many turmeric supplements without this main ingredient.

I really appreciate that Youtheory’s product has a higher dose of curcuminoides. That is really great. But this high dose isn’t enough to compensate the lack of turmeric.

Let me put it differently. Let’s take an average turmeric supplement that has 1000 mg turmeric powder + 100 mg curcuminoides. That’s a total of 1100 mg. On the other hand, Youtheory’s product has 450 mg of curcuminoides and that’s pretty much it.

Yes, those 450 mg will be stronger than 450 of turmeric powder. But at the end of the day, they still can’t do the same as 1000 mg of turmeric powder. Do you get my point? It’s all about how effective it is.

So the lack of turmeric powder is the #1 mistake of this supplement, if you ask me. It’s great that it has more curcuminoides, but that’s not enough overall.


CON #2 – 3 Pills Per Day

I can’t say that taking 3 pills per day is really uncomfortable, but for a turmeric supplement, I think it’s a lot.

If I look back at the other products I tested out, the daily dose is a lot lower. And I’m talking about the number of pills, to be clear.

The ones I tried kind of had higher doses per pill, so you would only need to take 1-2 pills per day. That’s pretty comfortable, in my opinion.

Now, that’s not necessarily a drawback for Youtheory’s supplement. But to me, 3 pills per day is a con because of the schedule. In case you’re not home all day long, taking 3 pills at 3 different hours won’t be that easy. You may be busy in the office, or you may simply forget. It’s so easy to skip one.

Obviously, you can combine the pills and take them all 3 together. But I personally wouldn’t recommend that, because most of the times the effect isn’t the same. Besides, in my case it’s a bit difficult to swallow 3 (or even 2) pills one after the other, even though they are gelatin capsules. Maybe that’s just me, I don’t know.

So the only complaint I have at this chapter is the number of pills per day. It’s not the end of the world to take 3 pills, but why not take 1 or 2 , if you can choose?


CON #3 – Very Expensive

My Youtheory Turmeric Review - Why It Didn't Impress MeAnd now we got to my favorite part – the price. I say favorite because this is a huge NO for this supplement, in my opinion. At least I wouldn’t really pay $45 for a supplement with these ingredients. Or at most, I would think twice before making the actual purchase.

So what exactly does this supplement offer for $45? A combination of curcuminoides + olive extract + bioperine. I have to admit that these ingredients are not bad at all, plus they have very high doses.

But that’s pretty much it. There’s no turmeric powder, so the overall dose of curcumin  isn’t that high anyway. I appreciate the olive leaf extract, but this is a turmeric supplement after all, so I don’t think the the olive extract can fully compensate.

So if I saw this supplement on Amazon for $20, I would probably buy it. I’m not sure if I recommended it or if I bought it the second time, but I would probably buy it once. However, I wouldn’t really pay $45 on it.

Yes, I am aware that one bottle is enough for 60 days. But that’s not really the problem, I didn’t say anything bad about the quantity, which is really good in my opinion. What I don’t like are the overall ingredients. So I consider them as being too expensive.

Therefore, I wouldn’t really buy this supplement, mainly because of its price. You don’t have to agree with me, but I see it as a bit too expensive.


CON #4 – Didn’t Make Miracles

When it comes to effectiveness, I can’t say I was disappointed. But I can’t either say that I was satisfied, because this product didn’t relieve my pain as I expected. After all, it cost me a lot, so I dared make expectations.

I wrote my detailed experience with this supplement above, but I will try to sum it up here and add the conclusions.

So I started noticing an effect in the second week after I began the treatment. It wasn’t very early, and it wasn’t a big change. My RA pain used to be about a 6-7 and it was worse in my hands. Well, in about 2 weeks it started to decrease a bit, but not significantly.

I continued to take 3 pills per day and after about one month, my pain was to a 5 maybe. I don’t think it was less, because it was still pretty bad, but I could feel the difference. Well, I took the pills for another month until my bottle ran out. During this time, my pain continued to decrease and it ended up to about a 4, nothing less than that.

So compared to other supplements, there was a visible improvement. I went from a 7 to a 4 in about 2 months, so that’s not a minor thing.

But this product didn’t relieve my pain better than my regular supplement, which cost me a lot less. So I can’t criticize this product, because it works. But considering how much I paid for it, I can’t say it made miracles. I’m not disappointed, but I’m not satisfied either.




My Final Verdict – Is It Worth $45?

Short answer: If you afford paying so much, it’s not a bad choice. I’m pretty sure you will see a difference, because it’s pretty good. But if you have arthritis or chronic joint pain, I doubt it will help you much.

That’s because it doesn’t have amazing ingredients and there isn’t anything special about it. It did work in my case, but not any better than certain supplements (that were cheaper).

My personal answer: I don’t think I would try this thing again, even though it’s not bad. But it’s way too expensive, at least for my budget. Besides, it’s not the best supplement I tried, in terms of effectiveness. The product I recommend is a lot cheaper and it has some better ingredients, in my opinion.

So I don’t think Youtherapy’s supplement is any better, on the contrary. You don’t have to agree with me, so if you afford paying $45 on it, feel free to try it.

As I said, it’s not a bad choice at all, but I personally don’t think it’s the best thing you can get. I’m only speaking from experience, but that’s just my opinion, it doesn’t have to be yours as well.

Heather Pharm.D.

Heather Tracy Foley is a Pharmacy graduate, Blogger and Author with a vast experience in health sciences. She has a particular interest in joint pain and rheumatology and spent several years studying health problems. You can find her on Pinterest or via email.

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16 Responses

  1. Paul says:

    Hi there,

    One of my aunts has arthritis and has been taking glucosamine, but I’ll point her to your site for this in depth review on Youtheory Turmeric. I can see that it’s a bit expensive compared to other products but it might be worth it – I still prefer your number 1 recommendation – not only because it’s cheaper but also because it works better per your review. Let me tell my aunt to check both of these supplements out – thank you so much for posting these reviews! 

  2. Heather says:

    Hey Paul. It’s important to know what kind of arthritis your aunt has – whether it’s an autoimmune form (like rheumatoid or psoriatic arthritis) or a regular form (like osteoarthritis).

    But considering she’s been taking glucosamine, she probably has OA. That’s the typical supplement for osteoarthritis. Plus, I assume she’s a bit older, and OA is common while aging.

    So in her case, I wouldn’t recommend turmeric or any supplement based on it. Turmeric is a great anti-inflammatory, but you don’t have a lot of inflammation in OA.

    There’s something else causing the pain – cartilage damage. So the inflammation in OA is minor, which is why turmeric won’t work amazingly.

    The best thing for your aunt are glucosamine supplements, which she is already taking probably.

    But there’s something essential:

    – she should use a product with glucosamine SULFATE (not HCl – which is the less effective form)

    I recommend you to check out this list and find the right supplement for her, based on her budget. 

    But first, ask her what kind of arthritis she has. If she doesn’t know, it’s probably osteoarthritis. 

    People with inflammatory arthritis are very aware of the disease, because it’s more rare. But OA is pretty common.

    So if she has osteoarthritis, turmeric is surely not the thing for her. Neither Youtheory, nor another brand.

    Hope this helps.

  3. benji says:

    I’m looking for a good supplement for my mom’s arthritis. She’s been having arthritis for a couple of month and CBD oil is helping relieve he pain. But her doctor said that’s not a proper treatment so she is taking some drugs he prescribed. he also recommended turmeric and me and her have been struggling to find a good brand that doesn’t cost a sack of money. 

    Youtheory turmeric seems like a good product but the price is really throwing me off. I like the product you recommend instead, it’s much cheaper and we can afford it. 

    But i need your opinion about what the doctor said, you also think CBD oil isn’t enough for my mom? It helps her pain pretty well so she wouldn’t use something else if it wasn’t for her doctor. hope you can answer, warm regards

  4. Heather says:

    Hey Benji. To start with your question, CBD oil is okay for arthritis – but it’s a topical product. Your mom only applied in on the painful spot, right?

    The thing is – all creams and topical relievers only relieve the pain for a short while. So they actually only hide this symptom, but they don’t treat the cause of her pain. 

    That because they only work on the outside. And even though they work fine, they’re not the right treatments because they don’t improve the cause. So your mom’s problem will worsen overtime if she only uses CBD oil. 

    That’s what her doctor was trying to explain you. If she only treats this symptom, the problem will worsen inside her joints.

    So here’s what I recommend her to do:

    – follow the prescribed treatment from the doctor

    – continue to use CBD oil on her painful joints (BUT never alone, always with a product that works internally)

    – start taking a turmeric supplement because it will help with inflammation

    Now – you didn’t mention what kind of arthritis she has. But since her doctor recommended turmeric, it’s probably an inflammatory form.

    I totally understand your concern regarding price – and I fully agree with you. So I can recommend you a turmeric product that is super cheap (compared to others) and really works. You can get it for around $16 per bottle (follow the tips from the review) which is really affordable.

    Hope this helps your mom.

  5. ernst marc says:

    I found out after having an MRI that I have a labral tear on both hips after giving birth with my second child. Sometimes the pain is too much I couldn’t move and the pain is unbearable. Would you recommend this product for relief from inflammation? I also have bad joint pains all over my body.

  6. Heather says:

    Hey Ernst. 

    Since you have a labral tear, turmeric isn’t the right thing for you. Whether it’s Youtheory or another brand.

    That’s because it helps swelling and inflammation – which is not what you have.

    Labral tears are caused by cartilage tear. So it’s the cartilage damage causing your pain – not the inflammation (there’s only little inflammation associated with cartilage problems).

    So the best thing you can take is something that rebuilds your cartilages – glucosamine + chondroitin

    They are the best substances for this kind of problems, because they can solve the cause of the pain (not just the pain itself). 

    This is my top recommended supplement, because it contains some great stuff for a lower price. But here are more alternatives to choose from. 

    However, keep in mind that you may not notice an improvement very fast (especially if your tears are severe).

    Regarding the other joint pain you have – do you know the cause? Is it osteoarthritis? Considering your labral tears, it might be (people with labral tears are really likely to develop OA).

    In this case – I have the same recommendation, glucosamine + chondroitin. So they should help both your labral and your general joint pain, if it’s OA behind.

    Hope this helps you and please let me know how you feel.

  7. Phranell says:

    I am always glad to read a review from someone who tested a product first-hand. At a price of $45, I would say Youtheory’s turmeric is pretty expensive. I have seen similar products (not mentioning any names) of very high quality go for around 37 bucks. I have been doing a lot of research on the turmeric plant and its medicinal properties. This plant has been used for thousands of years by the ancient Chinese and Indians for treating a broad spectrum of medical conditions including arthritis, anxiety, chronic pain, insomnia and other. What I’ll advice anyone looking for a good turmeric extract supplement to look for is the actual concentration of curcumin in the extract. My focus will always be quality and not quantity. Using Olive extract is a smart way to increase the bio-availability of the curcumin. But even so, I think the product is over-priced.

  8. Heather says:

    Hi Phranell, thanks a lot for letting my know your opinion.

    I pretty much agree – you can get similar products to Youtheory’s turmeric for less than $45. Actually, you can even find some under the $37 you mentioned – this list should help.

    Regarding the dose of curcumin from a product – I always advise people to check that out. Curcumin is the extract of turmeric, so it’s much more powerful than the root powder alone. 

    Now – let me give you a tip. Don’t choose a turmeric supplement with more than 300-350 mg of curcumin. Anything between 50-150 mg should be enough. Curcumin is way more powerful than turmeric – so it causes side effects easier. That’s why products with high doses of curcumin always caused me trouble.

    One essential thing you didn’t mention is bioperine.

    Turmeric and curcumin are absorbed very badly normally. So we end up eliminating more than 50% of the original quantity immediately. 

    That’s where bioperine comes in – it increases the absorption by up to 2000%, which is huge.

    Now – some supplements have a different formula and they don’t need bioperine. It’s the same for Youtheory’s turmeric, since it has the Olive extract. 

    But for the rest – bioperine is essential.

    I don’t know if you’re looking for a good turmeric supplement or not – but this is my #1 favorite. It’s really cheap compared to the market and for me it worked great.

    Hope this helps.

  9. Margie Grooms says:

    Hi, I tried many turmeric supplements before reaching out about this one. I have fibromyalgia and turmeric really helps – if it’s in the right dose.

    But if I’m not wrong, Youtheory’s product only has 450 mg overall? That’s quite a low quantity, from what I know, isn’t it? You mentioned at one point that 450 mg is a high dose, so it’s not really clear to me. Maybe you can help with that, would be highly appreciated.

  10. Heather says:

    Hey Margie, here’s the thing:

    – 450 mg is indeed the overall dose of turmeric from Youtheory’s product

    – but this is actually the dose of curcuminoides (turmeric extract)

    – there’s no turmeric powder

    So you’re right – 450 mg is a low dose overall. But there are 450 mg of curcuminoides, not of turmeric powder + extract. 

    And 450 mg is a very high dose of curcuminoides, too high if you ask me. Since these pills are very concentrated, there’s a higher risk of side effects. So I don’t really like the products with such high doses.

    I personally prefer around 1000 mg turmeric powder + 100-150 mg curcuminoides + a few mg of bioperine. 

    That’s the best concentration for my body. I don’t know about you, but I would be curious to hear.

    In case you need some recommendations, here are my favorite turmeric supplements.

    Hope my explanation clarified things for you.

  11. Arman says:

    Hi, I tried Yourtheory’s Tumeric too and I was satisfied. It’s great to hear positive things about it, because I really owe this company a lot. I have rheumatoid arthritis and these pills helped cope with my usual pain. But I also had cardiac issues and my blood pressure has also dropped into the normal range while I was taking it. I don’t know if turmeric has to do with that, but to me it’s not a coincidence. I agree it’s pricey but I’m willing to pay the price.

  12. Heather says:

    Hi Arman, thanks a lot for letting me know how it worked for you.

    You see, opinions are divided about Youtheory’s turmeric – just like for most products. I also felt better while taking this pills, so I have to agree with you here. 

    Regarding your high blood pressure – I know turmeric is good for heart health, so that’s the explanation. That’s why it dropped your blood pressure, it surely wasn’t a coincidence. I don’t have blood pressure issues, so I can’t speak from experience. But you can find many studies about turmeric and minor heart issues.

    Now – if you afford this supplement, you should really stick to it. For me it’s way too pricey, so that’s why it’s not one of my top recommendations. But other than that, there’s not much to complain about it.

  13. DorcasW says:

    Youtheory’s turmeric might be a good supplement if the price was lower. But don’t you think that the turmeric powder would be just the same without olive extract? I never heard of it before in any joint supplement and I’ve tried a lot.

    Not really sure if I would try this one, though. You say it’s no better than others, so why pay $45 when you can find $25 products easily? Thanks for the recommendations.

  14. Heather says:

    Hi Dorcas. For me it’s also the first time I come across olive leaves extract in a joint supplement.

    I did a bit of research but I couldn’t find clear info. The best I found is that they help prevent arthritis and joint degeneration, so I kind of agree with you. They don’t make a huge difference. People taking this kind of supplements already heave joint problems, so it’s too late for prevention.

    In case you haven’t found a good turmeric supplement, maybe this list could help you. There are some cheap products as well, so not everything that works is pricey.

    Hope this helps.

  15. dreamgirl93 says:

    Hello Heather, 

    Thank you for this honest and personal review. I was searching for a review from someone who had actually tried Youtheory’s turmeric first hand. I have a question though: Does this product also apply to back pain? 

    I like the way how you have listed the pros and cons of this product and suggested at the end a better product from your experience. That was what I was searching for: someone’s experience with a product which works good. 

  16. Heather says:

    Hey there. Turmeric works for any kind of pain, whether it’s joint, back or any other type of pain. But there’s only one condition – your pain has to be caused by inflammation. 

    Now – in most cases, it is indeed caused by inflammation (even if it’s not visible). 

    The other possible cause is cartilage damage, when there’s only minor inflammation. But this problem appears after aging or after an accident. So I don’t think it’s your case.

    Therefore, turmeric would be my #1 recommendation for you. 

    However, I don’t advise you to get Youtheory’s product – unless you really want to. There are many other turmeric supplements that work just as well and they’re cheaper (even half of its price). You can find them here.

    I don’t know your budget, so if you afford this product and don’t care about spending extra money – Youtheory’s turmeric is a good supplement. 

    But keep in mind that it doesn’t work any better than this $24 supplement, which is my top recommendation.

    So it’s all up to you what you choose. Hope this helps.

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