Is Nerve Renew A Scam? (My 2021 Review)

Is Nerve Renew A Scam? (My 2019 Personal Review)

It’s time for my Nerve Renew review – because at this point, it’s my #1 recommendation for neuropathy:

  1. One of the best formulas on the market
  2. High dosages
  3. Many satisfied customers

The only possible downside is price – which is a bit high, in my opinion.

For this reason – is Nerve Renew a scam (in terms of money)? Or is it worth the high cost?

Let me give you all the facts as to why it’s my #1 recommendation.

Note: This review is based on my experience + research on Nerve Renew.


So Let’s Get To The Review

Full Name: Nerve Renew by Neuropathy Treatment Group

Is Nerve Renew A Scam? (My 2019 Personal Review)Versions: Only 1 (30 days supply) – but you can order more bottles at once.

Best Actual Price: Around $69 per bottle.

You can get it for $49 per month with auto-shipping or if you buy more bottles at once (more on this below).

Cheapest Place To Buy It: Its official website

Designed For: Neuropathy and everything that involves nerve problems:

  • decreases pain and burning sensations
  • improves numbing
  • reduces sensitivity

My Rating: 9.50 out of 10A really good product

Worth Buying?: Definitely – it’s the best supplement for nerve pain I know:

  • lots of superior ingredients (regarding absorption)
  • high dosages
  • excellent formula overall

It also comes with a 1 year money back guarantee – so it’s a pretty safe try.


What I Liked About It

  • Contains the strongest ingredients for nerve pain
  • Really potent formula
  • High dosages in most ingredients
  • Uses an improved version of some ingredients
  • Works really well for nerve pain 
  • Many positive reviews and satisfied customers
  • 1 year money back guarantee for the last order


What I Didn’t Like About It

  • Hard to afford for some people (though it’s worth the money)
  • Shipping fees aren’t included in the price



Why I Recommend Nerve Renew (For Neuropathy)

Out of all supplements I looked into – Nerve Renew looked (by far) the most promising.

That’s the reason why you should try it, actually.

And up this point – I think you couldn’t choose better.

Basically – there are 3 main reasons why I recommend it:

1. Superior Ingredient Versions – that’s available for vitamins B1 and B12:

  • both come as forms with a better absorption
  • that can make a huge difference in terms of pain (according to studies)

2. High Dosages – compared to most products, Nerve Renew contains higher doses of:

  • methylcobalamine
  • other vitamins

3. Money Back Guarantee – there aren’t many products that give you the chance of a refund:

  • Nerve Renew offers a 1 year guarantee
  • you can get your money back for your last order

Sure enough – Nerve Renew is a pretty pricey product. So not all of us could afford it on a monthly basis.

But for those of you who afford it, it’s a product I definitely recommend.


#1 – Ingredients (9.50 out of 10)

In terms of formula – I see Nerve Renew as the best product on the market:

  • the most powerful substances for nerve pain
  • high dosages in most
  • lots of clinical evidence

Basically – it put together the top ingredients for neuropathy.

Most supplements contain either 1 or 2, and Nerve Renew contains about 4. That’s the difference.

So let’s take a quick look at its main ingredients.

1. Benfotiamine (300 mg)

That’s actually one of the key ingredients of Nerve Renew:

Basically – vitamin B1 (thiamine) is essential for relieving nerve pain. [2]

However, it has a very poor absorption so most of it is eliminated immediately.

On the other hand – benfotiamine is a superior form of vitamin B1, with a much better absorption.

Overall – it’s an ingredient that can make the difference.

2. R-Alpha Lipoic Acid (150 mg)

It’s another essential ingredient for neuropathy:

  • strong antioxidant proprieties
  • fights oxidative stress (the #1 cause of nerve damage)
  • decreases pain and burning [3]

3. Proprietary Blend (43 mg)

That’s actually a mix of herbs with anti-inflammatory proprieties:

  • Feverfew extract
  • Oat Straw extract
  • Passion Flower extract
  • Skullcap Root extract

4. Vitamin B12 (2000 mcg)

This is one of the most useful substances for neuropathy:

  • promotes nerve regeneration [4]
  • decreases pain and sensitivity [5]

However – Nerve Renew is one step ahead other supplements, from this point of view.

It contains a superior form of vitamin B12: methylcobalamine.

Compared to the regular form from most supplements (cyancobalamine) – it has an increased absorption and higher potency.

Plus, the dose from Nerve Renew is really high – which increases its effect. [6]

5. Other Vitamins

These are not as essential as B12 and B1 – but they still have serious benefits:

  • Vitamin D – a deficiency may cause nerve pain [7]
  • Riboflavine (Vitamin B2) – essential for nerve health
  • Vitamin B6 – also helps healing nerve damage


Overall – Nerve Renew has an excellent formula.

Compared to most neuropathy supplements, it contains:

  • more essential ingredients (4 vs 1-2)
  • higher dosages (vitamin B12)
  • improved forms in some ingredients (vitamin B1)

So at this point, it’s the best supplement for neuropathy I know (in terms of ingredients).


#2 – How To Take It (9 out of 10)

Nerve Renew has a pretty easy to follow schedule and regular pills.

1. Pills Facts

They actually look pretty common:

  • average dimensions
  • covered in gelatin
  • pretty easy to swallow with water

So if you’re afraid of thick horse pills – it’s not the case here.

If you really can’t swallow the pills as they are (though I doubt it), you can open them and swallow the powder inside.

But I wouldn’t recommend that (the capsule is meant for protection, so the absorption can decrease without it).

2. The Schedule

Things are pretty good here as well:

  1. You need to take 2 pills per day.
  2. The label recommends spacing them out.
  3. You should take 1 in the morning and 1 in the evening.

Though 1 pill a day would have been far easier – many supplements require 3 pills daily.

So nerve Renew isn’t that bad from this point of view.

Also – my advice is to take the pills with or after food. In this way, you avoid any eventual stomach cramps.


#3 – Results (8 out of 10)

 I decided to check and include other customers’ opinions in my review.

In this way – I could create an unbiased perspective.

Note: I only considered authentic reviews, not general ones.

1. What People Say

The good news is that I found lots of real opinions on Nerve renew.

The bad news is that not all of them were positive (only about 75%). 

So here’s what most people think about this product:

  1. Some say it’s extremely effective for nerve pain.
  2. Others claim it’s the best supplement on the market.
  3. A few say they saw results within 1-2 weeks.
  4. Others complain about the high price.
  5. There are a few saying it didn’t really work.
  6. Others complain about the staff and company.

As I said – there are several negative reviews. So not all customers were satisfied with this product.

However – those negative reviews aren’t all related to the product.

2. Biggest Complaints

There are only a few customers complaining about Nerve Renew’s weak effect.

In fact – most are complaining about other issues:

  1. Really expensive price
  2. Auto-shipping issues
  3. Spam emails from the company

Even though I haven’t experienced all of them, I tend to agree.

Since there are more people complaining about these issues – they’re surely real.

But except for the price – there are solutions to these problems:

  • block the email address of the company (after you get your order)
  • don’t sign up for their auto-shipping
  • instead, make your orders manually


Opinions are pretty mixed up when it comes to Nerve Renew:

  • some people say it’s excellent 
  • others say it works really well for their neuropathy
  • some others are totally unsatisfied

However – I noticed most negative reviews aren’t directly about the product.

Instead, they’re all about the company, its policies and prices.

So I still consider Nerve Renew as a great choice for nerve pain (if not the best).



#4 – Price (6 out of 10)

That’s by far the biggest downside of Nerve Renew.

To be honest – at this price, not all of us could afford it on a monthly basis. But things aren’t as bad as they seem.

1. The Exact Price

Nerve Renew’s cost depends a lot on 2 things:

  • the quantity you buy
  • whether you sign in for auto-shipping or not

So here are the options you have:

  1. 1 Month Supply: $69 (plus shipping)
  2. 3 Months Supply: $147 (that’s about $49 per bottle)
  3. 2 Week Trial: just shipping 

Now – you might think the 2 week trial is the best choice. But there are a few things you should know.

  1. To order the 2 weeks supply, you need to sign up for auto-shipping first.
  2. So after 2 weeks, you will be automatically billed a 30 days supply.
  3. This costs $49 per month (just like in the 3 months supply offer).

Nerve Renew claims you can quit the auto-shipping anytime – which makes their offer really good.

However, some reviews say it’s not that simple.

Considering that’s pretty common in products offering auto-shipping – I tend to agree.

So my advice is to order the products manually.

If you buy the 3 months supply, you get the same discount as with auto-shipping ($49 per bottle). So it’s a much safer deal.

2. Competitors’ Price

Honestly – if you check out Amazon supplements, you will find many under $40.

However, their ingredients are much weaker (compared to Nerve Renew).

Besides – Nerve Renew has another advantage:

In other words – if you want to buy its ingredients separately, you end up paying almost double.

Plus, you will have to take 6 separate pills (instead of 1).

So that’s what convinced me that it’s not as expensive as I thought – it’s simply a multiple supplement.


Nerve Renew does seem overpriced compared to other products – BUT:

  • contains more expensive ingredients
  • its dosages are considerably higher

I still consider it a pricey choice and I’m not trying to hide this.

But if you choose the 3 months supply, the price is $20 lower – which is a decent save.

So if you afford buying Nerve Renew, I totally recommend it.


#5 – Refund Policies (10 out of 10)

Surprisingly – Nerve Renew offers a 1 year money back guarantee.

That means the company is pretty confident about this product, which is great for customers.

But here’s the trick behind this money back guarantee:

  1. You will only be refunded the money for your last order.
  2. Shipping fees are also not included.

So basically:

  • you can ask for your money back for any order
  • it only has to be less than 1 year since you placed it

However – if you placed several orders in the meantime, you will only receive the money for the last one.

So you can’t suddenly change your mind that you don’t like Nerve Renew anymore, after using it for 7 months.

To be honest, that seems 100% fair to me.


#6 – FAQs

Up next, I will try to answer the most common questions about Nerve Renew.

Note: I might repeat something I already mentioned, but it’s easier to spot here.

1. How many pills per day?

According to the label – only 2.

It’s recommended to space them out: one in the morning and one in the evening. Also, take the with or after food.

2. How long lasts 1 bottle?

30 days – a bottle is one month supply. There are 60 pills per bottle and you need to take 2 daily.

3. Can I take it with other drugs?

My serious recommendation is to consult your doctor first.

Most people with nerve pain also suffer from diabetes or associated conditions – so they take several prescription drugs.

For this reason, there’s a risk of interactions. 

That’s why consulting your doctor first is essential.

4. Are there any side effects?

The label doesn’t mention any.

I personally didn’t experience any secondary reactions. And most of the reviews I read were safe from this point of view.

However, I did read about 1-2 reviews of people saying their pain got worse.

But that’s probably just a coincidence – as Nerve Renew couldn’t possibly increase the pain.

5. How fast should I notice any improvement?

Normally – I recommend using this supplement for about 1-2 months.

In this time, you should see even a small improvement.

However, some people said they felt better in 1-2 weeks. So it can also work fast – it only depends from person to person.


#7 – Final Conclusions

Here’s how I would sum up my opinion on Nerve Renew (in 3 ideas).

1. Best Formula I Know

Though I checked out many supplements, I chose Nerve Renew because of its formula:

  • contains 4 essential ingredients (vs 2 in most supplements)
  • has the strongest substances for neuropathy inside
  • high dosages

So overall – I couldn’t find any better formula among nerve supplements. 

That’s why I really recommend Nerve Renew.

2. Quite Pricey

Honestly – this supplement isn’t very affordable:

  • $69 on single bottles
  • $49 on 3-months supply
  • only 2 weeks trial is free

However – in the last case, you would have to sign up for auto-shipping (which I don’t necessarily recommend, until you really see that it works).

So considering the first 2 price options, you can’t say Nerve Renew is the cheapest supplement ever.

That even though it’s totally worth the money.

3. 1 Year Possible Refund

That’s an advantage you should make full use of:

  • you can have your money back 1 year after placing the order
  • but you will only be refunded your last order’s money

Basically – keep in mind that you can only receive the payment for the last order you placed.

But even so, I think it’s a major advantage over other products.



My Verdict – Is Nerve Renew A Scam?

Short answer: Definitely not – it’s 100% legit.

Is Nerve Renew A Scam? (My 2019 Personal Review)In fact – it’s my #1 recommendation for neuropathy and nerve pain:

  1. Excellent formula with high dosages.
  2. Many ingredients in superior absorption forms.
  3. Really effective for pain and sensitivity.
  4. Works pretty fast (sometimes less than 1 month).
  5. 1 year money back guarantee.

Now – it’s surely not a perfect product. Considering it costs $69 normally (and $49 with a discount) – it seems really expensive.

But for the formula it has, it’s not so pricey anymore.

So if you’re looking for a quality nerve pain reliever – this is my #1 recommendation.

I haven’t found any other product with better features overall.




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Heather Pharm.D.

Heather Tracy Foley is a Pharmacy graduate, Blogger and Author with a vast experience in health sciences. She has a particular interest in joint pain and rheumatology and spent several years studying health problems. You can find her on Pinterest or via email.

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6 Responses

  1. Lee says:

    Hi Heather, I recommend Nerve Renew too. I’m a diabetic and suffering from several complications, including neuropathy in both of my legs, the right one is more severe. I have used a supplement from Amazon with vitamin B1 and B12 but it didn’t work out the way I hoped, there was still a lot of pain left. I’ve also tried several multivitamins, the last one from Nature Made but I felt very little improvement. In a few weeks after starting Nerve Renew my pain got really better and now I have days when I ever forget I have nerve pain. I was reluctant to pay so much at first, but I recently started buying 3 month offer and that saves me enough for an extra bottle, which is fine. Just in case you’re interested in hearing my opinion, thanks.

  2. Heather Pharm.D. says:

    Hey Lee, I’m surely interested in hearing everyone’s experience with Nerve Renew. Thanks a lot for sharing it, I’m really happy to hear it was so effective for you.

    It’s true that price is kind of high, which is a downside for most of us. But as you said, buying their largest offer will give you a significant discount. So if you’re using Nerve Renew constantly, that’s by far the best option.

    Thanks again for your experience with it and please keep me updated on how it continues to work in the future. Best wishes!

  3. Tina Surfer says:

    Thanks for your advice. I have trying various supplement for my sciatica pain but nothing worked. I then found out that sciatica isn’t really joint pain, but nerve pain so that’s why the supplements I used were not good. Now I’m looking for a nerve pain product and this seems by far the best I have found. Almost all of its ingredients are better than what I found in Amazon supplements so I have a feeling it should work. I don’t care how much I have to pay as long as it turns out to be effective, so I will order this next week.

  4. Heather Pharm.D. says:

    Hi Tina. Based on your description, I also agree that a nerve pain supplement would work much better for you than a joint pain one. Nerve Renew is indeed pricier than Amazon products, but it also has a better quality. And that’s visible in its formula and ingredients, as you noticed.

    Once you start using Nerve Renew, please let me know how it goes and whether it helps or not. Best wishes!

  5. Harry says:

    I am suffering from chronic lower back pain due to a nerve damage I got a few years ago from lifting heavy weights at work. I have tried several medicines for pain but none of them really work.

    I’ve been looking into Nerve Renew because I saw it advertised and read lots of praises. I’m curious if it’s really effective for someone without diabetes nerve damage. Do you think it might? I’m going to purchase it either way, it’s not cheap but at least I will know I have tried it. Will keep you posted with the updates!

  6. Heather Pharm.D. says:

    Hi Harry, thanks for your opinion on Nerve Renew. This product is designed for nerve damage and restoration in general, not just for people with diabetes. So it should work for you just as well as for them. I think you should give it a try.

    I’m not really sure what you tried before – but I imagine NSAIDs weren’t too effective. So I will try to give you some potentially helpful recommendations:

    1) Turmeric is useful for nerve pain, not just for inflammation or joint pain. Here you can find several easy ways to use it (that article is focused on knee pain, but it works for low back pain as well).

    2) Arnica is also a potential helper, since it’s great against inflammatory pain (and some sources say it decreases several types of pain – including nerve damage). 

    3) You can also try massaging your painful area with CBD oil. I’m not sure if you tried any essential oils before and whether they will help or not, but it’s really easy to try – so I think it’s worth it.

    Please let me know how Nerve Renew works for you in the future. Hope this helps!

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