Is Cherry Juice Good For Arthritis? 6 Benefits Of Cherry Juice In Arthritis

Is Cherry Juice Good For Arthritis? 6 Benefits Of Cherry Juice In Arthritis

From all the tradition remedies for arthritis, there are a few that people still use today. And one that is among the most popular is cherry juice. I can’t say that it’s my favorite remedy, but a lot of people asked me about it.

So is cherry juice good for arthritis? Does it bring any visible relief after a while? Or it’s rather a traditional remedy that lost its effectiveness?

Well, cherry juice does work in arthritis, and there are numerous studies that prove that. I have experienced the power of cherry juice myself.

Today it’s time to look at 6 benefits of cherry juice in arthritis. But the question is, do they really work even today?



1. Reduces Morning Stiffness

Is Cherry Juice Good For Arthritis? 6 Benefits Of Cherry Juice In ArthritisOne of the most frustrating symptoms of arthritis is that you wake up every single morning with rigid hands and legs. The even worse part is that it can last up to an hour. Unfortunately, every arthritis patient experiences this.

The Explanation: Well, cherry juice seems to make miracles for this problem. Because of the anti-inflammatory substances it contains, cherry juice manages to decrease not only the swelling, but also the stiffness.

Stiffness is usually just a consequence of inflammation, together with the pain. For this reason, once the inflammation decreases, so should the other 2.

In arthritis, stiffness usually appears in the morning and it lasts about an hour. After this time, it goes away all by itself.

Now, drinking a glass of cherry juice after you wake up won’t miraculously make your hands normal. Just like any herbal remedy, it takes time and you need to consume a few glasses daily.

But if you follow this treatment, cherry juice will surely help your morning stiffness after a while.



2. Prevents Gout Attacks

Is Cherry Juice Good For Arthritis? 6 Benefits Of Cherry Juice In ArthritisA 2012 study proved that eating at least 10 cherries per day keeps you safe from recurrent gout attacks. Obviously, the study was conducted on gout patients and the result in numbers was pretty impressive. The risk of a new gout attack dropped with 50%.

So cherry juice does really work when it comes to gout sufferers. But is it as effective when it comes to healthy people? Does it decrease the risk of gout in this case?

The Explanation: Well, there wasn’t any study conducted on this topic. But logically speaking, it definitely does. If it protects the patient from another attack, how could it not protect a healthy person from the disease itself?

Gout isn’t a very common condition nowadays, that’s right. You can’t see a case on every street. However, genetics play a big part in it.

So if you have gout in your family history, eating cherries daily could help you tremendously. As you didn’t have the disease yet, cherry juice can help you never get an attack.



3. Decrease Inflammatory Molecules

Is Cherry Juice Good For Arthritis? 6 Benefits Of Cherry Juice In ArthritisProbably the most important benefit of cherry juice is that it manages to inhibit several anti-inflammatory substances.

According to studies, the biggest changes can be seen in C-reactive protein, which is one of the 4 main inflammatory substances.

The Explanation: Cherry juice also manages to decrease the level of COX enzymes, the most important inflammatory molecules. It doesn’t affect leukotrienes, so that’s a possible explanation why it’s not as popular as turmeric or ginger.

But theory doesn’t matter as much as the reality. And drinking two glasses of cherry juice daily can make miracles for your arthritis. It won’t happen overnight, but the results on the long term will be fantastic.

We don’t know yet which type of cherry has better benefits in inflammation.

However, the most popular ones are tart and black cherries, so it’s probably them. It also depends of your taste, because if you really hate cherries in general, I don’t recommend you to force yourself to drink cherry juice. Better try using a remedy that you like.



4. Reduces Muscular Pain

Is Cherry Juice Good For Arthritis? 6 Benefits Of Cherry Juice In ArthritisI have to get back to recent studies to prove you this aspect. That even though you probably don’t like theory (I don’t either).

The result of a 2010 study was that cherry juice increases muscular recovery after a work out or a massive physical effort. That’s probably more important for athletes or gym fans, but arthritis patients also deal with muscular problems.

The Explanation: This condition can make you physically exhausted many times, because every movement is much harder for you than it should normally be. So muscle pain is quite common in arthritis.

Now, add this effect to the anti-inflammatory action of cherry juice. An improvement in your pain is almost guaranteed, in these conditions.



5. Antioxidants Keep Arthritis Away

Is Cherry Juice Good For Arthritis? 6 Benefits Of Cherry Juice In ArthritisI’m sure you ever heard of antioxidants, because they are promoted more and more in the media. Well, antioxidants are responsible for keeping our body fresh and healthy, and not letting it ago.

What does this have to do with arthritis?

The Explanation: Well, no study showed that the consumption of antioxidants can treat arthritis. But many specialists believe these substances can prevent arthritis, especially in persons who have this diagnosis in their families. Also, they can prevent the progress of this conditions in the ones who already have it.

Cherry juice contains a dozen of antioxidant substances, but anthocyanins and melatonin are the most important. Anthocyanins color the cherry fruits in red, so you can see just by that that they are in a high percentage.

Any quantity of antioxidants is welcomed by our bodies, especially when there is a problem like arthritis. So whether it’s cherry juice, berries or even tomatoes, makes sure you don’t stay away from them.



6. Improves Your Night Sleep

Is Cherry Juice Good For Arthritis? 6 Benefits Of Cherry Juice In ArthritisHave you seen any arthritis patient that can sleep like a baby? If you have, please let me know his name, because I want to know the secret.

People with arthritis have terrible pain during the day, but it’s not much better at night. Yes, there are hundreds of medicines and supplement that work, but I personally didn’t manage to sleep a whole night without waking up because of a minor pain. Even a small one.

Also, when you wake up after sleeping a few hours, there’s also the problem of stiffness. That doesn’t bother as much as pain, but it’s not too pleasant either. So what can cherry juice do about that?

The Explanation: As I said a few lines above, cherry juice contains melatonin. This is an antioxidant, but it’s also responsible for sleep. So once you have more melatonin, you are more likely to have a better sleep.

That doesn’t mean you would sleep 12 hours continuously, when you usually sleep 6. Or that you will feel much more tired than usual. No, it only means that your regular sleep will have a better quality and you will rest much better. Sounds worth trying, doesn’t it?



So Is Cherry Juice Good For Arthritis?

It definitely is, and you’ve seen that yourself. There were so many studies conducted on cherry juice, and most of them had very encouraging results.

The 7 benefits I presented above are just a few, but cherry juice can have even more advantages. That especially if you are an arthritis patient. Not only that it’s a very good anti-inflammatory, but it also helps your muscles and gives you a better sleep.

On the other hand, it can also help in gout. Whether you are already suffering from this condition or you simply have it in your family, drinking cherry juice daily will keep it away from your life.

I really recommend you to try cherry juice for a few weeks. Unless you hate the taste of cherries, you definitely have nothing to lose. And two weeks later, you will surely see the difference.

So have you ever tried cherry juice? Did you notice any improvement in your pain or general condition? Let me know your answer in a comment and I will reach out to you.

Heather Pharm.D.

Heather Tracy Foley is a Pharmacy graduate, Blogger and Author with a vast experience in health sciences. She has a particular interest in joint pain and rheumatology and spent several years studying health problems. You can find her on Pinterest or via email.

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2 Responses

  1. Alexeraft says:

    My mom sufferes from all kinds of medical conditions. Its not like I can just go to the pharmacy and be like! Hey.. Can I try this? Or this? Or that? So i have been looking into some alternative methods. She already takes vitamins in gummy form. I want her to try CBD and see if it helps with her MS especially. Did you try these CBD gummy bears before? Have you ever tried this company before? Thanks for any advice!

  2. Heather says:

    Hi there. I’m not really sure what is the problem of your mom, since you said she has “all kinds of medical conditions”. But I understood that she has multiple sclerosis. So I assume the other health problems she has are caused by this.

    MS is a very complicated disease, especially regarding treatment. I’m not an expert in it, as I never had to deal with it. But from what I know, there are very few treatments that work and none of them can cure it.

    I know CBD oil is effective in arthritis, but I don’t know about MS. It’s also pretty dangerous, but if you take it as ready-made gummies, that is out of the question. I never tried it in this form, nor have I tried anything from that company. I may do it in the future, but I can only speak as an arthritis patient. So I couldn’t tell if it works or not for MS.

    I took a quick look at those gummies, and they seem really expensive. $50 for one month seems a lot to me, but I don’t know how much you are willing to pay for them. Have you found any reviews about them? I personally wouldn’t trust them a lot, because CBD oil isn’t the most amazing herbal remedy. If it was, it would be a real hype around it, trust me.

    So I don’t really know what to tell you. I haven’t tried out the gummies, but I wouldn’t really recommend them (or any CBD oil remedy) to people with arthritis. At least not as a first choice. They just don’t seem amazing at first sight. My recommendation for arthritis is turmeric, but I don’t know if it would be effective in MS. It basically reduces inflammation naturally. If your mom has swelling problem, it would probably help her. But if not, I doubt it.

    That’s why I can’t give you a proper advice. Maybe you should ask someone who has an MS blog, maybe they would know more.

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