My Review: Christian Wilde Turmeric Formula – Too Good To Be True?


It’s time to review Christian Wilde Turmeric Formula, a supplement that looks great from one point of view – ingredients. It contains several anti-inflammatory herbs – most with a strong effect:

  • Turmeric 
  • Boswellia
  • Green Tea
  • Ginger Powder and a few others

But is this supplement as better than the rest – when it comes to decreasing pain?

I found out a lot of negative reviews about it, which made me think it’s not as perfect as they claim.

That’s the reason why I decided to test it out and see for myself. So I will try to show you the truth behind this supplement. 

Note: This review is based on my experience with this supplement, so it’s not about general info. I am not trying to praise/criticize this product or its company, I am simply telling my opinion about it.


So Let’s Get To The Review

Full Name: Christian Wilde’s Enhanced Turmeric+ Formula from Wilde Research

My Review: Christian Wilde Turmeric Formula - Too Good To Be True?Quantity : 180 capsules

Best Actual Price: $41.90

Where I Bought It From: Ebay

Designed For: Chronic pain and inflammation. Turmeric is the best thing I know for swollen joints, but there are several herbs that also help. Most of them are present in this supplement, that’s why its formula looks so good. 

So I would recommend turmeric supplements for rheumatoid or psoriatic arthritis, gout or chronic pain caused by inflammation.

On the other hand, it’s not my top choice for osteoarthritis or cartilage problems.

My Rating: 7 out of 10

Worth Buying?: In my opinion no, because it’s not as good as I thought. It didn’t decrease my joint pain too much and it caused me a stomach pain the whole period I took the pills. 

Its ingredients don’t have very high doses, so this kind of disappointed me. Besides, you are forced to buy the 3 months supply (even though it’s expensive), because there’s no smaller size. 

So it’s not a bad supplement, but it’s not as amazing as it seems. That’s why I would recommend something cheaper that worked better for me.


What I Liked About It

  • Contains lots of anti-inflammatory herbs, besides turmeric
  • You only have to take 2 pills per day, which is pretty comfortable
  • One bottle is enough for 3 months
  • You can find it on several websites (I don’t know about local stores)


What I Didn’t Like About It

  • Not very high doses of turmeric overall (1000 mg in total)
  • Some of the herbs have lower doses (Ginger, Devil’s Claw)
  • It didn’t relieve my pain as well as I expected
  • It caused me a stomach pain and made me nauseous sometimes
  • No 30 days version, so it’s pretty expensive (and risky) for someone who never tried it before




The Ingredients – A Quick Analysis

As I said before, I was really blown away by this supplement’s ingredients. And I mean that in the most positive way. So let’s take them by turn:

My Review: Christian Wilde Turmeric Formula - Too Good To Be True? – Turmeric Root Powder (650 mg) – turmeric is the best natural anti-inflammatory I know. This dose is pretty little, if you ask me, but the root powder isn’t such powerful as the extract, because it’s not so concentrated. 

 – Turmeric Extract (350 mg) – that’s my favorite form of turmeric, because it has a much better anti-inflammatory effect than the powder itself.

350 mg is quite a high dose, in my opinion (most supplements contain between 50-150 mg). I’m not saying that’s a bad thing, but it can increase the risk of side effects. Other than that, it’s great to see this ingredient in the formula.

 – Green Tea Leaf Extract (60 mg) – it’s the first time I see this ingredient combined with turmeric.

I know it has a anti-inflammatory effect as well, but it’s not as strong as the first 2 ingredients. It’s also an energy booster, which could help someone with chronic pain.

 – Boswellia Serrata Gum Extract (90 mg) – Boswellia is one of the top herbs for fighting inflammation. In fact, I consider it the #2, after turmeric. The dose isn’t very high, but it comes as an extract, so that really compensates. 

 Bromelain (40 mg) – this is an enzyme extracted from pineapple and it’s a great antioxidant. It protects the joints from further damage and it also decrease inflammation, even though it’s not very strong. 

 – Devil’s Claw Root Powder (40 mg) – this herb is another pretty good anti-inflammatory with a natural source.

 – Ginger Root Powder (15 mg) – ginger is very useful for fighting inflammation and also decreasing oxidative stress.

It’s a very popular remedy for joint supplements, but this dose is very little. So I doubt it could help a lot in this formula.

 – Bioperine (10 mg) – it’s great to see this ingredient here, because it’s essential for a proper absorption of turmeric. Without it, over 50% of turmeric won’t get absorbed at all, so bioperine makes the most of this herb.



3 Conclusions On The Ingredients

To be honest, this is one of the best formulas I’ve seen in turmeric supplements. But here’s the thing:

  • the ingredients as substances are great
  • the doses aren’t very high

So this formula isn’t as perfect as I thought at first. Here are 3 things I noticed about it – all of them are related to the doses:

 #1 – Average Dose Of Turmeric – 650 mg of turmeric powder + 350 mg of turmeric extract are actually 1000 mg of turmeric per total. That’s not a high dose at all, to be honest. Most supplements have between 1000 and 1500 mg per serving.

So the 1000 mg from this supplement are a decent dose, but at the lowest limit. 

 #2 – High Risk Of Side Effects – out of the 1000 mg of turmeric, 350 mg are the extract. Now, this dose is much higher than in most supplements, but I don’t see that as a great thing. 


  • my body reacts best to 100-150 mg of turmeric extract (I have a strong pain)
  • people with a lower pain should need less than 100 mg
  • 350 mg is a high dose, so there’s a higher risk of side effects

This could explain why most supplements contain lower doses of turmeric extract.

#3 – Low Doses Of Some Herbs – in my opinion, some of the herbs on this list are pretty useless.

They have really low doses, which I doubt that could do anything:

  • Ginger
  • Devil’s Claw
  • maybe even Bromelain

These are some really good herbs, but in my opinion, they can’t bring any improvement at this dose. So I personally believe they are on the list just with their names.



My First Month With This Supplement

My Background: I was suffering from rheumatoid arthritis for several years and turmeric supplements were the best help in the last period. Some of them worked really good, while others didn’t help me at all.

But I kind of understood what a good supplement should have, regarding the ingredients. And Christian Wilde’s formula really seemed like a great one, at least on paper. 

Here’s how I would describe my RA:

  • The pain was worse in my hands, and sometimes even in my elbows
  • My average pain was around a 6 on the pain scale
  • I had flareups pretty often (2 times a week), so my pain would end up to a 7

So basically I was hoping that Christian Wilde’s Turmeric would improve my pain, even a little bit – because it had great potential.

How It Worked: I started noticing an improvement after about 2-3 weeks:

  • My pain was still strong, but it was slightly better than before
  • I didn’t have flareups as often
  • For this reason, my pain didn’t get to a 7 anymore – it was about a 6 at most

At the end of one month, I can say that my pain got to about a 5, which was really promising. However, there’s something I didn’t mention.



The Problems I Had

I’m not very sure about the reason, but I started experiencing some side effects in the first weeks:

  • I had a stomach pain that was getting worse everyday 
  • It wasn’t very strong at first – so I continued with the pills

How do I know it was because of the pills? It started short after I began the treatment, so it kind of makes sense. 

Now, as I said, I didn’t have any major problems – as I did with other supplements: no diarrhea or vomiting. Also, I had no muscular cramps or additional pain.

I only had a stomach pain and sometimes nausea. However, these were bothering me at times.

But there’s something interesting:

  • I experienced this problem while taking the regular dose
  • In the past, it would happened if I increased the dose on purpose

So this time, I had these side effects with the normal dose – that was pretty weird.

Was it because of the high dose of turmeric extract? I can’t really tell, but it could be. My body reacts really good to 100-150 mg, so 350 mg might be a bit too much. But as I said, I can’t tell for sure.

In the next weeks, the symptoms didn’t get any worse, but they didn’t disappear either. So it was a bit frustrating. 



The End Of The Treatment

Month 2: In the following weeks, my pain didn’t decrease a lot:

  • it got to a 4-4.5 on the pain scale 
  • I still had stomach pain
  • I still felt nauseous at times

What’s interesting is that I was always taking the pills after eating, so that wasn’t the cause.

Month 3: The pain was kind of at the same level – around 4-4.5.

For a turmeric supplement, that wasn’t bad at all, considering that most couldn’t relieve my pain at all. But for a supplement with such an impressive label, I was hoping for me. 

I was also pretty disappointed by the stomach pain I developed.

When I stopped taking the pills, it started to decrease as well. So it went away completely in a couple of days, that’s why I’m pretty sure it was the pills causing it.

Conclusion: Christian Wilde’s supplement did work, I can’t deny that.:

  • It decreased my pain considerably, but not as much as other supplements
  • I also had that stomach problem, which disappointed me a lot.

So this supplement isn’t the best thing I tried, even though it does work.

But I was just expecting and hoping for me from a product that looks so impressive (and costs so much). That’s all.





PRO #1 – Lasts 3 Months

If there’s something I really liked about this supplement, it’s the number of pills:

  • there are 180 capsules in one bottle
  • that should be enough for 3 months

Compared to most products, that is a lot. 

Besides, you only need to take 2 pills per day, which is pretty comfortable.

I preferred to take them separately, but I think you can also take both together. A lot of products recommend this last option, so I think it doesn’t really matter.

The only thing that worries me is that the pills could get contaminated easier. I mean, you’re opening and reopening the bottle everyday for 3 months. The risk of contaminating the pills is much higher, in my opinion.

However, if you store them in a colder place, I don’t think you should worry about it. The pills are probably design to resist bacteria and other contaminators.



CON #1 – Side Effects

This was by far the biggest downside of this supplement. Now, I don’t know if it was just me having this problem or not.

But as I’m pretty used to turmeric pills, I tend to think there were some others experiencing stomach pain.

I personally believe it was because of the higher dose of turmeric extract, but I can’t tell for sure.

That’s how my body usually reacts to a dose that is too high, but that’s only in my case. I don’t know if that’s something common for this supplement or not, but that’s how things were in my case.

So that’s one of the reasons why I can’t praise Christian Wilde’s supplement tremendously:

  • It didn’t work as I had hoped
  • It also caused me this stomach pain.

Now, it wasn’t the worst pain I ever had – it wasn’t even bothering me all the time. But it was there, and it went away after I stopped the pills. 

So in my case, this was a downside worth mentioning.



CON #2 – Pretty Expensive 

Christian Wilde’s product isn’t a very expensive one, if you analyze all the facts:

  • You basically get a 3 months supply for about $40 (pretty good price)
  • Considering its ingredients, I wouldn’t call it expensive

However, there’s only the 3 months version.

You basically have to pay $41 to get the quantity for 3 months, even though it may not help you. That’s where the problem is, in my opinion.

It’s hard to convince someone who never tried your product to buy directly the 3 months supply. And it’s not very fair either. 

That’s why I consider this supplement pretty expensive. If it had a one month supply for about $25, it would be perfect. I might even recommend it, though it didn’t help me a lot. But it would be something worth giving a shot.

However, at this point, I do consider it a bit expensive for someone who never tried it before. 



My Final Verdict – Is It Worth Buying?

Short answer: Not sure. I mean it’s not a bad product at all, especially when it comes to ingredients. But in my opinion, they look better than they really are. (I explained above why they’re not so amazing.)

Besides, it didn’t help me tremendously when it comes to relieving pain. Compared to other (cheaper) supplements, it didn’t do a lot. I also experienced some stomach pain, which I believe it was caused by the pills.

Therefore, the product isn’t bad at all. It’s simply not as good as it seems, and it’s also pretty expensive. That’s why it’s not something I would personally recommend.

Would I buy it again?: Probably not. It wasn’t one of the best supplements I tried, but it wasn’t the worst one either. But considering what ingredients it contains, I expected a lot more.

I would prefer to buy something cheap, that doesn’t have such impressive ingredients but works a lot better. That’s what I personally recommend, but it’s totally up to you what you choose.

Heather Pharm.D.

Heather Tracy Foley is a Pharmacy graduate, Blogger and Author with a vast experience in health sciences. She has a particular interest in joint pain and rheumatology and spent several years studying health problems. You can find her on Pinterest or via email.

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2 Responses

  1. Carlos says:

    Wow, this was a great explosion of information and I do realize that’s based on your personal situation. With that being said I tend to disagree with a few things based on my own personal experience. I’m diabetic and trying to maintain a healthy lifestyle. I really haven’t used this product for pain but to tackle my Inflammation. Since this is the key ingredient to all our illnesses, I take more than 3 pills a day. By doing so it has lowered my Sugar level and reduced any signs of Neuropathy. I honestly didn’t know if it was really working because I never stopped my normal Dietbetic meds until I ran out of the Tumeric Formula. That’s when I started feeling pain in different areas. My sugar was still good but I notice different levels of pain without it. That changed my mindset on the Formula. I even tried others but to no avail. The funny thing is I’m a part of a Network Marketing company that sells products with Tumeric and I still find myself getting Christian Wilde’s Enhanced Turmeric+ Formula. I wish he did have an affiliate program. Thank You so much for your information. I love seeing things from a different perspective.

  2. Heather Pharm.D. says:

    Hey Carlos, thanks a lot for sharing your experience on Christian Wild’s Turmeric, I also love hearing different points of view and experiences on a certain product. I’m glad to hear this product worked so well for you, especially when it comes to neuropathy and high blood sugar levels.

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