My Heal N Soothe Review (For Arthritis) – Scam Or Real?

My Heal N Soothe Review (For Arthritis) – Scam Or Real?

It’s time for my Heal N Soothe review, a supplement that I tried for one reason – its popularity.

But other than that, it doesn’t look too good – at least that was my first impression. Why I’m saying this?:

  • no major ingredient 
  • low doses for some ingredients
  • extremely expensive – $59 per month
  • I found a lot of complaints

Many people I asked said that Heal N Soothe was a big scam. 

Now – I tried this supplement myself, for one purpose – my arthritis.

Basically, I wanted to see if it’s as bad as they say or not. So what conclusion did I reach? You’ll find everything in the lines below.

Note: This review is based on my experience with this supplement. So it’s not the typical review, based on general info. I’m not trying to praise/criticize the product or its company, I am simply telling how it worked for me.


So Let’s Get To The Review

Full Name: Heal N Soothe from Living Well Nutraceuticals

My Heal N Soothe Review (For Arthritis) – Scam Or Real?Quantity : 90 capsules

Best Actual Price: $59.00

Where I Bought It From: Ebay – that’s where I found the best price.

You can normally buy it from the official website, if you want a “free” bottle offer (I will explain you later what’s the truth behind that).

Designed For: Muscle and joint discomfort, according to the label.

But judging after the ingredients – I say it works better for inflammatory pain:

  • It contains anti-inflammatory herbs 
  • Most ingredients aren’t good for anything else

So if you have other joints problems (except inflammation), I wouldn’t recommend it.

My Rating: 4 out of 10 – I would rate it even lower if it wasn’t for some positive reviews.

Worth Buying?: Definitely not. In my opinion, it has some major problems:

  • pretty weak ingredients overall
  • low doses
  • a huge price

Besides, it didn’t even relieve my pain too well – on the contrary, I had additional problems. So I personally wouldn’t buy it again.



What I Liked About It

  • Lots of authentic reviews about it (on Amazon though)
  • You can buy it from other places, besides the official website – Ebay or Amazon


What I Didn’t Like About It

  • No major ingredient in the focus
  • Low doses for some of the ingredients
  • Didn’t relieve my pain too well
  • The pills (most likely) caused me a stomach pain 
  • Way too expensive for what it does ($59 per bottle)
  • You actually have to pay $10 for the free bottle
  • They put you on auto-shipping automatically, if you order the free bottle



#1. Ingredients (7.50 out of 10)

Heal N Soothe is probably the only supplement I know that doesn’t have one essential ingredient.

My Heal N Soothe Review (For Arthritis) – Scam Or Real?

What do I mean by this?:

  1. It’s not based on glucosamine or turmeric (only a few mg of turmeric).
  2. There’s no substance in the focus.
  3. It contains lots of substances with minimal doses.

So what exactly do these pills contain? I tried to take each ingredient and see what it’s good for:

  1. Systemic Enzyme Blend (750 mg) – this could be the major ingredient, but there’s very little info about it.

Besides – these enzymes are pretty weak to relieve chronic pain, from what I read.

Here’s what I found out:

But as I said, I think they’re pretty weak to do that alone. 

 2. Boswellia Extract (150 mg) – this is a really good substance, because Boswellia is pretty strong – it’s an anti-inflammatory.

Also – 150 mg seems a really decent dose.

3. Citrus Bioflavonoids (90 mg) – that’s an antioxidant and it protects the joints from aging and damage.

From what I know, it’s not very effective for inflammation (compared to Boswellia).

 4. Ginger Extract (90 mg) – Ginger can decrease inflammation, but it’s not as strong as Boswellia and Turmeric.

So at this dose, I doubt it can do anything major.

 5. Other Ingredients – I didn’t take the next ones by turn because they have even lower doses.

So I don’t think they could help a lot – my opinion. But here’s what else it contains:


3 Conclusions On The Ingredients

Here’s the opinion I made about the supplement, based on its ingredient list:

#1 – Low Doses – Some of the ingredients have under average doses, compared to other products from the market.

I’m talking mostly about:

  • Turmeric
  • Devil’s Claw Extract

Now – I’m not very familiar with the enzyme blend, but its dose isn’t very high either.

But as I don’t know the average dose, I won’t add it here.

#2 – Weak Ingredients – Besides the low doses, the ingredients themselves don’t look amazing. Why do I think this?

As I said above:

  • there’s no major ingredient
  • the enzyme blend could be the one, but it’s pretty weak

And when it comes to the rest – they have too low doses to relieve the pain all alone. 

#3 – No Big Potential – That’s my impression.

I know Heal N Soothe is pretty popular – but that doesn’t automatically make it good. 

And judging after what it contains, I don’t have very high expectations from it.


#2. Why I Tried This Supplement

I may have said it before, but the main reason why I bought Heal N Soothe was for my arthritis.

Yes, it was also popular, so I wanted to test it out.

But I had both rheumatoid and osteoarthritis so I wanted to see for myself. It was RA causing most issues:

  1. My pain was around a 6 (on pain scale).
  2. It was worse it my hands and elbows.
  3. I had morning stiffness that would normally last up to an hour.
  4. My pain would get worse in some days – it could end up to a 7 sometimes.

So I basically needed a natural anti-inflammatory – RA is caused by inflammation, that’s why.

Heal N Soothe did contain a lot of anti-inflammatory herbs, but in very low doses. So normally, I shouldn’t expect miracles from it.

But I wanted to give it a try and see what happens.

So that’s how my adventure with Heal N Soothe began.


#3. My Experience With This Supplement

Despite taking it for 30 days, I didn’t get a major improvement from these pills.

My Heal N Soothe Review (For Arthritis) – Scam Or Real?And not only that – I also had some stomach problems, which I suspect it’s because of them too.

So here’s how it worked:

  1. A minor improvement in my pain (from a 6 to a 4-5 maybe).
  2. My hands were stiff every morning for the same period – about an hour.
  3. There was no change in my arthritis flareups – they were as often as before.
  4. My overall shape didn’t get any better.

Basically, there was only a slight change in my pain – that was the whole improvement.

But I’m still not very sure if the change was real, because it was really minor. 

That’s why these pills were kind of useless for me – in terms of effectiveness. 

But here’s what problems they caused me:

  • I started feeling a pain in my stomach a few days after I started the bottle
  • the pain wasn’t too bad at first, but it was increasing 
  • a few days after I finished the pills, the pain also stopped

Was it because of Boswellia extract? Was it because of those enzymes? I have no idea.

But overall, the pain wasn’t strong enough to make me quit the pills. But it was them producing it – I know this for sure. 

Normally, I wouldn’t complain about it. But since the pills didn’t work and they still produced me an extra pain – that was a problem, in my opinion.



The PROs – Not Much

Now let me tell you shortly the good and the bad things I found about Heal N Soothe.

But when it comes to the positive side – I couldn’t find lots of major things:

  • you need to take 3 pills per day – not very comfortable
  • the pills aren’t the smallest ones I’ve seen
  • one bottle only lasts for a month

I would normally appreciate this kind of aspects in supplements. But when it comes to Heal N Soothe, none of them is available.

So I didn’t really manage to find a major advantage. If you know any, please let me know – but I didn’t seem to find any positive thing that really matters. 

On the other hand, I have a lot of things I didn’t like about it. So the negative side is pretty long. But let’s take each thing by turn.


CON #1 – Weak Ingredients

I already mentioned this aspect, so I won’t enter any details.

But the point is – Heal N Soothe’s ingredients are pretty weak for a supplement that costs almost $60 per month:

  • pretty low doses
  • no major ingredient – except that enzyme blend
  • no classic substance (or not in a decent dose)

In my opinion, a supplement with such ingredients doesn’t have high chances to relieve pain.

In fact, that was pretty visible in my case – it didn’t do anything major.

So the weak ingredients are the best explanation, if you ask me. That’s the #1 reason why I personally couldn’t recommend this product.


CON #2 – Didn’t Work

Once again, this supplement didn’t do anything for my arthritis:

  1. It didn’t decrease my pain considerably
  2. Didn’t improve my joints
  3. Didn’t help my stiffness

Despite taking the full recommended dose, I couldn’t see a big improvement. The only change I could see was in my pain – but it was something minor (about 2 numbers at most).

So I’m still wondering if it was real or just a placebo effect. 

Therefore, I’m not sure this supplement could help people with severe pain. Maybe those with minor problems – yes.

But unless you have a mild form, I doubt it’s going to help tremendously.

And even then, I wouldn’t start with a $60 supplement when you can find some much cheaper.


CON #3 – Stomach Pain

That’s one of the things that bothered me most about Heal N Soothe. I might have been just me, I don’t know – but it was really frustrating. 

My Heal N Soothe Review (For Arthritis) – Scam Or Real?So the pills gave me a stomach pain from the first days:

  1. It wasn’t the kind of pain that aches continuously.
  2. It felt like a burn sensation.
  3. At first, it didn’t bother me much.

But as time went on, it was getting more constant.

It started to bother me more everyday – but even so, it didn’t make me stop the pills. It wasn’t really that bad.

However, once I finished the bottle and stopped the treatment, it disappeared. Not immediately, but in a few days.

So it’s pretty clear that the pills were causing me this pain.

As I said, I don’t know if it’s just me or not – but maybe there are others too.

This side effect was really frustrating, especially for one reason:

  • the pills didn’t do their job
  • but even so, they produced me an extra pain

So I basically paid just for another pain, besides the one I already had. That’s really annoying.


CON #4 – Very Expensive

To be honest, Heal N Soothe is one of the most expensive joint supplements I know.

Besides, it’s way (but way!) too overpriced for what it offers:

  • no special ingredients with low doses
  • only 1 month supply
  • doesn’t even relieve the pain considerably

I personally would not pay even $30 for it – it would be too much. But considering it costs almost $60 per bottle, it really sounds like a bad joke. 

In my view, there isn’t anything impressive inside these pills. So why do they cost so much?

That’s why I would personally not buy this thing again.

But what about that free bottle thing? Well, that’s where I wanted to get – because it’s not as great as it seems.


CON #5 – Free Bottle Issues

That’s probably the most important part about Heal N Soothe. So here’s the thing:

  1. They promise to give you a free bottle for your first order.
  2. After that, they automatically put you on auto-shipping.
  3. But according to then, you can stop anytime.

That’s what their website says. 

Now, I have to admit that I didn’t buy my bottle directly for them – so I won’t really speak from experience. 

But I did take a deep look at their site and even made an order (up to a point) – so I could see for real how this thing goes.

That’s how I found out that this “free bottle” thing isn’t such a great deal as you might think:

  1. They say the first bottle is free – but you actually have to pay the shipping ($10).
  2. They say you can cancel anytime – but they still ask for your credit card details and everything.
  3. Lastly, they don’t let you choose whether you want the auto-shipping or not – they just reship the product every month without asking.

To me – this doesn’t seem very fair.

But here’s another interesting fact:

  • The second bottle (the first one that is auto-shipped) is shipped for free.
  • And so are the others that are sent via auto-shipping.

So those $10 that you pay for the shipping of your first bottle is actually not the shipping – it’s some kind of price.

I mean, they probably have a contract with the delivery company – otherwise why would they offer free shipping for the rest of orders? Do you get my point?

So this free bottle deal is far from being a deal – you actually pay for it and you also put yourself at risk. That’s what I think.


CON #6 – Fake Guarantee?

Last but not least, it seems like Heal N Soothe also has problems with their money-back guarantee.

Now once again, I won’t be speaking from experience here – I didn’t order from them so I didn’t have the chance to request a refund.

But I found out a lot of reviews on Amazon saying the same thing – the company didn’t send their money back. 

So here’s the thing – according tot their website:

  • they will give your money back for every unopened bottle
  • they will also refund you for the opened bottles

However, people who bought this supplement had a different opinion:

  • they refund you for the unopened bottles
  • they don’t give your money back for the opened bottles – even though they are intact, with 90 pills

My Heal N Soothe Review (For Arthritis) – Scam Or Real?

Now, in my opinion, this seems like not keeping your promise. So the company is not very transparent from this point of view.

If you don’t want to refund people, why claim that you will? It just doesn’t make sense.

So this thing completely disappointed me about Heal N Soothe.



My Final Verdict – Is It A Scam?

Short answer: Not really – but it’s not amazing either.

My Heal N Soothe Review (For Arthritis) – Scam Or Real?

Now – as long as some people were satisfied, I can’t call it a scam. It surely works for some.

But from the reviews I read – there were mostly unsatisfied customers (including me).

I don’t mean to make any accusations without a clear basis, but Heal N Soothe doesn’t see a great product to me:

  • pretty weak ingredients overall
  • most have low doses
  • extremely expensive – $59 per bottle
  • didn’t do much for my pain
  • the pills produced me a stomach pain 
  • the “free bottle” is not as free as they say
  • they don’t always keep their word when it comes to the guarantee (that’s what many people say)

Overall, I couldn’t see any reason why I should buy Heal N Soothe.

Believe me, I really tried to find a good point about it – but I just didn’t find too many.

So I personally can’t recommend this supplement.

It’s totally up to you if you decide to buy it or not – but I spend so much money on it again.

Heather Pharm.D.

Heather Tracy Foley is a Pharmacy graduate, Blogger and Author with a vast experience in health sciences. She has a particular interest in joint pain and rheumatology and spent several years studying health problems. You can find her on Pinterest or via email.

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48 Responses

  1. Sondra M says:

    Hi Heather. Thank you for this great review.  will be bookmarking your site because I see you have some other reviews that I would be interested in reading when I have more time. 

    I was looking into arthritis pain relievers for my Dad. I will certainly discourage his use of Heal and Soothe based on your review. 

    More importantly, I appreciated that you took the time to explain the things that you consider when looking at ingredients. 

    In the future, I will start applying your methodology when I look at the ingredient labels in the future. 

    Granted, I may need to make a cheat sheet that will allow me to reference what the actual beneficial purposes of ingredients are supposed to be. 

    That and the recommended doses for them to be effective. Thanks again.      

  2. Heather says:

    Hi Sondra, thanks for your kind words.

    Yeah, I think the ingredients are the most important aspect of any supplement – it’s them that make the difference.

    Now, I’ve also seen products with great ingredients that didn’t work amazingly: this turmeric supplement is the best example. But that’s pretty rare – usually, stuff with good ingredients works at least decently.

    If your dad has OA, he should try something with glucosamine sulfate + chondroitin, like these products.

    Thank you for reading my blog.

  3. Diane says:

    Hi Heather – thanks for giving out all these details from the inside. If I’m honest, I don’t really read the list of ingredients, but now I know I should. I have moderate osteoarthritis of my feet and toe joints, so I am looking into what supplements are the most suitable to manage the swelling and pain. (There is some suggestion that it may be gout, but that’s a whole other story!) I certainly won’t be trying this product, and I can’t believe how expensive it is! All the best

  4. Heather says:

    Hello Diane. Yeah, the ingredients are the essential part of any supplement – so you should really check them out before you buy any product.

    Heal N Soothe is definitely not the thing for you, I agree 🙂

    But I’m not really sure what to recommend you, since you’re not sure about your diagnosis. 

    The thing is that gout and osteoarthritis have 2 totally different causes – so I would recommend a totally different thing for each.

    Better let me ask you this:

    – Are your toes and feet severely swollen when you’re in pain? Are they red and hot? Or they just feel painful without any sign on the outside?

    – Is your pain constant or it only comes up several times per month (or even more rarely)?

    That could give me a clue whether it’s gout or OA causing your pain.

    What I can recommend you right now is to change your diet – as much as you can. Obviously, if you’re already following a healthy diet, this tip is useless.

    But if you’re not, I recommend you to check out these foods – I focused on osteoarthritis in the article, but those 13 foods are recommended for any kind of arthritis. 

    So if you manage to answer the questions above, maybe I can help you more. 

  5. John McKenzay says:

    You’re kind of right, I also had a pretty bad feeling about the ingredients and their doses. I just checked out other supplements and they seemed way better in terms of that. But well, none has the authority of Heal and Soothe. 

    And I’m not an expert, so I thought it was just me having the opinion. Well, it’s great to see I’m not.

    Thanks for the honest review. Next time I buy a joint supplement, I will listen my instinct and choose someone with good stuff inside.

    Listen, based on what you know, which are the essential ingredients in a joint supplement? I’m looking for one for osteoarthritis. Thank you. John

  6. Heather says:

    Hey John, seems like your instinct was more right than your brain 🙂

    Your question is really good. For OA, I recommend a combination of several “must have” ingredients:

    – Glucosamine sulfate (the sulfate form is a must – not the hydochloride) because it rebuilds cartilages and it protects them against further distruction. Around 1000-1500 mg per day

    – Chondroitin sulfate because it increases the power of glucosamine and does the same things as this one (they work better together)

    MSM because improves flexibility and decreases minor inflammation (we have it naturally in our body – but its production decreases as you get older)

    – Turmeric, Boswellia or other anti-inflammatory herbs because they can decrease the minor inflammation from OA (the dose doesn’t have to be very high)

    – Collagen isn’t my favorite ingredient, but it does help with flexibility 

    – Bromelain because it’s a natural enzyme that increases joint flexibility a lot

    These are the ingredients that I noticed to work best. But the first 4 are a must – so I really advise you to get a product that contains all of them (at least). 

    If you need some clear recommendations, here are the products that worked best for me.

    Hope this helps. Heather

  7. Mon says:

    Finally a review from someone who knows this product.

    Me too I bought Heal and Soothe and was very disappointed by the staff. The product is pretty okay, not the best one ever but okay.

    They charged me almost $10 at shipping though my bottle was said to be free. Didn’t like that but still accepted the offer. But I decided I wouldn’t buy the second bottle because of the price.

    In the next month it was delivered to my door and they told me it had already been paid. They took money from my card without my notice!!! I called and asked for a refund immediately but they wouldn’t agree. I threatened I would contact FDA and only then the refunded me.

    Do not buy, it’s a scam! They ship you another bottle without asking and they take away your money! Shame Herb and Soothe!

  8. Heather says:

    Hey there, I’m sorry you had such a negative experience with them.

    I didn’t buy Heal and Soothe from the official website, so I can’t speak from experience. But you’re not the first one complaining – I read a lot more reviews about this.

    So to me it’s pretty clear the company is trying to take advantage of people in a bad manner.

    I bought the supplement from Ebay. If you’re interested, you can find it for a similar price. But in my opinion, it’s way too expensive.

    If you want other alternatives, these are the OA products I like most.

  9. Melanie Jacobson says:

    Thanks for taking all this time to write such a lengthy review. 

    I used Heal n Soothe for tendinitis and it worked, my pain got better within a short while. I also used some ice packs and stayed a lot in bed. But I think the supplement did most of the work.

    But I have to agree with you that it’s really expensive. I happened to have it at home, so I didn’t buy it specially for that. 

    If I were to buy something just for that, it probably wouldn’t be Heal n Soothe just because it’s super pricey. I admit that.

    You also said that it’s really overpriced compared to other supplements. Well I checked Amazon and it seems to be so. I don’t know how good the ingredients are, but many similar products would cost around $20-$25.

    So I think you’re kind of right, I wouldn’t recommend it either with so many cheap alternatives. Thanks for honesty, Mel.

  10. Heather says:

    Hello Mel, I still consider it one of the most overprices supplements I tried.

    Regarding your tendinitis – I just wanted to tell you that this problem heals on its own, if don’t have other problems. It usually takes around a week of so – depending on how severe it is. 

    Ice and rest are actually the best remedies – especially in a mild form. So I’m not sure how much Heal n Soothe helped, since your body probably recovered on its own. But no one can tell for sure.

    Thanks for sharing your experience with this supplement.

  11. Monica John says:

    My mom bought this because her neighbor recommended it, but she didn’t have positive results from it. She’s in her 80s and has chronic hip and leg pain, i guess that’s something normal for her age but she has to do something about it. 

    She told me it cost her a lot of money (she didn’t mention exactly) and she was kind of disappointed. She showed me the bottle so that’s how I recall that it was Heal n Soothe. 

    I think that neighbor is working with this company, so that’s why he was praising it so hard. Do you know if they have people selling it like this? 

    It’s really expensive and it’d be such a shame to give fake hopes to elderly. 

    I was suspecting this Heal N Soothe wasn’t what it looks like, but thanks for telling your opinion, it really helped me. 

  12. Heather says:

    Hey Monica, it’s really possible that they have people selling their products. That’s something similar to Herbalife, if you know that company. 

    They have this kind of pyramid scheme, but many of their products are really good (except their joint supplement – it’s really terrible).

    Heal N Soothe is made my a company called Living Well Nutraceuticals – and it seems pretty serious. But I didn’t try anything else from them, so I can’t tell about their other products. 

    So that neighbor could be employed by them or he could just buy stuff from them and then resell it more expensive. You can’t do anything about it.

    Just tell your mom not to buy anything that fast, maybe this would help her. 

    Regarding her hip pain, you can check out the best supplements I tried for 2018. I know them pretty well and I know they’re not scams, so maybe this could help your mom better.

  13. Donna Riley says:

    Heather, I can understand your disappointment with Heal n Soothe but I pretty much agree with you.

    I have used it many years ago for a hip pain that wouldn’t go away. It didn’t help. I was pretty young back then, so I didn’t trust supplements and herbs, I only followed the meds way and ended up healing.

    Now I’m back to pain products, but this time I trust supplements more than I used to. I’m looking for something for my dad’s knee problems ans Heal n Soothe was one of the first products I found in Google. 

    Obviously, I’m not going to buy it since I’ve seen myself how it works. 

    So you think I should go for a turmeric product for his knee pain? He’s old and has pain all over his body, so there isn’t a certain thing causing it (just age I believe). Maybe you can recommend him something better than I do.

  14. Heather says:

    Hey Donna, Heal N Soothe has been on the market for a long time so your experience with it is still accurate, in my opinion.

    Your dad probably has osteoarthritis, since he’s old and he has pain in more parts of his body.

    This condition is usually caused by age and it leads to joint pain and stiffness. But don’t worry, that’s something normal for his age – most people develop joint problems at that time.

    In this case, I recommend you something with glucosamine and chondroitin sulfate.

    These ingredients rebuilds cartilages so they will improve his joints – on the long term. They’re all natural, that’s why I’m a big fan of them.

    Now – out of all glucosamine supplements, I recommend you this one. It’s been working fantastic for me and it’s one of the cheapest overall. 

    But I want to give you more options, so I suggest you to check out this list I made recently – there you can find the best supplements for knee pain. So you can choose the right one for your budget. 

    Let me know how your dad feels in the future. 

  15. Emman says:

    Hi Heather, i was looking for a realistic review of Heal N Soothe. Yours is the first one I find where the reviewer actually tested the product to herself. 

    And I appreciate you were honest and said the truth that you didn’t like it. 

    I don’t know any person who tried it which is why i was looking for reviews, thanks. 

  16. Heather says:

    Hey Emman, it’s great to hear this helps you.

    As I said, this is just my opinion on this supplement. I’m not saying it’s a terrible product, I’m just saying that for me it was pretty useless. So I wouldn’t recommend it, but it’s up to you whether you decide to buy it or not.

    Thanks for reading my blog.

  17. dianne says:

    I didn’t like heal and soothe, it didn’t soothe my achy knees​

  18. Heather says:

    Hi Dianne, unfortunately that’s probably because of its ingredients. The doses are quite low for average and severe pain.

    Do you have arthritis or any kind of chronic knee pain? You didn’t mention exactly, so it’s hard for me to give you any advice.

    Anyway, I recommend you to check out this article about the top supplements for painful knees. I tried to cover any kind of knee pain there, so you should find something suitable – depending on what symptoms you have. Hope this helps.

  19. Joycelin M says:

    Great review on Heal N Soothe. I have arthritis in my knee and have been looking for something that would work.  This came up on my Amazon search, and well a lot of reviews on Amazon are “fake reviews”, so I tend to look else where for further reviews. 

    Heal N Soothe seemed really expensive at first, so it wasn’t on my list. But I decided to check it either way.

    But after reading all the details you give on it, I know that I will skip past this and find a better alternative. And yes, the $59 per months seems awful steep for a supplement packed full of…well next to nothing.

  20. Heather says:

    Hi Joycelin, they do sell Heal N Soothe on Amazon and it’s indeed among the first results for joint supplement. It could be promote, I don’t really know. 

    But I know there are so many negative reviews and so many people reaching out to me weekly about this product – that it can’t be a good one. And even if it was, $60 per bottle is unacceptable – at least for me.

    I personally don’t think the reviews from Amazon are fake – from what I know, they do check the purchases before letting you write a review. 

    So I’m sure there were some people that Heal No Soothe helped. The problem is that there are many others who had no benefit from it, so that’s where all the negative reviews come from. 

    If you still need something for your knee arthritis, one of these supplements will surely help you.

  21. saj says:

    It clearly shows that one can not rely on reviews alone. I too was skeptical after seeing the listed ingredients, this is not the first joint supplement I try in my life.

    i always check for negative reviews if I need to buy a new one. Did you check if its approved by FDA? but I guess not.

    For me, the most effective for pain remains some “over the counter” anti-inflammatory medicine , whenever needed. it works immediately, while every supplement i tried needs at least 2-3 days, which is too much to wait when I’m in pain. 

  22. Heather says:

    Hello Saj. Heal N Soothe isn’t FDA approved, but I don’t see this as a bad thing – because most supplements I tried aren’t and they rarely cause trouble. So I don’t blame not being FDA approved for my stomach pain.

    I totally agree with you regarding NSAIDs. For people who only deal with joint pain occasionally, they’re the best choice.

    But when you have arthritis or a chronic pain – the pain is there daily. And NSAIDs cause some really bad side effects if you take them constantly. So that’s why I try to avoid them and go for the natural way.

    And that’s the reason why I recommend turmeric as a replacement for NSAIDs on the long term:

    – it’s natural

    – it’s the strongest anti-inflammatory herb I know

    – the side effects it has are minor, compared to classic drugs

    I don’t know what kind of joint pain you have, but it’s probably not chronic. So in your case, sticking to NSAIDs is better for now. 

  23. Tony says:

    Hi there:

    I actually tried Heal-n Soothe when my arthritis was acting up and I didn’t have a prescription. I was really desperate then! After reading all the testimonials, I decided to try it and besides their website said that if you don’t like the product you can return it for a refund. Unfortunately, Heal and Soothe didn’t work for me so I stopped taking it. Well, some how I got on their auto-ship program and I wasn’t quick enough about stopping this. No problem, I will just return the two UNOPENED bottles that I had received. So I called their “customer care” line and asked them to cancel the auto ship program and also asked where to return the two unopened bottles. You know what, the person that pick up the call said since they were auto shipped they are not going to take them back! I said what? $100 going down the drain? She said that is the policy. Hidden policy I guess! So the bottom line is this: If they lie about having a money back guarantee what else are they not being truthful about? 

    They are scam


  24. Heather says:

    Hello Tony, thanks a lot for being honest about this supplement.

    Unfortunately, you’re not the first person who’s had this kind of issues with Heal N Soothe.

    As I said, I didn’t buy it directly from the company – so I didn’t have to do with them. But I received a lot of answers and comments from people who really tried it – and most were totally unsatisfied.

    You can see most of the comments from here, so you’re not the only one who got scammed by Heal N Soothe.

    But from what you said, they must have put you on auto-shipping automatically. Maybe even without asking. Or they might have mentioned it somewhere in a small writing (that is impossible to spot out).

    I’m really sorry about not being refunded your money, $100 isn’t an amount to throw on your window after all. But you surely learned something from this – so next time, make sure you research more before you buy a supplement.

    Thank you for letting me know your personal experience with Heal N Soothe.

  25. Dan Tomlivic says:

    I think that this review is very helpful and informative, I can check the facts you pointed out and thing really seem so. Honestly, you saved my money. My mother suffers from arthritis and I was thinking that this could be a solution, but now I think I should rethink my options. When ingredients are poor that means it is not worth buying, thank you for sharing.

  26. Heather says:

    Hey Dan, if your mom has arthritis (which is a serious problem) – Heal N Soothe is surely not the best choice.

    You didn’t recommend what kind of arthritis she has, so that’s why I can’t give you the advice you need,

    But here’s what I usually recommend:

    – If she has rheumatoid arthritis, any form of auto-immune arthritis or chronic inflammation – turmeric is the best choice. It’s the strongest natural anti-inflammatory – so it makes wonders for the pain caused by inflammation.

    Plus, it has minor side effects – compared to classic medication.

    – On the other hand, if she has osteoarthritis or cartilage problems, she needs something with glucosamine and chondroitin. These substances rebuild cartilages on the long term, so the problem gets better. Here are the top supplements I recommend in this case.

    Now – what if you don’t know what kind of arthritis she has?

    In this case, it’s probably osteoarthritis – which is really frequent once you grow older. Rheumatoid arthritis is a serious condition, so it’s always diagnosed.

    If you choose the right supplement for your mom, she should feel better in a few weeks or months. Hope this helps.

  27. ousama says:

    Thank you for your review of Heal N Soothe, i would not pay so much money on a joint supplement.

  28. Heather says:

    Hey Ousama, thanks for reading my review and hopefully it was helpful.

    I agree with you – I wouldn’t spend so much for a joint supplement, whether it’s Heal N Soothe or any other.

  29. Rob Zwk says:

    Hi Heather, thank you for your review and appreciate it’s not biased (I can tell after the multitude of positive and negative comments that you allowed here).

    I too used Heal n Soothe and have a good opinion about it. I used to have tendinitis pretty often in the past year because I was an avid gymnastics fan. I would sometimes force myself more than I should and that’s why my tendons feel swollen and painful (according to my doc). 

    Well I was recommended NSAIDs and taking a break from exercising so that my tendons can recover. I do that, but not more than 3-4 days. Once I see there’s no more pain, I get back to my daily exercising routine.

    Long story short, I would always get tendinitis almost once a month, sometimes even more frequently. I also noticed that every time, it would need a much longer time for my tendons to recover and the pain is also stronger.

    I started taking Heal n Soothe because my grandmother is using it for her arthritis (she’s been using it for years, despite the high cost, she just refuses to try something else). So I just happened to have it at home.

    Well, in about 2-3 days I was feeling perfectly fine – no more pain or swollen arm. I’m sure it was this supplement because otherwise I would need up to a week to recover completely.

    My tendinitis also appears more rarely, even though I don’t take this supplement constantly (only when I’m in pain). But it still appears every 6 weeks let’s say.

    I was just looking for an opinion from someone who knows more about me…Do you think that if I took Heal n Soothe constantly for a month let’s say, would I stop getting tendinitis? I think it would help but would not like to take pills in vain (I’m also taking steroids sometimes).

    PS: If you want to know about Heal N soothe for arthritis, my grandma says it helps. But she’s still on NSAIDs because she’s always in pain, so I don’t know. She just refuses to try anything else… Real sorry for the long comment, didn’t manage to put my question in 2 lines.

  30. Heather says:

    Hi Rob, don’t worry about the long story – the more details you give me, the easier it is to help.

    So first of all – you’re probably aware that you’re not giving your tendons enough time to heal. I can tell that from what you said. It’s simply that you don’t want to lose a gym day if you’re feeling fine – I totally understand.

    However, you have to understand as well that your tendons aren’t fully recovered. So that’s the reason why you always get a tendinitis episode almost monthly. As your tendons are weaker, any extra effort can harm them – sometimes even the regular effort is enough. 

    So please – take a break for at least 10-12 days. You can do other kind of exercising in the meantime – as long as it doesn’t require forcing your arms. That’s the area you need to protect.

    Now, regarding Heal N Soothe – I don’t think it’s a miraculous solution for your tendinitis.

    Considering you’re normally healthy and active, any anti-inflammatory would help a lot. Have you tried NSAIDs? I bet they had a very similar effect.

    So Heal n Soothe does help you, but any anti-inflammatory would (even one with low doses, because your inflammation is quite minor). That’s what you need to understand.

    Regarding your question – yes, taking Heal n Soothe for about a month should keep your tendinitis away. But as long as you don’t exaggerate with gymnastics.

    However, I wouldn’t recommend you to choose this supplement:

    – it’s expensive

    – you can get the same improvement with any anti-inflammatory

    I would normally recommend you NSAIDs – as they’re the #1 choice drugs for inflammation. But they have major side effects if you take them more than 4-5 days (like stomach problems).

    So in order to avoid that, I would advise you to try the herbal version of NSAIDs – turmeric.

    It’s the strongest natural anti-inflammatory and it has minor side effects, compared to NSAIDs. Besides, there are lots of brands that have under $30 prices per bottle.

    So instead of using Heal N Soothe (that costs $60), better try this supplement (that costs $25 and works really fast).

    That’s what I would personally do. 

    But Heal N Soothe is also good for what you need – so if you have extra bottles from your grandmother, you can use it without any worries. If you have to buy a supplement, I surely recommend you turmeric ones.

    Please let me know how you feel in the next weeks, and whether your tendinitis comes back or not. Hope this helps.

  31. angel cortez says:

    This does not work! I bought 3 bottles directly from the producer and got really sick after 2 weeks. You know, nausea, vomiting, everything including stomach damage (i think you also mentioned that – coincidence or not?).

    Wanted to ask for a refund and they agreed at first, but only if i sent them the 2 intact bottles (they said they would only refund me for those 2). of course i said yes.

    Well i forgot to ask about the address i should ship them to, so i called again but they didn’t answer the whole day. Next day i called one more time and guess what? they told me policy had changed and they were no longer able to accept refunds. i said “what”? they still had the refund policy on their website, just as it was before. 

    So even after arguing with them on phone for almost 30 minutes, they still refused to send any penny back!

    I tried calling again and speaking with another person from their staff, but this time they simply hanged up after checking my customer details. I am very very angry at Heal n Soothe and their company!

    It’s really expensive, made me feel much worse than before, didn’t do a thing for my joint pain and they also refused to refund me. this is unacceptable!

    Thank you for being brave and saying your personal opinion on this product, you didn’t buy from them but i did, so i can really tell things as they are.

    Would not recommend Heal n Soothe ever. My money is lost now but hopefully people read my review and stay away from it.

  32. Heather says:

    Hello Angel, thanks a lot for telling your personal experience with Heal N Soothe – it surely helps.

    It seems like you’re not the only person having a problem with their staff and refund policies. As I said, I didn’t buy my supplement directly from them – so I can’t really tell. But I had some similar feedback to yours from other customers.

    So I haven’t really changed my review (in a more positive way) – because most opinions I found were negative. That’s why I couldn’t make Heal n Soothe look better if it’s not better than that.

    I’m sure your opinion will help people interested in this supplement, thanks again for letting me know it.

  33. Ashley Kyralie says:

    Hi Heather, do you think Heal n Soothe is right for osteoarthritis? I can see you’re not a fan of it and you seem to be right, but my grandma heard a friend mentioning it and she’s convinced it’s going to heal her arthritis. Thing is that we’re on a tight budget right now (it’s just me and her) and this is one of the priciest supplements she ever tried. She used several brands of turmeric (I can recall GNC but there were some others) but with minor improvement. Additionally she took Arthrozene, which was a hole in our monthly budget. That one didn’t help either but they refunded us completely. I saw many reviews saying Heal n Soothe doesn’t really accept refunds, despite claiming to, so I’m worried. I’m just desperate to find something good for my grandma and stop having her spend ever money on stuff that promises to make miracles and does nothing really.

    If Heal n Soothe would help, I would really buy it for my grandma. But I’m so afraid it won’t. 

  34. Heather Pharm.D. says:

    Hello Ashley. First of all – Heal n Soothe contains anti-inflammatory substances, so it’s not the right choice in OA.

    – in osteoarthritis, the pain comes from damaged cartilages

    – there’s very little inflammation actually

    That’s why the supplements your grandma used didn’t really help:

    1. Turmeric is a major anti-inflammatory, but it does nothing for damaged cartilages. So every brand she tried (whether it was GNC or others) were pretty useless. Your grandma’s problem simply doesn’t solve with anti-inflammatory.

    2. Arthrozene does contain some substances for cartilages – but I consider it mostly a supplement for inflammation. So that’s why it didn’t really help.

    But basically – Heal n Soothe belongs to the same category:

    – based on anti-inflammatory herbs

    – no substances that rebuild cartilages

    So try to explain this to your grandma and she should understand. Heal n Soothe is probably not going to help her almost at all, so there’s no point spending $60 just to see that.

    Now – what should she use instead? Some supplements designed for osteoarthritis and rebuilding cartilages

    My top recommendation are glucosamine + chondroitin products, as these are the best ingredients for damaged cartilages. 

    Besides, you can find some supplements for a much lower price (compared to Heal n Soothe).

    My #1 recommended supplement costs only $30 per bottle (in the most expensive case). If you buy more bottles, you can get it for around $19, which is super cheap. 

    So tell your grandma that glucosamine is going to help her a lot more than Heal n Soothe’s ingredients. Hope she listens to this.

  35. MelB says:

    Hi Heather, I’m using Heal n Soothe for my RA but it’s giving me some terrible headaches, especially 20-30 minutes after I swallow the pill. I don’t experience any nausea, diarrhea or stomachache as you did, but my head is hurting so badly. I had a brain surgery more than 20 years ago but have been in perfect health ever since. Do you think it’s because my brain is more sensitive? Should I stop Heal n Soothe or go on and see how it goes? Thank you, Mel.

  36. Heather Pharm.D. says:

    Hello Mel, thanks for sharing your experience with Heal N Soothe. Supplements can produce different side effects in certain people, so your headache is most likely one of Heal N Soothe’s secondary effects.

    My advice is to consult a doctor as soon as you can. I’m pretty sure that Heal N Soothe doesn’t affect your brain, it only makes your head hurt. And yes – I agree with you, it might be because your brain is more sensitive, due to the surgery you had.

    So I would stop the pills, if I were you. At least until you see your doctor and ask for his opinion. If he advises you to continue using Heal N Soothe, you can go back to it and see if the pain goes away. But if it doesn’t, there’s no point to continue using it. There are many other supplements designed for RA that work great (and some are much cheaper).

    So my advice is to stop the pills for now, until you ask your doctor. Depending on what he advises you, you can either stop them forever or continue to take them. Hope this helps.

  37. Gina Riley says:

    I found a supplement in my local food store and it has similar ingredients to Heal N Soothe. I saw Enzyme Blend, Boswellia and Ginger on the label, I just don’t know the quantities. I don’t think it’s made by a brand, just a local producer but it’s around $20 a bottle, which is so much cheaper than Heal N Soothe. I haven’t bought it yet, I was just curious if you know about this kind of product. Do you think it’s trustworthy or just a fake version?

    It doesn’t say anything about Heal N Soothe, I was just interested in it and saw the other product in my local shop and realized the ingredients are really similar.

  38. Heather Pharm.D. says:

    Hi Gina, I have absolutely no idea about that supplement you saw. Since it’s not made my a big brand, it might be trying to imitate the formula of Heal N Soothe – which is not bad, since less famous brands have way cheaper products. And it seems to be the case here as well.

    Now – I can’t tell a lot about that product, since I never heard of it. Also I don’t know the dosages and the other ingredients – as Heal N Soothe has more than the 3 ingredients you mentioned. But at this price, it’s worth giving a try. In the worst case, it won’t have any effect and you will have wasted $20, which isn’t so much.

    I don’t think it’s a fake version, since it doesn’t mention anything about Heal N Soothe. You can go and take another look at it to see the full name, producer and the full ingredient list. Then check out Heal N Soothe and see if the formulas are identical. 

    You can also let me know what that product is called, as I’m pretty curious to see if it’s a cheaper version of Heal N Soothe. If it is, it would surely be more worth it than the original.

  39. Dave says:

    My doctor said I should give this product a try for my knee pain but it is so expensive! How long do you think I should use it till I see if it works or not? I’m afraid it won’t help me so I will have wasted the money. Do they offer a full-refund in all circumstances? I would rather try turmeric if it’s cheaper…

  40. Heather Pharm.D. says:

    Hello Dave. Normally, you should give Heal N Soothe about 2-3 months, if you want to see its real effect. In my case, the effect wasn’t amazing – but I’m not claiming it’s the same for everyone, in your case it might be really good. If your knee pain is caused by inflammation, it should help even a bit.

    Now – since you should take it for at least 2-3 months, make sure you afford buying 2 more bottles besides the first one (one bottle for every month). If you can’t afford that, my advice is to go for something else. Using Heal N Soothe for only one month may not help at all, just because the time is too short. So in this case, here’s a list of the supplements that are effective for your problem (there are also some based on turmeric).

    In case you want more info about turmeric products, here are my top recommended ones. Anyway – I recommend you this herb if your knee pain is caused by inflammation, not osteoarthritis or cartilage damage. But since your doctor recommended Heal N Soothe (which is designed for inflammatory pain), I think you’re on the good side.

    If you start using Heal N Soothe, please let me know how it works for you.

  41. sharon lewis says:

    Hi Heather;

    I bought my first batch directly from Heal N Soothe in July 2019 via credit card. Since there were 3 bottles in the box anyway, I did not intend to purchase any more till that batch was done. I have noticed since then, that each month my card is being charged for the product, again and again. They did not tell me that, I would be getting additional bottles each month and that this would be charged to my credit card without my authorization. That first batch of bottles to me, was the trial bottles. If it made me feel better I would then order more. This automatic thing is a scam, they have no right to do that. I am most disappointed, they have no right to attach themselves to my budget.

  42. Heather Pharm.D. says:

    Hi Sharon, I’m really sorry to hear about this issue. It’s definitely not unfair at all charging your credit card without your permission, especially if you didn’t sign for their auto-shipping. I hope you contacted them and asked for your money back, since you probably didn’t open the bottles they sent monthly. They are forced to refund you, according to the US laws. So if they refuse, tell them you will contact a lawyer and sue them, so they will mostly likely will send your money back and take you off that auto-shipping.

    Thanks for sharing your negative experience with Heal N Soothe, it’s definitely helpful.

  43. Bruce Coffman says:

    Hi Heather, I appreciate reading your review and seeing other recommendations. I use the Heal and Soothe for inflammation from sacroiliitus. I had an extreme case of it that left me in bed most of the time for a year. I consumed about 300 Aleve in that time period before finding something natural to take. I felt a difference, literally, the day after starting it. And after a few weeks I was able to do things that would have left me bed ridden for at least a week, that only left me with a mild burning sensation in my hip the next day. The distance I could walk in a day easily increased 10 times within the first week. With that being said, the main focus that they state of their product is that it contains proteolytic enzymes for breaking down excess fibrin in the circulatory system in order to increase blood flow to the inflamed area. They do promote it for arthritis as well. And they do some other joint support blend for healing/nurturing joint tissue and bone.

    A friend of mine with food allergies was unable to take Heal and Sooth. He started on it and noticed a difference the day after starting as well. But he ended up taking Garden of Life’s Omega-Zyme Ultra Digestive Enzymes at almost half the price when you consider buying a bottle of 180 is roughly the cost of Heal and Soothe. The blends between the two are pretty different. Namely the amount of Bromelain and Papain being only 280k and 220k vs 6 million and 1.5 million in Heal and Soothe. But the digestive enzymes are doing a good job of serving the same purpose for him. So your point of the cost being double what it should be seems to play out in this case as well. I have a bottle of the digestive enzymes for my wife to use. But she doesn’t bother to unless I hand them to her. So I’ll be switching to them to see if I get the same results or not.

    And although the product has done wonders for my inflammation over the course of a year or more of healing, including setbacks that used to take three months to recover from if I did something I shouldn’t, like walking up and down one flight of stairs after not having any inflammation for about three days the first time. Almost two years later, I’ve still suffered two setbacks in the past six months that took two or three weeks to recover from, like taking five to six flights of stairs a day for three straight days once I realized that I was up to two to three flights a day with no problems. But the product is expensive. And I suspect that a number of their customers with arthritis also use their joint support formula that contains the other ingredients that you are looking for in a product. Which I’m sure is just as expensive as heal and soothe. So I’m in full agreement that my “snake oil” is too expensive. But being able to do things like standing, walking, sitting in some chairs, being able to drive a car once I got the seat seat to where I can barely reach the steering wheel, and eventually being able to sleep without my legs having to be perfectly parallel with an exact bend at the hips and knees that had a tolerance of about two to three degrees, made it worth it.

    I still see the following down sides to the product all the same:
    It may cost twice as much as it should (I don’t have a benchmark on what the bromelain and papain cost)
    The marketing propaganda is a nightmare to read through, when it could be a short and concise description of what it does and doesn’t do
    The push to put everyone on monthly billing just to try a single bottle is a huge negative. It’s a sleazy tactic.
    I have to drink two large glasses of water every morning to take three pills. Otherwise, it doesn’t dilute it enough, and it is at best uncomfortable, or at worst painful. I’m only taking two pills a day now. but still drink about a glass and a half of water with them every morning. And they do point out that you need to drink plenty of water when taking them.

    But the upside for severe inflammation is that it allows me mobility to gradually recover from some of the atrophy and stimulating circulation to the joint so it could heal back up. I used to go to cryo therapy when my hip was doing bad. And I would walk away feeling normal after a session. But I don’t notice any difference in my hip from a cryo session after being on this product for over a year.

    Thanks for your review. Even though it works for me. You’ve helped me reevaluate my situation. And I’m ready to research, and experiment with less expensive options as a result.

  44. Heather Pharm.D. says:

    Hi Bruce and thank you so much for sharing your experience with Heal N Soothe in such a detailed manner. It’s very helpful for me but also for some of my readers, who are looking to hear other people’s experiences as well. I don’t have a bad opinion on Heal-N-Soothe in terms of effect, as I am aware that it does work well for some people (as it’s your case too). But as a supplement overall, I’m not a fan of it for multiple reasons (you also pointed out some of them)

    Anyway – if you can afford this product and it does work for you, I surely recommend you to stick with it. But for people who are only considering it, I would surely not recommend it simply because there are better alternatives on the market. You also mentioned their propaganda issues and how they try to force people into buying more of Heal-N-Soothe. I surely don’t agree with that and I’m sure many of their customers don’t agree either.

    But anyway, thank you again Bruce for sharing your opinion and experience with Heal-N-Soothe, it was tremendously helpful.

  45. Edward Harris says:

    A few months ago I purchased 2 bottles of Heal and Soothe.
    It has not worked very well for my knee pain but I am sent an unwanted bottle every month.
    The company have my card details. Would you be kind enough to recommend the easiest way to deal with this problem?

  46. Heather Pharm.D. says:

    Hi Edward, I’m sorry to hear about the issues you’re having with Heal-n-Soothe, but this is a very common problem that many of my readers told me about. Unfortunately, I don’t have a certain solution to it but I can tell you what others said that helped. You could insist on contacting the brand and threaten to sue this. In many cases, this scared them so they ended up canceling the customer’s subscription and refunding him (though not in all cases). Also, an easier solution would be to contact your bank and ask them to stop all automated transactions to Heal-n-Soothe’s producer (I don’t know the exact name that appears on your card statement but you can check it out). This should help.

  47. Mike says:

    Three bottles … need absolutely NOTHING … but take $ from my WALLET … I’m STILL in PAIN today … it seems like there’s just an endless line of people that just LOVE to take your $ … that’s life today … WHAT CAN I SAY !!!!!

  48. Heather Pharm.D. says:

    Hello Mike, I’m really sorry to hear you had such a negative experience with them. It’s such a shame there are still this kind of practices. Maybe there’s something you can do to get some of your money back, like contacting your bank or something like this.

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