My Joint Advance Review – Is It A Scam? (Personal Opinion)

My Joint Advance Review - Is It A Scam? (Personal Opinion)

It’s time for my Joint Advance review – a supplement I didn’t really trust from the start. The reasons?

  1. You can’t find its ingredients anywhere (not even their names).
  2. No info about the company behind.
  3. They don’t allow you to buy the product. You can only add your personal details and they will send you one free bottle.

Now – the last thing seems like an advantage, but it’s usually too good to be true. Some products of this type put you on auto-renewal directly (I’ll explain more below).

So is this Joint Advance a scam or not?

Is it worth giving out your personal info for a free bottle? Or is there any risk behind?

Let me give you all the details about this product. 

Note: This review is based on my experience + opinion on this supplement.


So Let’s Get To The Review

Full Name: Joint Advance (the producing company isn’t mentioned anywhere)

My Joint Advance Review - Is It A Scam? (Personal Opinion)Quantity : 90 tablets

Best Actual Price: It’s not mentioned (on the official website).

However – I managed to find it on Ebay for about $40 per bottle.

Where To Buy It From:

Designed For: Osteoarthritis and cartilage problems. 

It’s a supplement based on glucosamine – so it works better for OA and joint damage. I wouldn’t recommend it for inflammation.

My Rating: 3 out of 10 – I would have rated it lower if it didn’t have so good ingredients.

Worth Buying?: Not really. The company looks pretty dangerous:

  • hidden ingredients and doses
  • no price mentioned

These are signs that the company doesn’t trust their own product.

Plus – in many cases, you’re automatically put on auto-shipping without being asked.


What I Liked About It

  • Really good ingredients (surprisingly, since they’re hidden)
  • Contains the strong form of glucosamine (sulfate)
  • Pretty high doses overall


What I Didn’t Like About It

  • You can’t find the ingredients anywhere (not even their names)
  • No info on the company
  • No price for future orders (in case you want to order a second bottle – after the free one)
  • You can’t buy it – you can only request a free bottle (using your personal data)
  • Pretty risky overall





What Is Joint Advance? A Quick Overview

Shortly – it’s a supplement designed to treat any kind of joint pain, according to its official website.

However, there are hundreds of similar products. So what makes Joint Advance so special?

  1. Comes as a free trail bottle.
  2. There’s no way to find its real price.
  3. No ingredients/doses mentioned.
  4. No info on the company or producer.
  5. You need to give out your personal data to receive a free bottle.

Now – I know this offer might sound amazing. But I have some experience with products that have similar strategies.

And most of the times – you end up in auto-shipping without being asked, having to pay hundreds per bottle.

That’s probably not the case of Joint Advance (I didn’t buy it straight from them), but it’s a thing to keep in mind.

Because in most cases, a free bottle offer isn’t as good as it seems:

  • Brands usually don’t trust their product
  • It might be quite weak in reality
  • There might be a marketing strategy behind (like auto-shipping)

Well – that’s some general info about Joint Advance. Now it’s time to take a closer look at each of its aspects.



#1 – Ingredients (9.50 out of 10)

My Joint Advance Review - Is It A Scam? (Personal Opinion)

First of all – you won’t find Joint Advance’s ingredients anywhere. 

They’re not mentioned on the official site – but there’s also no picture of the label on Ebay or Amazon.

Now – that’s a really negative thing, in my opinion:

  • they’re trying to hide the ingredients
  • usually – it’s because they are very weak

However – once I got a real bottle, I could check them out easily. 

And surprisingly, they weren’t bad at all (on the contrary).

1. Glucosamine Sulfate (1200 mg)

Firstly – this is the best ingredient for cartilage rebuilding.

The dose is also pretty good, but there’s one thing I really like:

  • Joint Advance is using the strong form of glucosamine – the sulfate.
  • Most supplements use the weaker one (HCl), so it has an advantage here.

2. MSM (800 mg)

This ingredient has 2 major roles:

  • anti-inflammatory
  • protects the joints against oxidative stress

We normally have MSM in our body, but its production decreases with age. That’s why supplements can really (especially after 60).

3. Chondroitin Sulfate (600 mg)

Just like glucosamine – chondroitin also rebuilds cartilages. In fact – that’s its #1 benefit.

Now, it’s so important because it increases the power of glucosamine (the effect is much better when you take them both).

That’s why I always recommend products that have both glucosamine and chondroitin.

4. Proprietary Blend (600 mg)

That’s actually a combination of several herbs/substances:

Now – these herbs are all anti-inflammatory, but they have different intensities. Boswellia and Devil’s Claw are the strongest.


3 Conclusions On The Ingredients

Here’s how I would sum up these ingredients in 3 ideas.

# 1 – Good Form Of Glucosamine

Unlike most products – Joint Advance contains glucosamine sulfate.

Why is this so important? Because it’s the strongest form – the one that works best (according to studies).

There are basically 2 forms – sulfate and HCl:

  1. The first one has a lot of studies behind.
  2. On the other hand, the HCl doesn’t have many positive results.
  3. However, the HCl is a lot cheaper – so that’s why many brands use it instead. 

To be honest – I personally never had great results from products with glucosamine HCl. That’s why I never recommend them.

But most supplements contain the HCl form, so it’s hard to find one with the sulfate form. That’s why I really appreciate Joint Advance.

#2 – High Doses

Believe it or not – Joint Advance’s ingredients have some pretty good doses.

And that’s available for most of them – glucosamine, chondroitin, MSM. Even the proprietary blend has a pretty high dose.

Let’s take the MSM:

  • The average dose is somewhere between 200-500 mg per serving.
  • There are 800 mg in these pills.

Now – I’m not sure if such a high dose was necessary. MSM is an anti-inflammatory and this is an OA supplement (you don’t have much inflammation in OA).

But it definitely won’t do any harm.

#3 – Hidden Names

To be honest – I can’t criticize the ingredients, since they look really good. 

However – there’s a real problem with the way they are displayed:

  • ingredients aren’t mentioned anywhere
  • there’s no info about them on the official website
  • also – there’s no dose

Normally – that’s what weak products do. They hide the ingredient list, so that you can’t see it until you purchase the product.

However, it’s not the case here – since the ingredients are really good.

So that’s the big doubt I have about Joint Advance.


#2 – Pills & Schedule (7 out of 10)

To be honest, Joint Advance isn’t the best supplement at this chapter. 

Here’s what I mean:

  1. Tablets are pretty large.
  2. The don’t have a gelatin cover – so swallowing them isn’t so easy.
  3. You need to take 3 per day.
  4. It’s better to space them out throughout the day. 
  5. One bottle is only enough for 30 days.

Now – the biggest problem is the size of these pills.

As I said, they’re not gelatin capsules – but tablets with a pretty bad coating (in terms of taste).

Sure enough, they’re not the largest pills ever (like Osteo-Bi Flex). But they’re still larger than many supplements.

That’s why you’re going to need a lot of water with every pill.

Therefore – if you have trouble swallowing large pills, Joint Advance isn’t the thing for you.


#3 – Results (8 out of 10)

Joint Advance was surely not the worst supplement I ever tried.

It did its job partially – but it was far from working great.

1. My Background

I had a form of osteoarthritis in my knees. I was suffering from RA – so that’s what caused the secondary OA. 

Fortunately, I had enough cartilage in both of my knees when I discovered it:

  • the pain wasn’t really bad
  • what bothered me most was the loss of flexibility
  • my knees were constantly still
  • it was very hard for me to move around or stand for a long while

So I was curious to see if Joint Advance could do anything about this.

2. How It Worked

I took 3 pills of this supplement per day for one month:

  1. My knees were very inflexible and rigid after the first 2-3 weeks.
  2. In the last week, they started feeling softer.
  3. However, I still couldn’t move or stand for a long time.
  4. There was some improvement before I finished the bottle.
  5. The pain didn’t get much better (but it had never been terrible).

So overall – Joint Advance did help my knees, but only partially.

However, it might have worked better if I had taken it for an extra month (I’m pretty sure).

Therefore – this product might be helpful, but it’s surely not the fastest one I tried.

Considering the problems it has with its price and website – I would probably not recommend it (not as a top choice).




#4 – Other Opinions (5 out of 10)

First of all, there’s one thing I need to mention:

I couldn’t find too many authentic reviews about this supplement. Most were made by general writer – not real customers, as I needed.

However, I did managed to find a few:

  • most were rather negative
  • very few satisfied customers

Note: I only considered the reviews that looked authentic (not general ones).

1. What People Say

Here’s a quick overview of the few opinions I found:

  1. Some say it helped the pain partially.
  2. Others say it was useful, but they still rank it 3/5.
  3. On the other hand, some people say it didn’t help.
  4. Others even say they had absolutely no results.

Now – I know these are pretty vague reviews, but that’s all I could find. 

There’s not detailed review or one that presents the whole case.

So that’s the reason why I didn’t rank Joint Advance higher at this chapter. I would have ranked it 7/10 for opinions and 3/10 for the number of reviews.


#5 – Price (3 out of 10)

Things are a bit more complicated here – because Joint Advance isn’t the typical product (from this point of view).

1. The Exact Price

Basically – there’s no price mentioned anywhere.

  1. You can’t actually purchase Joint Advance.
  2. At your first order – they only agree to send you a free bottle.
  3. In order to get it, you have to fill in your personal data.
  4. Obviously, you have to pay from second bottle on.
  5. However – the price is hidden (and probably secret until you order the free bottle).

Now – you might say that this is amazing. In my opinion – it’s too good to be true.

I say this based on my experience with other products that follow the same strategy (free bottle first).

So here’s what similar products do:

  • Put you on auto-shipping after you order you free bottle (without asking)
  • Force you to pay the first bottle too when you order the second one
  • Refuse to cancel your subscription

Now – I’m not claiming this is the case of Joint Advance as well.

I didn’t buy it from the official website, so I can’t tell. 

However – the fact that they don’t mention the price is a warning sign.

2. Where You Can Find It

In theory – Joint Advance is only available on the official website.

However, I managed to find it in 2 other retailers:

  • Amazon
  • Ebay

The prices on both are around $30-$40 (from the first bottle).

So basically – it’s only the official website that offers a free trail bottle.

The only advantage is that Amazon and Ebay are less risky – so there’s no chance you are put on auto-shipping.

Note: Since I wrote this review, Joint Advance is not longer available on Amazon.


#6 – Company Info (2 out of 10)

Honestly – that’s another questionable thing about this supplement:

There’s no name of the brand/company behind.

In fact, you can’t tell anything about the producing company.

I checked all over their website (and on other website as well) and here’s all I could find about it:

  1. Founded in 2002 
  2. “A trusted name in Health and Beauty” (but they don’t mention that name)
  3. On Amazon, this supplement is sold by Pacific Naturals. I don’t know if it’s a company or just a seller, but I tried to see its other products and I couldn’t find anything.

So the company may be named Pacific Naturals – but I’m not very sure.

I did a quick search on Google and I couldn’t find anything about it – so maybe this name doesn’t even exist.

Therefore, I didn’t manage to find any company info, not even the name.

That really made me question Joint Advance and its credibility.




My Verdict – Is Joint Advance Worth Buying?

Short answer: Not really. 

It has great ingredients – but there are too many suspicious things about it:

  1. No price mentioned (not even for future orders).
  2. You have to give out your personal info.
  3. No info about the company.
  4. No ingredients/doses available.

As I said, this kind of products put you on auto-renewal automatically. And sometimes you end up paying the free bottle as well.

Now – I’m not saying that’s the case of Joint Advance as well. I can’t really tell.

It might be, or it might not.

In terms of effect – it might work, but you will probably need more than 1 bottle to notice any effect.

So you will still have to pay for it, that’s what I think.

Would I buy it again?: Definitely not.

I prefer to pay money for a supplement that has real info and real ingredients.

Obviously – it’s up to you what you choose, so you may order a free bottle of Joint Advance.

If you’re willing to take the risk, I say you go for it. You don’t have too much to lose.

Heather Pharm.D.

Heather Tracy Foley is a Pharmacy graduate, Blogger and Author with a vast experience in health sciences. She has a particular interest in joint pain and rheumatology and spent several years studying health problems. You can find her on Pinterest or via email.

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6 Responses

  1. John Dm says:

    This is a scam! I ordered the free bottle but felt no difference in my hips after 1 month of usage, so never ordered any more. 

    After one month I received an order I did not place, guess what it has inside? one bottle of joint advance! I was curious why they sent it since I never paid for it, but later realized I had been charged over $30 from my credit card… have no idea how they got all the data. 

    I sent the product back and am currently waiting to get my refund. If I don’t I will threaten with suing them, they can’t trick me like that. Would not recommend giving out your personal data even for the free bottle, better pay for something else and know you’re safe.

  2. Heather Pharm.D. says:

    Hi John, thanks a lot for telling your experience with Joint Advance.

    To be honest, that is really scary. But it’s not the first supplement I hear this story about – many others do it and put you on auto-shipping without asking. That’s the risk of getting a free product, actually.

    But there’s something I don’t understand. As far as I know, they don’t ask for your credit card info when you order the free bottle. Or do they? Because if they don’t, how could they charge your credit card? They couldn’t access it just by knowing your name and address. 

    I really hope you can get your refund, because companies of this type don’t always accept it. But considering the bottle is unopened, they should refund you.

    Thanks a lot for sharing your story with Joint Advance.

  3. Maya says:

    Be careful dealing with Joint Advance company ! It’s not secure

  4. Heather Pharm.D. says:

    Thanks for your feedback, Maya. I also tend to think the same about purchasing directly from them, I would think twice before doing it.

  5. George Novy says:


  6. Heather Pharm.D. says:

    Hi George, thanks a lot for sharing your experience. I’m sorry for these issues you had with this company. I never recommend people to buy products that seem questionable, as this is the case of Joint Advance. I hope you didn’t lose too much money with it…

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