My Review: Vital 3 Joint Solution – The Truth Revealed

My Review: Vital 3 Joint Solution - The Truth Revealed

It’s time to review Vital 3 Joint Solution, a product from the new generation that seems great at first sight. It’s liquid, it comes as drops and it has several clinical trials behind, which is something you don’t see in most supplements.

So when I first checked it out, it looked really promising. But after digging into it, I noticed several things that really disappointed me. It all starts with its huge price – I couldn’t find it for less than $39 per bottle.

Therefore, is it worth paying so much on it? Can it do more than $20 supplements? I tried out this product myself so I will try to analyze every aspect about it.

Note: This review is based on my experience with this product, so it may or may not agree with other reviews you find. I am not praising/ criticizing the product or its company, I am simply telling how it worked for me.


So Let’s Get To The Review

My Review: Vital 3 Joint Solution - The Truth RevealedFull Name: Vital 3 Joint Solution from Bronson

Quantity : 126 drops

Best Actual Price: $38.99

Where I Bought It From: Amazon

Designed For: I think it works better for OA and cartilage problems, because it promotes flexibility and mobility. These are typically problems that osteoarthritis patients have. It doesn’t mention anything about inflammation, so I wouldn’t recommend it for RA

My Rating: 2 out of 10

Worth Buying?: Definitely not. It’s really easy to take, but it didn’t improve my joints in any manner. Besides, it’s extremely expensive for the ingredients inside and it didn’t last as much as I thought. So I’m surely not buying it again any soon.


What I Liked About It

  • Really comfortable to use, compared to classic supplements (only 3 drops per day)
  • It doesn’t have any taste
  • It has several studies behind (though I’m still questioning them because I haven’t seen any link or any additional info about any of them)
  • 365 days money back guarantee (but it’s pretty tricky, so don’t count on it – I will explain below)


What I Didn’t Like About It

  • It didn’t work at all. I took it for about 2 months and I didn’t notice any single improvement in my joints, nor in my pain
  • Only contains one ingredient, which isn’t very special
  • One bottle didn’t last for 6 weeks, as the label says. It ran out in about 4 weeks, quite unexpectedly
  • Extremely expensive for what it does
  • They say it needs up to 6 weeks until it starts working (that is way too much, compared to classic supplements)
  • Overall, it’s a pretty bad product which I’m not going to purchase again




PRO #1 – Really Comfortable

My Review: Vital 3 Joint Solution - The Truth RevealedThat’s probably one of the few things I liked about this product. Compared to classic pills, it’s a lot more comfortable and easier to take. 

Now, I never had any problem with pills or with supplements that came as tablets. You probably never heard me complaining about them, especially because I’ve had great results with some. But unfortunately, there are some supplements that have horse pills, which are really impossible to take. 

So compared to that, Vital 3’s product is so easy to take. That’s one of the few good things I found about it, but it clearly has an advantage here.

All you have to do is to put 3 drops in your water (or any cold drink, but I prefer water) and you’re done. You don’t even have to do this before every meal, only once. I did it before breakfast, but if you don’t eat in the morning, you can do it at any time. 

To be honest, this is one of the most comfortable joint products I tried. I think it’s even more comfortable than liquid glucosamine, because that one usually tastes pretty bad (at least for me). In this case, I can’t even complain about the taste because I didn’t feel anything.

So when it comes to this, thumbs up for Vital 3’s product. I really loved it at this point. 


PRO #2 – Studies Behind, But…

This was the thing that draw my attention to Vital 3’s product. Among all the supplements I tried throughout the years, there are quite a few that have any clinical trials behind. In fact, I can them count on the fingers of one hand.

So Vital 3’s has some real evidence that it works. But there’s one thing I didn’t like.

I personally would have wished to know more about these studies. I’m not saying they should write everything on the label, but they could offer some links or references to the studies they made. I looked all over the Internet and I couldn’t find anything.

So this doesn’t sound too good to me.

I’m pretty convinced the studies are real, otherwise I don’t think they would have risked. But I’m not very sure they have such great results. Because if they did, they wouldn’t hide them. 

Overall, Vital 3’s product has an advantage over many supplements, because of its clinical trials. However, I couldn’t find them anywhere so I don’t consider it as such a great advantage anymore. What’s the point of hiding the studies if they prove how great is your product? 



CON #1 – Only One Basic Ingredient

My Review: Vital 3 Joint Solution - The Truth RevealedFor me this is the most important criteria whenever I buy a new joint supplement. And I’m sure I’m not the only one, as it’s the ingredients that make a supplement work or not.

Well, Vital 3’s product really disappointed me at this chapter. I’m not an expert in joint drops, but I don’t think that 60 mcg of Collagen II could do much. The quantity isn’t very high and the ingredient itself isn’t miraculous either. Except this collagen, there’s no other thing inside these drops.

So I can’t even call Vital 3’s ingredients “weak”, as I would with normal supplements. In this case, the ingredient list is very weird because it contains only one substance that is not very famous for its effect. 

There’s no glucosamine, no chondroitin, no MSM, no anything. I’m not saying those were a must, but they are the most effective substances for joint flexibility and mobility.

You can’t really get any major improvement just by taking a few drops of collagen. It’s not a bad ingredient, but it’s definitely not enough for someone who has joint problems. 

So from this point of view, Vital 3’s product looks really bad. You’re basically paying $40 for 60 mcg of collagen II, which you can get much cheaper under a little different form. So if you ask me, I really wouldn’t recommend a product with such a basic ingredient list at this price.


CON #2 – Didn’t Work At All

I didn’t expect to get a miraculous relief from this product, considering its ingredient list. However, it had some clinical trials behind, so I had to try for myself and see. 

Well, I took the drops for about 2 months, but my pain wasn’t any better than at the beginning. The reason why I was taking this product was because of my knees, that were pretty affected by osteoarthritis. My right one was a bit worse, but the left one wasn’t very far either. I had RA for a long while, so that’s what started to destroy my knee cartilages and led to OA. 

So while I was taking the drops, I can’t say I noticed any improvement. My knee pain wasn’t terrible (compared to my RA pain), but it just didn’t get any better in these weeks.

According to the label, this product claims to improve mobility, flexibility and the health of cartilage. That’s the main thing I was hoping for, as the knee pain wasn’t impossible to bear. But it just didn’t happen. I couldn’t walk any better, stand any longer or feel my knees stronger than before. 

At one point I thought that maybe I was using too much water, so the drops were too diluted. The label said “4-6 ounces of water” and that’s what I was using, but I thought it was too much. So I added the usual 3 drops into a smaller cup. I did this for several days but I still didn’t see any change. 

So I got absolutely no relief in all this time. The drops were like placebo for me. I don’t know about the others, but they really did not help me so I wouldn’t recommend them.




CON #3 – Lasts Less Than 6 Weeks

My Review: Vital 3 Joint Solution - The Truth RevealedThat’s probably the thing that disappointed me most about this supplement. 

So according to the label, there are 126 drops inside. As you are taking 3 per day, this means that one bottle should last exactly 6 weeks. That’s even written on the label. 6 weeks isn’t really little, considering I constantly pay around $20 for a supplement that lasts 2 weeks. 

So $40 for 6 weeks didn’t sound very bad, as long as this supplement worked.

Well, a few weeks after I started using it, I noticed the bottle was getting lighter. That didn’t seem a problem at first, but after about one month, I noticed there was very little substance inside. So that was about 4 weeks and a few days since I started the bottle. 

I never used more than 3 drops per day, so it really didn’t make any sense. Why was it almost empty then? At first I thought it was me and maybe I put a few extra drops by mistake at times. So even though it wasn’t helping me at all, I spent another $40 on a second bottle.

My pain and mobility didn’t change, but I noticed that the second bottle also ran out much faster than normal. After about 2 months and a bit (less than a week), it was almost empty. 

So now I was sure that it wasn’t my mistake. Even though they say there are 126 drops inside, there are less. Or I don’t know, but both of my bottle ran out faster than 6 weeks. They both last about 4 weeks and a few days, which is pretty far from 6 weeks.

So that’s my biggest disappointment when it comes to this Vital 3’s product. There’s no way you can measure up the drops, so maybe that’s why they run out faster than they should.


CON #4 – Weird Thing About Guarantee

Considering one little bottle costs $40, what convinced me to give it a shot was its 365 days guarantee.

I don’t know about other websites, but the seller from Amazon had this guarantee so that’s what made me buy it from there. (I usually buy supplements from Ebay because I can get a cheaper price, but in this case it wasn’t worth it.)

So I imagined I would take the drops for 2-3 weeks, see if they work or not and if they don’t, I would request a refund and return the remaining of the bottle. That’s how my plans were. But in reality, things weren’t really like that.

After I received my order, I read that you need up to 6 weeks to notice an improvement. That was way too much, but from what I understood, they would not refund you before this period. I apologize if I’m wrong, but that’s what I understood.

So my bottle finished in about one month. Obviously, I couldn’t ask for a refund because those 6 weeks weren’t gone. But that meant I should buy an extra bottle, which I really did.

Well, it also ran out in less than a month, so I ended up not asking for a refund because both of my bottles were empty. 

So overall, this guarantee thing is pretty tricky. I am sure the company is refunding the money, but you need to fulfill the conditions, which isn’t that simple. So all I can tell you is not to count on that guarantee when you’re buying this product. Only buy it if you’re willing to take the risk.


CON #4 – Very Expensive

You may not have knows about the other problems that I mentioned before, but you surely agree with me regarding the price. For what it contains, this product is extremely expensive. 

In my opinion, it’s not even worth half of that amount. It didn’t do anything for my joints, so I wouldn’t pay even half of those money on it again. 

Yes, I do understand that it’s a different formula, that it’s easier to take and that it has certain advantages (though pretty few). But that doesn’t explain why it costs almost $40. 

It doesn’t do what it promises, it doesn’t contain anything special and it doesn’t even last as much as it says. These are really big downsides, in my opinion. So I couldn’t possibly recommend a product that has so many problems.

I understand that it has some studies behind, but I haven’t seen the result of those studies myself. And in my case, it didn’t do anything from what it promised. So I can’t really consider it a good product or something I would recommend. 

At $40, it’s way to expensive for what it does. That’s all I can say about it.




My Final Verdict – To Buy Or Not To Buy?

Short answer: In my opinion, not to buy. It costs too much and it doesn’t do anything special.

My personal answer: I will definitely not buy this product again in the future, because I didn’t get any benefit from it. Maybe I could say that it was really easy to take, compared to classic supplements. But that didn’t decrease my pain, nor increase my mobility.

So in my case, the final result was pretty bad. That’s why I can’t really recommend this product, no matter how comfortable it was. 

Would I advise anyone to try it? Well, it has some clinical trials behind, but I haven’t seen them for real, so I can’t tell how positive their results are. I tried to find some other authentic reviews and I found lots of negative comments (which I’m not sure they are real or not).

But if they are true, then there are a lot of people not satisfied about Vital 3’s product. So I wouldn’t really advise you to buy it, unless you’re willing to take the risk. As I said, don’t count on that money back guarantee because it can be tricky.

So if you afford spending $40, you can give it a shot. I’m not going to buy it again, though.

Heather Pharm.D.

Heather Tracy Foley is a Pharmacy graduate, Blogger and Author with a vast experience in health sciences. She has a particular interest in joint pain and rheumatology and spent several years studying health problems. You can find her on Pinterest or via email.

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