Australian Dream VS Blue Emu – Which Is Better?


Are you looking for a quality cream for arthritis? It’s time to compare 2 of my top choices – Australian Dream vs Blue Emu.

Now – these 2 products have a lot of similar points:

  • starting with the positive reviews
  • and ending with their effectiveness 

However, I managed to find some major differences between them. So which one is better – Australian Dream or Blue Emu?

Let’s take a look at each of their aspects – and pick the best winner. 



#1 – Ingredients – WINNER: Australian Dream

When it comes to what it contains, Australian Dream is way better. Why? Its ingredients are more powerful – compared to Blue Emu.

But let’s take a quick look at each cream.

Australian Dream VS Blue Emu - Which Is Better?

1. AUSTRALIAN DREAM – it contains only 1 active ingredient:

Now – this substance is very powerful, compared to other stuff like menthol or camphor:

  • It can relieve the pain all alone.
  • Plus, it’s FDA approved – which is very rare. 

And one more thing – its doses are clearly mentioned, which is a great plus. Very few creams are honest from this point of view.

2. BLUE EMU – though it contains a lot more ingredients, there’s no dose for any. So I will mention the top ones:

Now – except the emu oil, the other substances aren’t extremely effective when applied on the skin. But that’s not all:

  • There are more than 20 substances in total
  • The doses aren’t mentioned for any

So you can’t really tell how much Emu Oil you have inside. Maybe you have a very low dose – but it still counts as an ingredient.

Do you see what I mean? That’s what I don’t like about Blue Emu.

My Conclusion

Australian Dream has much better ingredients.

Though there’s only 1 substance – it’s extremely powerful (compared to regular ingredients from creams).

Plus, they clearly mention the doses and the inactive ingredients. While in Blue Emu – you can’t even tell the dose of Emu Oil.



#2 – Texture – WINNER: Both

From this point of view, the creams are pretty equal:

  • don’t stick to your hands
  • very light consistency
  • no smell

1. AUSTRALIAN DREAM – it’s probably the perfect cream in terms of how it looks. 

Besides, the features I mentioned above – it also has something particular:

  • doesn’t irritate or burn the skin at all
  • you get no itchy feeling after applying it

So there’s nothing I could criticize about this product in terms of how it looks – I wish every cream was like it.

2. BLUE EMU – I’m also pretty satisfied with its texture.

There’s only one thing I didn’t really like (but it’s a personal preference): 

  • it has a blue color
  • this makes me think it has some coloring agents

Now – that’s not a real problem, it’s just something I personally don’t like. Since Emu Oil isn’t blue (as far as I know), this cream might have some synthetic additives inside.

My Conclusion

I couldn’t pick a winner in terms of consistency.

Both Australian Dream and Blue Emu are easy to apply, rinse and great to use overall.



#3 – How Fast It Works – WINNER: Australian Dream

Truth is – both creams work really good overall.

But Australian Dream is much quicker – at least in my case. So let’s analyze them by turn:

Australian Dream VS Blue Emu - Which Is Better?

1. AUSTRALIAN DREAM – my pain got better from the first try:

  • it needed about 5-10 minutes to work
  • I noticed that depends on how much cream I applied
  • a thicker layer worked in about 7 minutes
  • but a thin layer also relieved my pain pretty soon

So Australian Dream is the kind of cream that works instantly. 

Obviously, the effect doesn’t last a lot – but that’s another story that I will discuss later on.

2. BLUE EMU – even though it’s really potent, in my case it wasn’t that fast:

  • I needed about 3-4 days to feel a big improvement
  • in the first days, there was no change
  • so in my case, I think it needed to accumulate in the tissues first

Once those 3 days were gone, its effect was really intense. 

But if you need something that works immediately – I’m not sure this is the right product. At least based on how it worked for me.

My Conclusion

They both work really well, but Australian Dream is faster. 

So I would probably recommend it more for someone who needs a relief within minutes. With Blue Emu, I think you need to wait a bit more.



#4 – Effect – WINNER: Blue Emu

To be honest, I will have to be subjective at this chapter. And truth is – these 2 creams are really close in terms of intensity. 

So here’s the 3 things I consider here:

  1. How long lasts the effect
  2. How many times you have to reapply the cream daily
  3. Whether it numbs the pain or just decreases it

1. AUSTRALIAN DREAM – I was pretty satisfied:

  • it decreased my pain from a 6 to about a 4
  • the effect lasted for about 4 hours
  • it didn’t numb the area where I applied it
  • so I would have to reapply it about 5 times per day

Now – this cream didn’t decrease my arthritis pain completely. But getting from a 6 to a 4 isn’t a minor thing.

So overall, I wasn’t disappointed by it.

2. BLUE EMU – in my opinion, it was better at this chapter:

  • after the 3-4 days, it decreased my pain to around a 3
  • the effect was similar to Australian Dream (around 4 hours)
  • also, it only decrease my pain – it didn’t numb all the affected area

Overall, it was slightly better because it had a more intense effect. At least in my case, that’s how it was. 

My Conclusion

The effect is pretty much the same for both creams. Blue Emu worked a bit better overall, which is why I picked it as the winner.

But compared to other creams, they’re both really good.

However, things may be different for someone else – so at this chapter, Blue Emu is just my personal pick.



#5 – Forms – WINNER: Blue Emu

At this chapter, I will look at 2 major aspects:

  • the different sizes available for each cream
  • how many forms it has

Even though both creams are pretty close, I think they have several differences here. 

1. AUSTRALIAN DREAM – here’s how you can find it:

  • it comes in 2 different forms: one for back pain + one for arthritis
  • there are 3 sizes available – 2, 4 or 9 oz

Now – the only difference is that the back pain form is more concentrated. On the other hand, the arthritis form has a lower dose.

So I always recommend people to get the back pain form – no matter what kind of pain they have.

Australian Dream VS Blue Emu - Which Is Better?

2. BLUE EMU – it’s more versatile at this chapter:

  • more than 5 different forms
  • this includes: general pain relieving cream, arthritis cream, foot therapy, spray, etc.
  • the cream has 2 sizes: 4 or 12 oz

Now – there are some differences between the 5 forms. But they mostly use the same ingredients and doses.

My Conclusion

Blue Emu is the winner when it comes to forms and sizes.

You can find more types of Blue Emu cream – compared to Australian Dream, that only has 2.



#6 – Price – WINNER: Blue Emu

When it comes to price, things are easy.

But in my opinion – both of these creams are slightly overpriced. So let me tell you exactly what I mean:

1. AUSTRALIAN DREAM – depending on the size you choose, here’s what it costs:

  • $23.65 for the 2 oz size
  • $44.75 for the 9 oz one
  • the 4 oz size is somewhere in between ($28.41)
  • these are the prices for the back pain form
  • the arthritis form is a bit more expensive (ironically, since it’s less concentrated)

So these prices are pretty high – $24 for a tiny bottle of 2 oz is way too much, in my opinion. But they are the lowest I could find for this cream.

Australian Dream VS Blue Emu - Which Is Better?

2. BLUE EMU – it doesn’t cost as much as the other one, but it’s still pricey:

  • around $15 for the 4 oz size
  • $34.78 for the 12 oz version

Now – compared to Australian Dream, these prices seems a lot more affordable for everyone. 

They could be lower – considering it’s a cream, but even so. 

My Conclusion

The prices of Blue Emu are much better: $35 for 12 oz vs $45 for 9 oz (Australian Dream).

So I think you can tell which is more affordable on the long term. 



My Verdict – Australian Dream Or Blue Emu?

Short answer: Probably Blue Emu – since it has a better price and works slightly better. 

However, Australian Dream is pretty close – that’s why it remains one of my favorite creams ever.

But there’s one thing you should know – if you have arthritis or a chronic pain, I wouldn’t recommend any of them:

  • they work just on the outside
  • only relieve the pain, without treating the cause
  • if you stop using them – the pain comes back immediately
  • on the long term, this will probably worsen your problem

That’s why I don’t recommend creams as a treatment for arthritis. At least – not alone.

Instead, you should definitely try a supplement:

  • they treat both the cause and the pain
  • work on the inside
  • much better on the long term
  • cheaper overall

So if you have a minor pain, either Blue Emu or Australian Dream will do. But for a serious affection, I advise you to go for a supplement. 

Heather Pharm.D.

Heather Tracy Foley is a Pharmacy graduate, Blogger and Author with a vast experience in health sciences. She has a particular interest in joint pain and rheumatology and spent several years studying health problems. You can find her on Pinterest or via email.

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