My Flexdermal Review – Is It Any Good?

My Flexdermal Review – Is It Any Good?

It’s time for my Flexdermal review – because I’ve seen it praised on many websites.

But is this cream really good? At first sight, it didn’t really amaze me:

  • pretty expensive ($30 for 4 oz)
  • no unique ingredients
  • only sold on the official website

So can this cream relieve joint pain for real? I’m not expecting more than a temporary relief – but can it help even for a short while?

It’s time to dig deep into Flexdermal. 

Note: This review is based on my personal opinion, not on general info. I’m not trying to praise/criticize the product or its company, I am simply telling my opinion.


So Let’s Get To The Review

Full Name: Pain Relief by Flexdermal

My Flexdermal Review - Is It Any Good?Sizes: Only a 4 oz bottle

Best Actual Price: $29.99 per bottle

Best Place To Buy It: At this point, it’s only available on the official website. 

You could also find it on Ebay a while ago, but it’s not available anymore.

Designed For: Joint and muscle pain.

It’s a cream – so it doesn’t work better for a certain form of arthritis.

My Rating: 5 out of 10

Worth Buying?: Not really. It costs a lot more than other creams – but it’s not any better:

  • average ingredients
  • its effect only lasts around an hour
  • doesn’t treat the cause behind the pain

So I would surely not recommend it (nor any other cream). A supplement works best for joint pain – because it treats the cause first.


What I Liked About It

  • Light smell and nice texture
  • You can feel the effect pretty fast (in about 10 minutes)
  • Doesn’t stick to your skin
  • You also get 2 gifts if you buy it (though they’re not joint related)


What I Didn’t Like About It

  • Average ingredients – no special substance
  • The effect is very short – compared to most creams
  • Doesn’t treat the cause behind the pain
  • Only masks the symptoms of your problem
  • Extremely expensive for what it does
  • Very little info about the company behind
  • You can only buy it from the official website




Flexdermal – A Quick Overview

This cream is produced by Pharmaxa Labs – the same company behind the supplement Flexoplex.

  • At $30 for 4 oz – it looks like a pretty expensive cream
  • It doesn’t contain unique or brand ingredients, that could explain the price
  • You can only buy it from the official website

So overall – Flexdermal is that kind of product you can’t find easily.

And it’s the same with opinions about it – there are quite a few authentic ones all over the Internet.

That could be an explanation for its pretty weak effect – at least in my case.

So at $30, I don’t think this cream is worth the money. 

But anyway – let’s move on to the review and analyze this cream more closely.



#1. Ingredients (8 out of 10)

In my opinion – Flexoderm doesn’t have a special composition:

  • the same as 75% of joint creams from the market

My Flexdermal Review - Is It Any Good?But let’s take a quick look at the top ones:

1. Menthol – it’s probably the #1 ingredient in any joint cream:

Now – menthol actually just hides the pain. It doesn’t treat it. 

That cooling sensation it produces actually masks the pain for a short while. It’s essential to keep this in mind.

2. Camphor – it’s pretty similar:

  • really strong smell
  • works really fast but for a short while

Just like menthol – camphor hides the painful source, instead of treating it. That’s why there’s only a short relief.

3. Eucalyptus Oil – it’s an essential oil that works in a similar manner. But:

  • I never had good results with essential oils alone
  • That’s why I don’t recommend them too much

Conclusion: Flexoderm’s ingredients are pretty regular in joint creams. 

So from this point of view, Flexoderm looks like an average product to me. But it has the same #1 problem as many creams:

  • doesn’t mention each ingredient’s doses
  • so you can’t tell how much substance X it contains

That’s a downside I personally can’t ignore.



#2. Smell & Texture (10 out of 10)

From this point of view – I really like Flexoderm:

  1. Pretty light composition
  2. Not greasy and doesn’t stick to your skin
  3. Soaks in within minutes (depending on how much you apply)
  4. Very pleasant scent – fresh and pretty light
  5. You don’t need to apply a very thick layer

Now – it’s true that you can’t complain about most creams at this chapter.

However, some have a different color while others smell was too intensively. 

Flexoderm doesn’t have any similar problems. It’s easy to apply and smells totally fine.

So at this chapter, it deserves the highest mark.



#3. How It Worked (6 out of 10)

To be honest, Flexoderm does relieve the pain pretty fast. So it’s surely not a scam:

  • decreased my pain in about 10 minutes
  • I only had to apply an average layer (not too thin, but not too thick either)
  • the effect would last about 1 hour, in my case

My Flexdermal Review - Is It Any Good?So at first sight, Flexoderm looks like a decent product. But it’s not all that good.


  1. It only hides the pain for a few hours.
  2. It doesn’t treat the cause in any way.
  3. After about 1 hour, the pain comes back as strong as before.
  4. Plus, your problem will probably worsen overtime. 
  5. That’s because you’re not treating its cause, just the symptom. 

And one more thing – while I was using Flexdermal, my pain got much better. But the swelling didn’t. 

My hands were constantly swollen – and quality supplements could decrease it.

But Flexoderm didn’t do anything, despite lowering the hand pain.

CONCLUSION: So to me – it’s pretty clear:

  • Flexoderm is pretty good for decreasing pain fast
  • But the relief goes away almost as fast
  • Plus – it’s terrible as a joint treatment
  • It does nothing to treat the cause behind the pain

So on the long term – that will probably cause you big trouble. 

As you don’t treat the cause behind your pain, it will surely worsen.

That’s why I don’t recommend Flexdermal (or any other cream) for arthritis or joint pain. At least not alone.




#4. Price (4 out of 10)

In my opinion – Flexoderm is way too expensive for what it does.

Here’s the thing:

  • one bottle costs almost $30
  • it only contains 4 oz (which is really little)
  • you also have to pay around $8 for shipping

Now – this cream doesn’t contain anything better than others, in my opinion.

So if you want these exact ingredients, you can find a similar cream on Amazon for less than $20. 

That’s why I consider Flexoderm really overpriced:

  1. It’s not a real joint treatment, just a temporary reliever
  2. Also, it doesn’t treat the pain in any way (it only masks it)

So why would you pay $3o on a 2-hours reliever?

You can get a quality supplement for these money – and that one really treats the joints, not just the pain. 

Plus – $30 for 4 oz is a lot. You can finish 4 oz in 2-3 weeks, so the price is way too high. I would surely not recommend it.



#5. Other Opinions (7 out of 10)

Now – I couldn’t find too many authentic reviews on Flexdermal. 

But it used to be sold on Amazon in the past, so I could find a few real opinions there. 

And surprisingly – they were mixed:

  1. Some people were really satisfied.
  2. Other said it was a waste of money.
  3. But most of them said it only helps for a short while, but the effect doesn’t last.

The last type of reviews are pretty similar to my experience with Flexdermal:

  • it did relieve the pain pretty fast
  • but it would come back within an hour

So even though I’m not a fan of creams, I must admit that there are many others more effective than Flexdermal.

For $30 and 4 oz, it’s surely not worth it. You’ve seen it – it’s not just me thinking like that.



#6. Best Things About Flexdermal

Now – this cream is surely not my personal favorite. There aren’t lots of things I loved about it.

But I tried to find a couple:

  1. You don’t need a very thick layer of cream
  2. The effect comes up in about 7-10 minutes at most
  3. They also send you a digital book for free when you order
  4. You also receive a pack of green tea

Now – I doubt these 2 gifts are extremely useful, especially the green tea. It has nothing to do with the joints.

But either way, they are free gifts – which is a plus.

But as you can see – there aren’t a lot of major things I liked about Flexdermal.

On the other hands, there are more when it comes to the negative part.



#7. Worst Things About Flexdermal

At this chapter, I found a few serious problems:

  1. Little info on the company behind.
  2. Few authentic reviews (only the ones from Amazon).
  3. You can only buy it from their official website.
  4. The effect doesn’t last over an hour.
  5. It doesn’t treat your real joint problem.
  6. It’s really overpriced.

Now – these are just the main things, I didn’t like a lot more aspects on Flexdermal. 

But it’s not the only product I tried from Pharmaxa Labs. Flexoplex was the first one – and I wasn’t too satisfied with it.

Despite being a good supplement, it’s pretty expensive and overrated. 

But even so – I consider Flexoplex way better than Flexdermal.



#8. Final Conclusions

Here’s how I would sum up this cream in 3 conclusions:

1. Really Short Effect – compared to other creams, Flexdermal disappointed me:

  • in my case, the effect would last around an hour
  • then the pain would come back as strong as before
  • I read many reviews complaining about that
  • for some, Flexdermal’s effect would last just a few minutes

Now – I’m not a fan of joint creams at all. But even so, Flexdermal seems much weaker than other creams. 

Most relieve the pain for about 2-3 hours. Flexdermal only did it for 1 hour, in my case.

2. Doesn’t Treat The Cause – that’s the #1 problem of any cream:

  • only hides the pain for a short while 
  • doesn’t do anything for the producing cause
  • on the long term, your condition worsens

So that’s the main reason why I never recommend creams or lotions for arthritis.

Sure, you can use them – but not as a main treatment.

Using a supplement is a much better choice, since it treats the real cause first.

3. So Pricey – Flexdermal is indeed very expensive:

  • one bottle costs $30 + $7-8 shipping
  • it only contains 4 oz
  • that can last about 2-3 weeks, depending how you use it

Besides, there are many creams with identical ingredients that cost under $20 (for a higher quantity).

So if you really want to spend $30 – use them wisely. Get a supplement for these money to get a real pain relief.




My Verdict – Is Flexdermal Worth Buying?

Short answer: Definitely not. It’s way too pricey for what it offers:

  • My Flexdermal Review - Is It Any Good?average ingredients
  • the effect only lasts around 1 hour (in my case)
  • doesn’t treat the cause of the pain
  • you can buy a similar cream from Amazon for less than $20

So Flexdermal is really overpriced, in my opinion. It’s just not that good as they make it seem.

That’s why I would surely not recommend it – or buy it again.

However – I would not recommend any cream for joint pain or arthritis:

  • they all treat just the pain, not the cause
  • the effect lasts at most 3-4 hours

So in the end – your problem might actually worsen, since you’re not treating it.

For this reason – supplements are my #1 recommendation for arthritis or joint pain:

  1. They don’t cost more than creams
  2. But they treat both the pain and the cause

So if you want a proper treatment – that’s what you should try.

Heather Pharm.D.

Heather Tracy Foley is a Pharmacy graduate, Blogger and Author with a vast experience in health sciences. She has a particular interest in joint pain and rheumatology and spent several years studying health problems. You can find her on Pinterest or via email.

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