My LunaFlex PM Review – Scam Or Real?

My LunaFlex PM Review - Scam Or Real?

It’s time for my LunaFlex PM review – a supplement that I never heard about before. 

To be honest, it made me a really bad first impression:

  • the ingredients are pretty weird
  • it claims to have a miraculous formula – which I doubt
  • extremely expensive ($50 per one month bottle)

Now, I have to mention something – I did not try this product myself. But I’ve tried hundreds others, so it’s super easy for me to compare. (I will tell you more on this later).

So is LunaFlex PM any good? One of my readers asked me to review this product for one reason –  he thought it was a scam. 

Now – after digging deep into this supplement, I came to a similar conclusion. But let me reveal you the facts – so that you can judge by yourself.

Note: This review is based on my personal opinion about this product. I am not trying to praise/ criticize the supplement or its company – I am simply telling how I see things.


So Let’s Get To The Review

Full Name: LunaFlex PM from NorthStar Nutritionals

My LunaFlex PM Review – Scam Or Real?Quantity : 60 softgels

Best Actual Price: $49.95

Where You Can It From: Only the official website – I also found it listed on Amazon, but it’s seems like it;s unavailable for a long while.

Designed For: According to the official website, it’s meant to “replace” your joints while you sleep. Don’t laugh – that’s exactly what it claims. 

So they probably recommend it for any kind of joint pain or problems.

Now, that’s what the producer claims – because in reality, it’s not really so (and I will explain on the whole later on).

My Rating: 1 out of 10 – Scam Alert!

Worth Buying?: Definitely not. It claims to be a miraculous solution – but in reality it’s not. You can tell that after its claims – it just looks way too miraculous to be true.

Moreover, it doesn’t have anything special:

  • some basic ingredients
  • average doses
  • it costs a fortune

Besides, I couldn’t find any real reviews anywhere on the internet. So if it was a miracle-maker (as it clams) – it should be super famous by now. 




What I Liked About It

  • Contains softgels, not regular pills
  • They claim to have a money back guarantee (I’m not sure how real it is)


What I Didn’t Like About It

  • Not real promises – it can’t rebuild the joints all alone, in my opinion
  • Pretty weird formula (only 1 ingredient is designed for joint problems)
  • Average to low doses
  • There are no links to real data or studies in their description
  • No authentic reviews anywhere 
  • The person who asked me to review it didn’t get any improvement from it
  • Super expensive




A Quick Look – Fake Claims?

There’s only one thing that caught my eye in LunaFlex – its claims and promises. Honestly, they seem too hard to believe.

So here’s the thing – it claims to relieve every joint problems while you sleep. How exactly? Using one miraculous ingredient – growth hormone. 

Their Explanation:

  • growth hormone can rebuild the joints completely
  • but it’s not “activated” normally – you have to activate it manually
  • it’s a very recent discovery – but there’s no official info

Now – these are all things I read on their website. I didn’t create any of this myself – so don’t blame me if it sounds too hard to believe. 

So let’s go on. According to the same description, the growth hormone is hindered by 3 obstacles:

So they claim that if you managed to get rid of these 3 things, your joints would be cured on their own – miraculously:

How I See These Claims:

Now, I don’t mean to insult the company or anything – but this is basically impossible.

No research managed to find a real cure for joint pain or arthritis. That’s because it doesn’t exist any – medically speaking. What they claim doesn’t make any sense – that’s the point.

Besides, they have no scientific proof or study behind – I searched all over the Internet without finding anything.

If LunaFlex was a miraculous, it would be already famous everywhere. 

So at first sight – it really looks like a huge scam.



The Ingredients – Disappointing

My LunaFlex PM Review - Scam Or Real?

Before I start, there’s one thing you should know about LunaFlex: each ingredient is meant to treat one of the 3 obstacles.

  • hops for inflammation
  • cartilage for collagen deficiency
  • Valerian for sleep quality

Once again, that’s what the company claims – because to me, this formula seems like a bad joke. 

But let’s take a quick look at each ingredient:

 1. Perluxan Hops Extract (500 mg) – this is actually an ingredient from beer, but it’s an anti-inflammatory as well. (1)

Basically, it blocks some of the enzymes that cause inflammation. Now, this sounds great – but I have a few questions:

  • If it’s that good, why doesn’t everyone use it?
  • Why I’ve never seen it in any other joint supplement?
  • Why aren’t there more studies conducted on it?

You get my point? On paper, it looks great. But I never heard about it before – in 100 joint products. So this makes me doubt it a lot.

 2. Valerian Extract (200 mg) – I know this herb is great for people who have trouble sleeping. 

It makes you fall asleep immediately – so it’s a natural sedative. (2) 

However, I really doubt that sleeping could help rebuilding the joints. It just doesn’t make any sense – medically speaking. (I will explain later on why)

 3. UC-II Standardized Cartilage (40 mg) – that’s the only ingredient that I like. 

The standardized cartilage really helps the joints – because it contains collagen. (3)

The dose is average, but even so, I doubt it can help a lot. 40 mg can’t rebuild cartilages on their own – they can’t even help the joints too much.



Why I Reviewed It

As I said in the beginning, I didn’t try LunaFlex personally. I probably tested out 99% of the products I reviewed on this website – but this is an exception. 

So why exactly did I review it? Well, I received an email from one of my readers – regarding LunaFlex. Here’s what he wrote me:

That person bought it because of the description their had on their website. But in the end, he was totally disappointed by it:
  • he didn’t get any improvement
  • the joint pain didn’t go away at all
  • he even bought an extra bottle, but there was still no change

So that person wrote me, asking if I had tried this supplement. He felt totally ripped of by this company – he was 100% sure it was a scam. 

That’s why he asked me to see if I had any opinion about LunaFlex. Well, I had never heard about it before – at that point.

So initially, I wanted to order it and give it a try. But after reading its description – I was 90% convinced it’s not worth all that money.

Instead, I decided to take a close look at it. So now, let me show you briefly the “secrets” I found. 



PRO #1 – Softgels

Now – I did not take these pills myself. So I can’t tell if they’re easy to swallow or not. 

My LunaFlex PM Review – Scam Or Real?But there’s one thing I saw on the official website and I really liked:

  • they’re not using regular or gelatin pills
  • instead, they use softgels

So what exactly makes softgels more special? They’re not very different from gelatin pills, actually. I just like them a bit more:

  • you can take them without water
  • a bit easier to swallow overall
  • most softgels look like fish oil pills

Overall, I can’t say they have many advantages over gelatin pills. And it’s definitely not a reason why I could recommend LunaFlex.

But it’s one of the few things I liked about it. I try to be fair in my reviews – so I mentioned every good things I could find about it.

Because the negative side is pretty long:



CON #1 – Useless Formula

It may sound harsh, but that’s my personal opinion about LunaFlex. The claims they make are really absurd, in my opinion:

  • the joints can’t rebuild completely all alone
  • that part with “new joints while sleeping” seems unreal
  • they say “you need inflammation” – which I can’t agree

Now, this is only my opinion about LunaFlex. You don’t have to agree with me – I totally allow you to have a different opinion. But as this is a personal review, I have to be subjective.

So honestly, LunaFlex is probably the product with the worst claims I have ever seen. 

Believe me:

  • I tried everything – and my joints didn’t improve on their own
  • Inflammation isn’t good – it always causes pain

So there’s no way I could agree with LunaFlex’s website. To me, it seems rather an emotional description that is meant to make you buy – based on emotion, not on logic. 

This is my opinion, but I have to be honest and speak my mind. And to me, these claims look like a big scam.



CON #2 – No Real Studies

To me, that was the best proof that LunaFlex isn’t good as it claims.

So here’s the thing:

  • on their website, they mention studies (in general)
  • however, they don’t link to any
  • so there’s no real evidence about what they are saying

They mentioned about scientists at Cornwell University and how they discovered the growth hormone for joints. 

Now, I’m sure this discovery is true – but I couldn’t find any official data or info about it. They talk about several studies – but there’s no link for any.

I even searched about the growth hormone for joints on Google. I did find this study – but that was pretty much it. 

Now – if growth hormone was a miracle remedy for joint pain, I guess there would be a lot of studies, info and data. Do you agree?

So I apologize, but I couldn’t find any real studies behind LunaFlex’s claims. If you do find something, please let me know.



CON #3 – Doesn’t Work

I can’t be very subjective here, because I didn’t try this supplement myself.

However, I will count on the email I received from my reader:

  • he didn’t feel any improvement after on bottle
  • his joints were stiff in the morning – just like before
  • things didn’t get better even after the second bottle

Now, I wish I could find some other reviews – just to get a better idea about this supplement.

But unfortunately, I wasn’t able to find any – despite looking all over the Internet. 

They don’t even have any reviews on their official website (though they could be biased). But it’s not only this:

  • there’s no review section anywhere
  • you can’t write your own review (after verifying the purchase)
  • none of their other products have any reviews

So based on that, my conclusion is that their formula doesn’t work.

If it did, I guess you could find lots of reviews and opinions about it, right? Especially if it was as miraculous as they claim.



CON #4 – Super Expensive

I left this aspect at the end, for one reason: to me, this is the best proof that LunaFlex is a scam.

So here’s the thing:

  • they claim to have the natural formula for ANY joint pain
  • the ingredients have nothing special
  • and even so, one bottle costs $50 
  • besides, it only lasts one month

Now tell me – what’s so expensive inside these pills? 

  • Standardized collagen is pretty cheap
  • Valerian extract the same
  • Only the hops extract is left – but I doubt it could cost so much

So it doesn’t make any sense – why would you pay $50 for these ingredients, when they normally cost less than $20? (That’s just an average amount).

Yes, the company claims this formula is new and miraculous – so maybe that’s why they sell it so expensive.

But believe me, it’s not that miraculous. If it was, it would be super famous by now.

So in my opinion, these pills are not only expensive, but they’re also a waste of money.




My Final Verdict – Scam Or Real?

Short answer: Scam – in my opinion. And I will sum up the reasons why I’m saying this:

  • fake claims – it doesn’t do what it promises
  • the formula doesn’t make too much sense (medically speaking)
  • no special ingredients
  • extremely expensive ($50 per bottle)
  • no reviews all over the internet
  • I couldn’t find too many studies about their formula

So I would definitely stay away from this supplement. 

If it was cheaper, I might have given it a try – just to see for myself. But considering how much it cost, I couldn’t possible buy it – or recommend it.

Now – I will be honest with you:

  • There’s no supplement that can cure joint pain completely
  • All the ones that claim that are scams – you’ve seen LunaFlex

But there are some that can relieve your pain almost completely and rebuild your cartilages.

Here’s my top pick – which I can guarantee for. I have some real reasons why I recommend it – you can find them all in my review below.

So if you’re looking for a real product – that’s what I recommend you. What you choose is up to you.


 1 –

2 –

3 –

Heather Pharm.D.

Heather Tracy Foley is a Pharmacy graduate, Blogger and Author with a vast experience in health sciences. She has a particular interest in joint pain and rheumatology and spent several years studying health problems. You can find her on Pinterest or via email.

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12 Responses

  1. Evald says:

    Hello there Heather, thanks for such informative review! 

    As far as LunaFlex PM goes – I did expect it to be a well-reputable medicine with numerous reviews online. However that’s clearly not the case with it, so it is what it is I guess. I laughed really hard when I read their description of this drug which claims to ”replace Your joints while You sleep” haha! Damn, that definitely made my mood for the day! 

    I search all around the web and was shocked to discover that there aren’t any reviews or feedback regarding LunaFlex PM at all, besides Yours. But thankfully Your review exists which does an amazing job at covering each aspect of LunaFlex PM in great detail and clarity.

    I was also quite surprised to learn that the company on their website didn’t link to any medical studies, however they do mention them which is interesting. If a company is so positive and confident about their product- why not include a proper medical evidences to eliminate any possible doubt? I don’t know, it  all does look very fishy and scammy.  

    The one huge red flag surrounding this medicine is obviously those fake claims that come with it of having this new & miraculous formula, when in reality it has nothing to do with being this effective & extraordinary medicine. Instead it’s complete opposite of what they claim it to be. Also, the pricing of this medicine is ridiculous when You consider that it is basically useless. Like You’ve analyzed & said in Your review- this medicine doesn’t contain any special ingredients, but instead uses pretty cheap ingredients which make the value of LunaFlex PM much lesser than what it actually sells for. It’s so obvious that they went with much higher price than the actual worth of the medicine itself to make some more money. 

    All in all heather, once again thanks for such detailed review and best of luck to You and keep up the great work Heather.

  2. Heather says:

    Hey Evald, thanks for sharing such a detailed opinion of yours. It’s great to hear this review helped you get an idea on LunaFlex PM.

    As I said, I didn’t mean to offend this product, but it really looks as a scam – both on the inside and on the outside. 

    So based on the feedback I received from my other readers, it seems like no one really believes this thing with “replace your joints while sleeping”. That’s really great to hear, because it means that people are not going to fall into their trap. 

    Thanks for your kind words.

  3. Strahinja says:

    Hello Heather. I had back problems for a while now, and I also had to consult the doctor. This was due to me spending many hours on the computer and I had very bad back posture. My doctor recommended me a supplement that helped me to some extent. I heard about LunaFlex and its magic formula.

    However, I wanted to research a bit more because it seemed waaay too good to be true, and that is how I bumped into your website. Let me just say that I am really glad you exposed this company and product. I was suspecting something was shady about it but I didn’t know enough to tell for sure. Now after reading your review, I agree with you that there’s a lot of misinformation and false claims. I say this as someone who hasn’t tried the product, but has taken a deep look at its website and what it promises.

    You are right, it’s impossible for it to be such an awesome product and to be sold only by this company (and so many people knowing it). When something is too good to be true, it surely it, and so is LunaFlex PM. Thanks for taking the time to write this detailed review, it really helped me out.


  4. Heather says:

    Hey there Strahinja, there’s so many people telling me they were looking for some authentic reviews on LunaFlex, just like you. I know what you’re saying, as I couldn’t find any customer opinions about it before.

    Anyway, there are lots of weird things about this supplement – and people are not stupid, they see that. So I would really advise everyone to stay away from it.

    As for your back problem, I don’t know if that supplement helped you completely or not, but I do recommend you turmeric. 

    If you have a minor pain, I would start with organic turmeric powder – consume it as a soup, smoothie or anything else (here are more ideas on this topic). You should notice your pain decreases after several days.

    In case your pain is more severe, you should start directly with a supplement – this one is the best turmeric supplement I know, because it’s pretty cheap and very effective. But if you want to have several options, you should take a look at this list I made in 2018. You’re surely going to find something right for you.

    Hope this helps.

  5. sally westrows says:

    This company’s claims are so out there that this is actually funny. I thought I was the only one, because I read that on their website and went on laughing out loud. But i read all the other comments from your review and everyone seems to agree on LunaFlex, it’s impossible to be legit as long as it promises to work so miraculously.

    Granted, it would be nice if you could actually take a pill that would replace your joints while you sleep. But it’s clearly impossible, since everyone would be taking this product then.

    To me, these miracle supplements and beauty potions that are only available directly from the company itself are a red flag indicating a scam. Most legitimate companies want to make as much money as possible. Thus, you can buy their products at a variety of stores or pharmacies.  

    again, I must say that I found the claims of LunaFlex PM to be entertaining. Thanks! I’ll keep my $50.   

  6. Heather says:

    Hey Sally, I agree that it would be great to have a supplement that could work while sleeping. But it’s probably never going to happen…

    So for now, LunaFlex PM remains a product with funny claims to me and probably to many others. Too bad that there are still people falling into this trap, but hopefully they think twice and try to make some research before making the actual purchase.

    Thank you for letting me know your opinion.

  7. julienne murekatete says:

    I agree, it doesn’t deserve so much money. It did nothing but make me want to sleep, for my joints it brought zero help. I bought it because I was stunned to have something helping my joints while sleeping, maybe it seems silly to you but i really swallowed this bait. Then i understood why it insisted so much on working while you sleep: it makes feel tired so you believe it’s working. In reality all you do is sleep, the pills do nothing for the joints while you sleep. Stay away from it, i tell you!!!!

  8. Heather says:

    Hey Julienne, thanks for telling your experience with LunaFlex PM.

    Don’t worry, all of us swallowed some scam’s bait at one point – maybe it wasn’t LunaFlex, but it was surely something else. So there’s nothing silly in that, don’t worry.

    Regarding what you said – one of the ingredients from these pills in Valerian extract. This herb is actually a sedative, so guess what’s its job? To make you sleep. And other than that – it doesn’t have absolutely anything to do with joints and pain.

    So as I said, I’ve never seen it in any other joint supplement – it has no benefits for relieving pain.

    Just like you said, they probably added Valerian in these pills just to make you sleep more and think that it’s working. So that makes it even more clear that LunaFlex isn’t legit (not to mention its price). 

  9. luuke says:

    Thanks for sorting things out about LunaFlex PM. I think the most important thing is that they have so much Valerian in this pills. I didn’t know what’s it good for, but I saw you explained that it makes you sleep. So it’s clear that they want to make you sleep more and forget about the pain. I think that’s not fair at all, I didn’t try Lunaflex until now but I’m not going to buy it any soon. Do they have any studies on this supplement? I think not.

  10. Heather says:

    Hey Luke. LunaFlex PM focuses on the idea that your joint pain is related to the quality of your sleep (which is fake, in my opinion). 

    So they sort of try to make you sleep more, saying that your joint pain will improve because of that. Also, as they claim their product heals your pain while sleeping – you probably understand why LunaFlex contains so much Valerian extract.

    Anyway, most supplements don’t have any studies behind, they’re not even FDA approved. So it’s pretty obvious that LunaFlex isn’t going to have anything official either. It doesn’t even have personal or Amazon reviews, so it’s pretty clear that it’s not a miraculous product as they claim.

    So I agree with you, it’s not the kind of supplement worth buying, in my opinion.

  11. Joshua says:

    I cannot believe that Lunaflex would claim that this product will replace your joints while you sleep! Yeah sure!

    There are no miracle solutions for anything and this is no exception.I would never buy this product at $49.95.

    The product you do recommend sounds much better!I like the price much better and it appears to provide many more benefits and it’s helped to improve your joints. I believe the proof is in the reviews!

    Do you now take ProJoint Plus regularly?

  12. Heather says:

    Hello Joshua. I’m pretty sure the price is a big NO for most customers,because $50 per bottle is way too much for any supplement, no matter how effective it would be.

    Yes, I’m taking ProJoint Plus on a regular basis now, because my joints have great results from it. So if you have arthritis and cartilage problems, that’s what I recommend first of all.

    Thanks for letting me know your opinion on LunaFlex PM.

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