My China Gel Review – Does It Really Help?

My China Gel Review - Does It Really Help?

It’s time for my China Gel review – because it looks like a promising pain reliever:

  • interesting formula
  • decent price for the quantity
  • positive reviews

However, China Gel is just a topical remedy – which are useless on the long term.

So is it any different from other creams? Does it help more than the rest – or it’s even weaker?

Let’s analyze every aspect of China Gel.

Note: This review is based on my opinion about this product (not on general info). I’m not trying to praise/criticize it or its company, I am simply telling my opinion about it.


So Let’s Get To The Review

Full Name: Topical Pain Reliever from China Gel

My China Gel Review - Does It Really Help?Sizes: From 2 to 16 oz (My review focuses on the 8 oz size)

Best Actual Price: Around $24

Cheapest Place To Buy: Amazon or Ebay (they have the lowest prices ever – depending on the seller)

Designed For: Pain and inflammation.

According to the label – it works best for:

  • arthritis, joint and back pain
  • sore muscles
  • sport injuries

But here’s one interesting thing. Unlike most creams – it doesn’t claim to work just for minor problems.

My Rating: 7.50 out of 10 – Not bad, but could be better.

Worth The Price?: Not really. It’s a decent cream in terms of effect – but it has some downsides:

  • no special ingredient
  • numbs the whole area (not just the pain)
  • not a long term product

So I wouldn’t recommend it if you have a serious problem – like arthritis, joint pain, etc.

It can worsen your problem more than it can help (on the long term). That’s why I recommend a supplement instead.


What I Liked About It

  • High dose of menthol (5%)
  • Contains several herbal extracts (but they are inactive ingredients)
  • Liquid consistency without being greasy
  • Soaks in pretty fast (about 10 minutes)
  • Really good price
  • Many positive reviews
  • You can find it in several retailers
  • More sizes available


What I Didn’t Like About It

  • Really strong smell (stays in your skin for a long time)
  • Numbs the whole area where you apply it
  • The effect only lasts for a few hours
  • You need to reapply it 4-5 times per day
  • Only hides the pain – doesn’t treat it for real
  • No special ingredients




China Gel – A Quick Overview

According to the label – this cream combines modern technology with ancient Chinese medicine.

My China Gel Review - Does It Really Help?Now – I can’t really see that anywhere:

  1. The 2 active ingredients are rather modern
  2. It only contains one Chinese herb (ginseng extract)

However – that ginseng extract comes as an inactive ingredient (which means it has no pain relieving effect).

Other than that – China Gel claims to relieve almost any kind of pain.

And from what I found out, it really does.

However – it’s not a proper treatment for a serious problem:

  • only masks the pain on the short time
  • after the effect goes away, the pain comes back just as strong
  • so you need to reapply it constantly for an effect

In other words – you have to use it continuously to get the same relief (and maybe use some more every time).

So basically – that’s what you need to keep in mind about China Gel.

Now that you know what to expect, let’s take a closer look at each of its aspects.



#1 – Ingredients (8 out of 10)

To be honest – China Gel uses some basic ingredients:

  • the same substances as 75% of the creams
  • no different compound

My China Gel Review - Does It Really Help?

Yes, the inactive ingredients look a bit better – but what’s the point? they don’t have any real benefit.

So at this chapter – China Gel didn’t impress me at all.

Now let’s take a quick look at all the ingredients:

1. Active Ingredients – as I said, they’re nothing special:

So basically – these ingredients chill off the painful area, so every sensation goes away.

That’s something like masking the pain – because after a few hours, it comes back as strong as before.

That’s why I don’t consider menthol and camphor as real pain remedies.

2. Inactive Ingredients – here’s what China Gel contains:

  • several herbal extracts (Ginseng, Aloe Vera, Angelica)
  • consistency agents
  • smell agents

My China Gel Review - Does It Really Help?

Now – no matter how amazing would be these inactive ingredients, it’s totally useless.

They have absolutely no benefit (other than a nice smell).

Conclusion: China Gel doesn’t have very promising ingredients:

  • regular substances
  • no special compound

I’m not saying it contains weak ingredients – I’m saying it doesn’t look any better than most creams. 


#2 – Smell & Texture (8 out of 10)

I’m not the biggest fan of China Gel at this chapter – but it could surely be worse than this.

1. Smell – that’s the part I don’t really like:

  • really strong fragrance
  • deep smell of menthol
  • stays in the skin for at least 1-2 hours

Now – the smell itself isn’t bad, because it feels like menthol.

But it’s simply too strong and heavy (compared to other menthol creams). People around you will surely notice the smell – that’s how strong it is.

2. Texture – things look pretty good here:

  • pretty liquid consistency
  • it’s not oily or greasy
  • soaks in pretty fast (around 10 minutes, depending on the layer)
  • easy to rinse

The only problem I have with this cream is that you always have to wash your hands after using it.

Otherwise – your hands might get numb.

Conclusion: China Gel has a nice consistency – light and easy to apply.

However, its smell is way too strong for most people – and it stays in the skin for a long time.


#3 – How It Works (7 out of 10)

Now – I haven’t tried China Gel personally.

But I have tried dozens of different creams that had the same ingredients – so it’s easy to make an opinion on this one.

My China Gel Review - Does It Really Help?1. The Effect – here’s what I can say about it:

  1. Works by freezing and numbing the painful area.
  2. In this way, the pain goes away for a short while.
  3. However – so does any sensation.

Basically – this cream does relieve the pain, BUT: 

  • it doesn’t treat it
  • it only hides it for a few minutes/hours
  • plus – it only works on the outside

That’s the reason why it only works temporary. The relief lasts for a short while – and the pain comes back as strong as before.

Now – that’s available for any other cream, not just China Gel.

However – most products work in a better way :

  • they don’t numb the area where you apply them
  • they only relieve the painful sensation (without affecting anything)

So in my opinion, that’s what makes China Gel weaker than others.

Conclusion: China Gel does relieve the pain, but only for a few hours (at most).

Besides – it numbs the whole area where you apply it, not just the pain. That’s a big downside, if you ask me.




#4 – How Long It Lasts (8.50 out of 10)

Here’s what I’m analyzing at this chapter:

  • how long lasts the effect
  • how many times you have to reapply it (per day)

As I said – I haven’t tried out China Gel personally, but I have tried some with the same ingredients.

Besides, I checked out several reviews.

1. Effect Period – So here’s what you should know:

  1. The effect comes up within minutes.
  2. It also lasts for a few hours (depending from person to person).
  3. You have to reapply it about 4-5 times a day.

Now – to me, applying a cream 5 times per day would be really uncomfortable. That’s an extra reason why I prefer supplements.

However – if you use China Gel:

  • the pain comes back as strong as before 
  • it doesn’t get better even if you use it for months
  • the cream only works on the outside

In fact – on the long term, it will only worsen your problem. Why?

Because it doesn’t treat the cause inside – so the pain and symptoms will get worse. That’s why supplements are a much better pick.

Conclusion: China Gel has a decent effect in terms of how it lasts.

However – you need to reapply it lots of times for a constant effect (and that’s really uncomfortable).


#5 – Price (9 out of 10)

Compared to other creams – China Gel isn’t too expensive. 

1. The Exact Price – it really depends on what size you’re buying.

But either way – prices are pretty good for any:

  • $15 for the 4 oz
  • $21 for the 6 oz
  • $24 for the 8 oz
  • around $40 for the 16 oz

My China Gel Review – Does It Really Help?

Now – these aren’t the exact prices, because they differ from day to day (there are discounts, sales, etc.).

Besides – it really depends on where you buy it from:

  • these are the prices from Amazon
  • Ebay has even lower prices, but it’s not as safe
  • you can also find them in several retailers

So if you want to buy this cream, Amazon remains the best choice (in my opinion).

2. Competitors’ Price – most creams are slightly more pricey (for this quantity):

So basically – China Gel is considerably cheaper than most of these creams.

Conclusion: It’s a really affordable product – compared to others.


#6 – Other Opinions (9 out of 10)

As I expected – people’s opinions on China Gel were quite mixed up.

However, I found enough positive reviews and satisfied customers.

So here’s what people say about China Gel.

Note: I only considered authentic reviews, not general ones.

1. The Reviews I Found: 

  1. Some says it really works for pain.
  2. For others – it was ineffective and useless.
  3. Other people were bothered by the strong smell.
  4. Some praised the quantity, saying it lasts for a long time.
  5. Others said it only works for easier types of pain.

My China Gel Review – Does It Really Help?

So basically – there were many different opinions, as with every product.

But many were positive – which makes me think that China Gel is indeed effective.

However – I still wouldn’t recommend it for a serious problem (like arthritis or chronic pain).

Conclusions: There are many different reviews on China Gel – but more than 50% are positive.


#7 – Final Conclusions

That’s how I would sum up China Gel in 3 phrases:

1. Decent Price – compared to most creams, it’s really affordable:

  • the price depends on the size you buy
  • for the 8 oz, you need to pay around $24
  • that’s a really good price (compared to the market)

So price is probably the strongest point of China Gel. For the quantity – it’s really affordable.

2. Regular Ingredients – in my opinion, it doesn’t contain any special substance:

  • only 2 active ingredients (menthol + camphor)
  • these are the main ingredients from 75% of the creams

Now – the inactive ingredients are indeed different, but they don’t really matter (in terms of effect).

So China Gel isn’t any more special than other creams.

3. Only Hides The Pain – that’s a major problem for creams in general:

  • decreases the pain for a few hours (at most)
  • then the pain comes back as strong as before
  • so you need to reapply this cream constantly

This can actually worsen your problem on the long term – since you’re not treating the cause.

Besides, China Gel works by numbing:

  • it numbs both the pain
  • and the area where you apply it (major downside)

For these reasons – I would strongly recommend a supplement instead.

It treats both the pain and the cause behind – so it works from the inside. That’s the real treatment for any kind of pain.




My Verdict – Is China Gel Worth Buying?

Short answer: Not really. It’s not the best choice ever:

  • My China Gel Review - Does It Really Help?regular ingredients
  • numbs the area where you apply it
  • you need to reapply it lots of times

Now – it is indeed a pretty cheap product, compared to others.

So if you have a minor pain (like sprain, injury, etc.) – it’s good enough.

But for a serious problem (like arthritis, chronic pain, etc.) – I would surely not recommend it:

  • only hides the pain for a few hours
  • the actual problem will worsen overtime

And that’s available for any other cream. They’re not effective for arthritis or joint pain (on the long term).

So what should you use instead? A supplement:

  1. Works from the inside on the outside
  2. Treats both the pain and its cause
  3. The problem gets better on the long term
  4. Has a similar price as creams (sometimes even cheaper)

So that’s what I advise you to choose for arthritis or any pain that doesn’t go away in 2-3 days.

But obviously – it’s up to you what you decide. So I hope you take the right choice for your health!

Heather Pharm.D.

Heather Tracy Foley is a Pharmacy graduate, Blogger and Author with a vast experience in health sciences. She has a particular interest in joint pain and rheumatology and spent several years studying health problems. You can find her on Pinterest or via email.

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