My JointEase Plus Review – Take A Closer Look Before You Buy It


It’s time for my JointEase Plus Review, a supplement that comes with really big promises. They say it’s an all-natural formula and it doesn’t only help the joints, but also the muscles. Obviously, it’s not a very cheap product – it costs almost $30.

But which of its promises are real?

Is it really worth the high price? Or it’s just another “take your money” product without any real benefits?

Note: I tried this supplement myself, so this review is based on my personal experience with it. It may or may not agree with other reviews of this supplement


So Let’s Get To The Review

My JointEase Plus Review – Take A Closer Look Before You Buy ItFull Name: JointEase Plus from Native Remedies

Quantity : Starting from 60 capsules

Best Actual Price: $29.95

Where I Bought It From: Ebay

Worth The Price?: In my opinion, it’s not. The ingredients come in pretty low doses, so for me it was pretty hard to get an intense relief from this supplement.

My Rating:  3.00 / 10.00


What I Liked About It

  • According to their website, the ingredients are natural (100% natural they say, but I’m not sure if it’s such a high per cent)
  • It doesn’t contain the classic ingredients from most supplements. Instead, there are 2 really good herbs for inflammation, which I haven’t seen together before


What I Didn’t Like About It

  • It didn’t improve my pain too much after 2 months
  • The ingredients are good, but their doses are way too low. That’s why they weren’t effective, in my opinion
  • The label recommends taking 2 pills with every meal, which means 3 times per day (that is 6 pills per day, which is really huge)
  • The bottle has 60 capsules, so this means it will last 10-20 days (if you choose to take only one pill per day, it will last 20 days)
  • In my opinion, it’s way to expensive for how it works and how many pills it has. So I’m not going to buy it again




The Ingredients Are Different – In The Good Way

My JointEase Plus ReviewIf there’s one thing that matters to me when I choose a supplement, it’s surely ingredients. And if you look at the label of JointEase Plus, you will see some pretty different names from the regular supplements. 

But let’s take them turn by turn.

  • Glucosamine is probably the only mutual point of this supplement with other products. You saw this ingredient in most joint pain medicines, didn’t you?

Well, what makes the difference is the dose. If you want to make the most of this ingredient, it has to be in a dose of at least 1000 mg. Otherwise there won’t be any miraculous effect. JointEase Plus only contains 500 mg of it.

In fact, you have to associate it with some more powerful herbs to see an effect. There are 500 mg of this herb here, and unlike glucosamine, that’s a pretty good concentration. What’s not as good is that it’s only associated with frankincense.

  • Indian frankincense is probably the best thing about this supplement. This substance is great in treating inflammation, but just like Devil’s claw, it doesn’t work that well alone. Besides, the concentration could be higher, as 500 mg isn’t the best I’ve seen.

Even though there’s also the Devil’s claw extract, this combination is still not powerful enough to make wonders. In my opinion, it would need a stronger herb, like Turmeric or Cayenne pepper.

So judging after the ingredients, I didn’t make any great expectations from this product. It does have different ingredients, which is a great approach, in my opinion. However, I just wished it had some other herbs and some higher doses.


I Noticed The Label & The Website Don’t Agree Completely

I’m not going to criticize the supplement for this, as I don’t consider it a downside. It was simply something I noticed and I did not like, that’s all.

So before I ordered this supplement, I read a few things about it on the website. So according to the instructions, you have to take 2 capsules 3 times a day if you want to see the best results. Even so, the results should appear after at least 3 weeks, not sooner, because it needs time to work.

Well, after receiving the supplement and reading the instructions from the label, I became really confused. They said you can either take 1 or 2 pills thrice per day. There was no word about the recommended dose or how soon you should see an effect.

To be honest, that didn’t sound amazing to me. The website said one thing, and the label another thing. Yes, they both said similar things, but I wish I had got a clear recommendation on both. That’s what I expect from every supplement. 

 But obviously, that didn’t prevent me from trying it for real. So how should I take it – 1 or 2 pills once?


My Experience With It – I Don’t Recommend Taking 6 Pills Per Day

As it was normal, I started my experiment with a smaller dose. I was anyway planning to increase it if I didn’t see any improvement.

Week 2: In the first 2 weeks, I took one pill three times a day, but my pain wasn’t any better. I didn’t notice any change, it was like I wasn’t taking anything.

Week 3: Well, as nothing happened so far, in the third week I decided to make a change. I started taking 2 pills with every meal. That meant I was taking a total of 6 pills per day.

What was frustrating was that my bottle ran out pretty soon, so I had to order a new one even though it wasn’t helping me. I did it rather for the experiment, because I couldn’t just give it up without taking the highest dose.

Week 5: Though I was taking 6 pills per day, it was almost like taking 3. After 2 weeks since I increased the dose, there was no big improvement.

I did feel a minimal change in my hands and knees, meaning that my pain wasn’t as intense for the whole day. Those were the parts where my arthritis was worse, so I was used to being in pain constantly.

After a month with JointEase Plus, I wasn’t in bad pain as much as before, but that was it. I couldn’t notice a certain improvement in bending my knees or feeling my hands less stiff.

Why I Don’t Like Taking 6 Pills Per Day: No matter how natural any pills are, I’m sure my liver isn’t delighted with them.

I personally don’t think that any pills are 100% natural, especially the ones that are not FDA approved. And unfortunately, most herbal supplements are not. 

So for me, taking 6 pills per day sounds pretty frightening. That’s why I prefer to stay away from products that have to be taken that often, and in such high doses. It’s just a personal opinion and preference, that’s all.


Overall, It Didn’t Help Me Much

As I said, I took JointEase Plus in normal doses for 2 weeks. I was taking one pill 3 times a day, but there wasn’t any change in my pain. As I wanted to get the best from it, I took the risk and I doubled the dose. So from the third week, I started taking 2 capsules 3 times a day.

That was the most I could take, so if that didn’t change my pain, it was clear that this product was not right for me.

Week 6: I think I continued to take it for about one month afterwards. Compared to the 5th week, my knee and hand pain did improve a bit, but I went from a 7 to a 6.8 at most. That’s not something impressive, I know, but it is an improvement.

It wasn’t like a sudden change in my pain. It wasn’t like I woke up in the morning feeling my joints much better. I think it was rather that I was not in so much pain constantly, only at times. 

Week 7: So putting it all together, I took these pills for one month and a half. If they were effective, they should have worked until then.

But my conclusion was pretty simple. For me, JointEase Plus wasn’t the right product, because it didn’t change much. Except the fact that I wasn’t constantly in intensive pain, my knee and hands remained pretty much as before.

However, there’s one other reason why I can’t say it helped me very much. After I quit the pills, there was still no change – I wasn’t feeling and worse and my pain didn’t increase. So my conclusion remained the same: this supplement wasn’t right for my body.




I’m Not Sure About Their Reviews

Before I bought this product, I was looking all over the Internet for some authentic opinions about it. I did find several reviews on its official website, but they all seemed very similar. That’s what makes me question if they were real or not.

Besides, I only read praising reviews for this supplement. 

Now, I’m not saying that it’s a bad product. If it didn’t help me, it doesn’t mean that it didn’t help anyone. But I don’t think that it helped all the other customers except me. 

There’s no product that can satisfy every single person, no matter how good it is. Yes, some good products have a very high percent of satisfied customers, but it will never be very close to 100%.

So if you ask me, I still question the reviews from JointEase Plus’ page. There are simply too many similarities between them, both in language and paragraph structure. So I’m not sure they’re real. But if you chose to trust them, it’s totally fine, I have nothing against that.


My Final Verdict – For Me It Wasn’t Worth It

My JointEase Plus Review - Don't Fall Into This Trap!

JointEase Plus is far from being a miraculous remedy, unfortunately. I’m only speaking from my experience.

Is it a scam? Definitely not. But for me, it wasn’t a great product either. It simply didn’t bring almost any improvement for my pain.

Unfortunately, it has pretty good ingredients in names. I really appreciate that it doesn’t contain only glucosamine, chondroitin and MSM. I only wish its doses were a bit higher, that’s all.

So could this supplement work for you? I definitely don’t know. For me, it was almost like placebo.

So I personally would not recommend it, nor buy it again. It’s up to you if you decide to buy it or not, but it’s not among my recommendations for now.



Have you ever tried JointEase Plus? What do you think about it? Did it manage to improve your pain? Let me know your answer in a comment and I will reach out to you.

Heather Pharm.D.

Heather Tracy Foley is a Pharmacy graduate, Blogger and Author with a vast experience in health sciences. She has a particular interest in joint pain and rheumatology and spent several years studying health problems. You can find her on Pinterest or via email.

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