My Proflexoral Review – Scam Or Real? (Personal Opinion)

My Proflexoral Review - Scam Or Real? (Personal Opinion)

It’s time for my Proflexoral review – a joint product that doesn’t look too trustworthy to me. Here’s why I say this:

  • claims to relieve your pain in 15 minutes (which is impossible)
  • no authentic reviews
  • pretty unprofessional website

So at first sight – Proflexoral has high chances to be a scam. But I wanted to judge fairly, so I decided to take a closer look at it and analyze all of its aspects.

Also, I wanted to test it out for real – but their “free bottle” offer wasn’t real. (I will tell you more below)

So let me give you all the hidden facts about Proflexoral – and whether it’s a scam or not.

Note: This review is based on my personal opinion about this supplement. I’m not trying to praise/criticize the product or its company – I am simply saying what I found out about it.


So Let’s Get To The Review

Full Name: Proflexoral from Healthy Living Association

My Proflexoral Review - Scam Or Real? (Personal Opinion)Form: Only capsules

Best Actual Price: $39.99 per bottle

Where You Can Find It: Only on the official website, it’s not sold on Amazon, Ebay or anywhere else.

Designed For: According to the label, it helps any kind of joint pain:

  • inflammatory
  • caused by cartilage damage

It also claims to improve joint mobility and flexibility and decrease stiffness. (I will explain below why I don’t believe any of these promises).

My Rating: 3 out of 10 – I only rated it so high for the substances it contains

Worth Buying?: Definitely not. It has a lot of problems:

  • starting from what it claims
  • ending with its really big price

And there are many other things that I will mention below. But I would surely not recommend it – especially because you can get the same formula for over $10 less. 


What I Liked About It

  • The substances it uses are really effective on their own
  • Contains the good form of glucosamine (the sulfate)


What I Didn’t Like About It

  • The doses of the ingredients are hidden
  • No bioperine for turmeric
  • Impossible claims (no supplement can relieve the pain within minutes)
  • Their free bottle offer isn’t actually real (I will explain below)
  • You can only find reviews on their website (probably fake)
  • Very expensive – $40 per bottle
  • The website looks very unprofessional (and with lots of redirects)




Proflexoral – A Quick Overview

Proflexoral is basically a supplement that claims some impossible things – in my opinion. 

My Proflexoral Review - Scam Or Real? (Personal Opinion)First – it promises to work for any kind of joint pain, whether it’s caused by:

  • inflammation
  • cartilage problems
  • arthritis
  • stiffness and no mobility

Now – that is really hard to believe, since joint products are usually specially designed for one of these problems.

But that’s not all – it also claims to work within minutes. In my opinion, that is totally impossible – since no product can really do that. But we’ll see in this review.

So basically, these are the major things you should know about Proflexoral.

It claims to be a pretty miraculous product – judging after the info from this website. But I will show you below that it’s not.

So let’s start by taking a quick look at its ingredients.



The Ingredients – No Doses?!

So here’s the thing – when I first checked out Proflexoral’s website, I couldn’t find the ingredients easily.

I did find them in the end – but not as I expected:

  • there’s no picture of the back label
  • the ingredients are simply mentioned
  • there are no doses

Now – when a joint product doesn’t mention its doses, it’s usually a sign that something is not right about it.

I’ve tried enough products that did this – and none of them worked.

That’s why I’m pretty sure that Proflexoral isn’t such a great product – otherwise, why would it hide the doses? It’s them that make a supplement good or weak.

So in this case, you can’t make an idea about the ingredients until you actually buy the product. To me, this sounds like a strategy:

  • you’re not going to buy a product with low doses
  • but you might buy a product with unknown doses



A Quick Look At The Ingredients

Excluding the missing doses problem, Proflexoral’s ingredients look great on paper (at least their names). 

Let’s take them by start:

1. Glucosamine Sulfate – it’s the best substance for osteoarthritis and cartilage problems:

  • rebuilds damaged cartilages
  • increases joint flexibility
  • prevents them from further damage

But as I don’t know the doses, I can’t really give a verdict on this ingredient.

2. Chondroitin Sulfate – it basically does the same things as glucosamine, but it’s not as strong. However, it seems to increase the power of glucosamine.

3. Turmeric – it’s the best natural anti-inflammatory, so it helps the other side of joint problems. But in this case, it won’t be very effective:

  • only the root powder, no extract (which is much better)
  • no bioperine (so your body will absorb less than 50% of the turmeric)
  • you need over 1000 mg per day to see an effect – which I doubt they have in these pills

4. Boswellia Extract – this herb also works for inflammation, so it can increase the power of turmeric. But without the dose, I can’t tell how useful it is.

5. Quercetin & Methionine – they are natural antioxidants and they protect the joints (but in reality, their effect is pretty minor).

6. MSM – it’s a substance we normally have in our joints and cartilages. But its production decreases with age. It’s good at 2 major things:

  • fights joint inflammation
  • protects the joints from additional damage

7. Bromelain – it’s a natural enzyme, which can reduce the progression of osteoarthritis.



4 Conclusions On The Ingredients

#1. Great Substances – on paper, the ingredients from Proflexoral look really good:

  • classic substances
  • they have many studies behind (in general, I’m not talking about this product)
  • they do work – based on my experience

But as I said – it’s only their names that look promising, since there are no doses that could figure that out.

#2. Good Form Of Glucosamine – Proflexoral uses glucosamine sulfate, instead of hydochloride. 

Studies showed the first one is a lot more effective than the HCl (which is usually cheaper). For this reason – many supplements use the HCl form, which I don’t really recommend.

#3. Probably Low Doses – in my opinion, that’s the reason why Proflexoral tried to keep the doses a secret:

  • low quantities of most substances
  • no one would buy/recommend it then

That’s why I’m pretty sure it’s not very effective – but more on that later. 

#4. Bioperine Missing For Turmeric – this is a major problem:

  • the turmeric from this pills isn’t going to do much
  • less than 50% of it will get absorbed

Plus – there’s just the root powder, which is pretty weak alone. No curcumin, no extract, no anything. So I wouldn’t really count on the turmeric from these pills.




The Main 5 Problems Of Proflexoral

As I said in the beginning – I did not try Proflexoral myself (more on that below). So I don’t have a personal experience with it that I could mention here.

My Proflexoral Review - Scam Or Real? (Personal Opinion)However, I studied several things:

  • the product itself and the website
  • other customer reviews (authentic ones)
  • info about the company
  • all the other things I could find about Proflexoral

The thing is – I couldn’t find too many good things about it (except the substances it contains). 

On the other hand, I found lots of problems and things that are clearly not right. 

So as I want to be honest in this review – I will try to point out the 5 major things that did not seem right about Proflexoral. 

(There would be normally 6 problems – but I will just skip the “hidden doses” one because I already pointed it out). 

If you have had any personal experiences with this supplement (good or bad), you can let me know in a comment. Also, if some of the info I mentioned is inaccurate – feel free to correct me.



Problem #1 – Fake Claims

Here’s what Proflexoral promises to do – according to its website:

  1. Ease pain in minutes (as little as 15 minutes)
  2. Relieves stiffness in the first 24 hours
  3. Steadily improves mobility

Now – let me tell you something.

In the last 10 years, I tried hundreds of joint products – containing every ingredient you can imagine.

Well, none of them manage to relieve my pain or stiffness so fast. It’s practically impossible, believe me. 

I tried products that had great ingredients in huge doses and cost me $100 – and they still didn’t work so fast. 

That’s why I’m 100% convinced that Proflexoral cannot do what it claims – especially in such a short time. It’s impossible, believe me:

  1. The fastest supplement decreased my pain after 3 days
  2. It needed several days to reduce my stiffness
  3. And my joint mobility got better after about 1 month (and that was the fastest case)

Do you get my point now?

(Sure, there are creams that work instantly – but they just freeze the painful area. And Proflexoral has nothing to do with that, I can tell by its ingredients). 

Plus – if it worked so fast, believe me that it would be super popular. Everyone would be using it – but they don’t, so it’s pretty clear these are just some exaggerated claims.



Problem #2 – Misleading Free Offer

Do you remember – I told you in the beginning that I wanted to buy this product, but in the end I didn’t.

Here’s why:

  • they have a free trial offer on their website
  • if you click on it, you are automatically redirected to their purchase page
  • there, you can only buy this supplement
  • there’s no “free bottle” option

So their “free trail” offer is completely fake. I looked all over their website but I couldn’t find a way to redeem it.

They simply redirect you to the purchase page – but there’s nothing about the free offer mentioned before.

However, here’s the thing:

  • they do offer a free bottle – IF you buy 3 bottles
  • they also offer 3 free bottles – IF you buy 5 bottles

So this might be their “free offer” actually.

But tell me – when you read “free trail bottle” you don’t think about a free bottle alone?

I mean, it’s not “an extra bottle for free” – it’s a “free bottle”. There’s a difference.

So I can’t tell that their offer is 100% fake – but it’s surely 100% misleading, because there’s no way you get a free bottle if you don’t buy one yourself.



Problem #3 – Unprofessional Website

If you checked out Proflexoral’s official website – I’m sure you weren’t really stunned.

The page is extremely simple and basic – but that’s not actually the problem:

  • there’s very little info about the product (just general stuff)
  • my browser labels it as a “not secure” website
  • you are redirected to another website at least 2 times

Now – the second website seems to be the one of their company. That one looks pretty okay, but it’s still not very professional (I would surely not buy from this kind of website).

It just looks like a letter that is meant to impress you – so they count on making you buy on emotion. 

Obviously, it’s up to you if you buy this supplement – but I personally would not, and its unprofessional website is just another extra reason.



Problem #4 – Huge Price

Let me confess you something: 

  • My Proflexoral Review - Scam Or Real? (Personal Opinion)I’ve seen Proflexoral’s formula before
  • I don’t know the doses, but I’ve seen these exact ingredients together

Now – if there’s enough of each substance, this combination really works. I’ve seen it myself.

But the point is – the supplement that has this formula is way cheaper than Proflexoral. Plus – its doses are clearly mentioned (and they are high).

So the thing is:

  • Proflexoral is more expensive that something with the exact formula
  • It costs $40 per bottle (vs $29 – other products)
  • Besides, you don’t even know how many grams of each substance it contains

So keep this in mind – Proflexoral will cost you $10 more than a supplement that has (at least) the same things inside.

That’s why I wouldn’t pay $40 per bottle when I can get it for $29 (or even $19 if you do this trick). 

It’s up to you what you decide – but for me, Proflexoral is surely not worth all these money.



Problem #5 – Questionable Reviews

If you read some of my other reviews – you probably know that I don’t trust the reviews from the official website.

I mean – it’s clear they’re not going to criticize their product. 

However, the reviews from Proflexoral’s website are surely not real. Here’s how I can tell:

  • you can’t write your own review (even with verifying your purchase)
  • the reviews from their website look exactly like the ones from Amazon
  • however, you can’t find Proflexoral anywhere on Amazon
  • none of the reviewers mentions the name “Proflexoral” in their lines

So if you ask me – those reviews are definitely biased. They’re simply put there to add more trust – but they’re surely not real.

Just try to search “proflexoral reviews” on Google and you won’t get any authentic reviews (only general ones). 

The only “authentic” reviews are on their official website – so to me, it’s pretty clear how authentic they are.




My Verdict – Is Proflexoral A Scam?

Short answer: In my opinion, definitely. It just has too many things that don’t seem right:

  • hidden doses of the ingredients
  • claims that are impossible to fulfill
  • no authentic reviews
  • a misleading offer
  • really big price

The thing is – no joint supplement can reduce the pain in 15 minutes. Unless it’s a cream, but those only hide the pain.

Proflexoral claims to relieve the pain and stiffness for real – which is really impossible. I mean, it can do that – but it’s going to need days, even weeks. 

So what it claims is surely impossible – I say that from experience.

It does have a good formula – but since we don’t know the doses, it’s hard to tell if it’s effective or not. 

Besides, you can get the same ingredients in a supplement that costs $10 less (and it probably has higher doses too).

So it’s up to you if you want to spend extra money or not – but I advise you to stay away from Proflexoral. That’s what I personally would do.

Heather Pharm.D.

Heather Tracy Foley is a Pharmacy graduate, Blogger and Author with a vast experience in health sciences. She has a particular interest in joint pain and rheumatology and spent several years studying health problems. You can find her on Pinterest or via email.

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4 Responses

  1. Gent Coperland says:

    Proflexoral is a scam! They say it works in 15 minutes but it doesn’t work even in 15 days. I was stupid enough to buy 5 bottles all at once, from my first try. They had a much better price in that pack, and I believed all their promises. Very foolish of me, I know…

    My OA pain never got any better after taking 3 bottles of this supplement. Isn’t that all it takes?! I called and asked for a refund but they closed up immediately and never answered again. The other bottles I had went straight into my trash can. I will surely not buy it again, thank you for giving out a warning about.

    I don’t think you tried it, but don’t even do it. You will spend your money in vain. I will take a look at your recommendation but hopefully it’s not a scam too…

  2. Heather says:

    Hello Gent. First of all, thank you for letting me know your personal opinion about Proflexoral. I haven’t tried this product myself, but I surely don’t plan to – since it looks to have to many issues.

    You’re not the only one who got scammed, it happened to me as well at some points. But that’s it, you can learn from your mistakes and do a longer research next time. 

    It’s just a shame that you lost some money, a 5 bottles pack was surely not cheap. But anyway, that’s it. Since they don’t have a refund policy, they would surely not have refunded you either way.

    For osteoarthritis, I do recommend you ProJoint Plus. Most people who tried me gave me a positive feedback, so it’s not a scam. In my case, it was one of the most effective supplements I tried. And in terms of price, it was the cheapest.

    But if you decide to buy it, maybe you should get just 1 bottle. They also have a much better price for a larger pack, but you already have a negative experience with that. So better try it out first and see how it goes.

    Hope this helps. If you decide to try any new supplement, I’m gladly waiting for your feedback.

  3. Louise says:

    Hi Heather, I recently heard about Proflexoral and how fast it can relieve the pain, but it was an ad and I wanted to check it out before I really buy this thing.

    Thank God I found your review, because you sorted things out really well. There’s no way I would buy a joint supplement without knowing what it contains, and how many mg it contains! It’s totally unfair not to mention it, honestly. The company behind Proflexoral is totally wrong here, as far as I know even FDA’s standards require that every dose is mentioned, so they could be in real trouble.

    I noticed you pointed out the bad design of their website. I checked it out just now and I would pretty much think the same, it doesn’t look like a professional company/product. 

    I was seriously thinking about giving Proflexoral a hit, because of that ad that really took me aback. But I’m glad I tried to find out more, since I’m quite sure it’s another scam. I agree, no product can work in 15 minutes (as far as I tried)…So Proflexoral can’t be the exception.

    Thank you for taking the time to write this complete review, it was really helpful.

  4. Heather says:

    Hi Louise, Proflexoral is a product I seriously don’t recommend.

    I mean – you can see it’s not legit from the start (at least one should). Keep this in mind – any supplement that promises a miraculous relief or claims that it has a breakthrough/original formula it’s usually a scam.

    Products that are really good don’t need this kind of claims – their results speak for themselves.

    On the other hand, if Proflexoral is as good as it claims – why isn’t it more popular? Why isn’t everyone using it? If it really did what it promises, everyone would be free of joint pain.

    So that’s the thing actually.

    And here’s another common pattern – this kind of scam products tend to cost a lot (compared to similar ones). 

    Well, Proflexoral is $40 for one month, which is a lot more than the average.

    So to me – that makes it pretty clear that it’s a scam. 

    Now – I don’t know what exact problem you have, but I recommend you to choose a quality product. 

    And since I can’t suggest you a certain product for your exact issue, I advise you to take a look at these supplements for joint pain. They are the best ones I tried throughout the years, so they should really help.

    PS: You can find more details there about what kind of pain they’re designed for .

    Hope this helps you.

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